What are these short and bursting gasps? Why are you breathing so quickly? Wither do your shakeneedy sobs come? Wherefore do your eyes well up with tears? Why is your steven quivering? And look, your body too is overcome with shaking. What of your glistening skin, how comes it to be soaked in sweat. Your body is so warm, what gives it such heat. Why do you utter forth such begging yawls, such hest beseeching? Why are you swaying to and fro?, look you are slumping, and your body is weak . Why do you fall to your knees, and look up to heaven with your neck dangling back, with your arms fully spread out? Why do you say, “It is enough,” why do you say, “I cannot go on”? Why do you yield to plight? Why are you drained dry of strength? Why do you fall to the ground, onto your side? Why do you draw your limbs to your chest and quiver and squirm… and weep?


Steven-voice (OE stefn)
Hest-violent (from OE haeste)

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