The West Teutonish tungs (also known as the West Teutonish tongues or leids or the West Germanic Languages in Latinate English) are one of the three offshoots of the Teutonish tungs. Hit is an underkin of the Indo-Europish tungs, which stands amongst the North Teutonish tungs and the now dead East Teutonish tungs. It has the steadholding of being the most widely spoken (yet very snarled), and biggest Teutonish limb. The West Teutonish tongues have three sundered flocks that lie inwith (and other sets and thwarsebreed leids that liveth within these other manifold undersplittings). These would inhold North Sea Teutonish and its offshoot Anglo-Frish (English and the cleansed Anglish, Frish, Lowland Scots, Yola and Low Saxish), Nether Frankish or Low Frankish (Netherlandish and its offshoot Highsunlandish), and High Theech (Hightheech, Alemannisch, Austro-Bavarish, Luxembourgish, Hunsrik, and Yiddish). Out of all of the West Teutonish tungs, English, Hightheech, and Netherlandish are the most widely spoken in the nowen days.


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Tungs Kin of tungs
Indish-Europish tungs
Theedish North Theedish: Faroeish - Icelandish (High Icelandic)- Old Nordish tung -Old Gutnish - South Jutish
West Theedish: Old Saxish tung - Middle Low Theech - Netherlandish (Old Low Frankish) - Old High Theech
East Theedish: Gottish tung - Vandalish - Burgundish
Engle-Frisish tungs: English (Old English - English tung - Anglish - Lowland Shottish - Yola - Old Frisish tung
Celtish Welsh - Breton - Gaulish
Romanish Latin (Folklatin) - Italish - Frenchish - Spanish - Portugalish - Mirandish
Indish-Iranish tungs Indish-Aryish: Bengalish - Hindi - Urdu - Roma - Punjabish

Iranish: Balochish - Pashto - Persish - Kurdish

Other Indish-Europish
other tungs
Other Chinish tung - Japanish tung - Arabish tung

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