World Crig Two was a worldwide Crig fought between the Gathered Ethels and the Axlemight, from 1939 until 1945. Spanning much of the world, the Crig led to the death of over 62 micklered, making it the deadliest Crig in the eretide of man. It was mainly spured up by pent up wrath from Theedishland's loss at the end of World Crig One.The Crig was in the end won by the Gathered Ethels.


On the first day of Holimonth, 1939, Theedishland, under the steering of Adolf Hitler, overran Poland in line with a hidden runing with the Band of Folkwield Soviet Ledewealths.

On the third Holimonth, the Banded Kingdom, Andland and New Zealand, followed six logs later by Frankrike, answered by spelling Crig on Theedishland, beginning a widespread sea Crig. South Highsun followed their lead on 6 Holimonth, and Canada four days later.

The BFSL also overran Poland from the east on the seventeenth day of the month, but the Western ethels did not likewise spell Crig on the Folkwield Band.

Theedishland swiftly overcame Poland, then Norway, the Netherlands, Belgland and Frankrike in Erelith 1940, and Southslavland and Greekland in 1941. Italish and later Theedish heramen fought the British in North Highsunlandnland. By summer 1941, Theedishland had overcome Frankrike, and most of Western Europe, but it had swethered to overcome the Banded Kingdom thanks to the arful withstanding and stalworthness of the British Loftmight.

In 1941, Japan struck Pearl Harbor in the Banded Folkdoms of Americksland. In little time, the BFA spelled Crig on Japan, Italy, and Theedishland. Earlier in the year, Theedishland had began an onslaught against Russland, and they were nighing Leningrad, Stalingrad and even Moscow itself.

However, the tide of the Crig soon shifted, and the Red Weremight held off the Theedish Weremight at Stalingrad, and then thrutched them back toCrigds Ukraine. At the same time, British Wyemen fought the Afrika Korps of Theedishland in North Highsunland, and began to halt them, starting at El Alamein, Egypt. In the Frithful Highsea, the BFA overcame the Japan lofthera on the iland of Midway.

From 1942 to 1944, Gathered thracks beat back or held off Samened strikes. But inroads were slow, and they needed to help in on the western head, while the BFSL were on the east. So on the sixth day of Forelithe, 1944, better known as D-day, Western Gathered wyemen landed and struck the Norman shore, and overran the Theedish harmen within.

Paris was freed, and soon Gathered thracks were nighing Theedishland. However, in the Struggle of the Lump, wyemen fought and tolled dearly for the biding of both sides. Soon, Red Weremight thracks overtook Berlin, and meeting up with the Gathered Ethels on the Elbe, Theedishland yold and threw down her weapons, a day know as V-E Day, the Eighth of Blossommonth, 1945

In the Frithful Highsea, Japan fought boldly from iland to iland, never yielding until death. Bloody Struggles were fought, and the BFA in the end overtook Indonesia, Ellentown, the Westfrith Ilands, and a few of the Japan home ilands, such as Okinawa. Struggles such as the Struggle of Iwo Jima were later heavily ared. With the dropping of two uncleftish springballs upon Japan by the BFA, Japan at last yielded and V-J was bemarked on Weedmonth 15th, 1945, also the upheld end of World Crig Two.

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