Welshlond is a land in southern Europe, which is hemmed by water, and by the Alps to the north. It has two great ilands: Sardinia to the west, and Sicilia to the south. The headtown of the land is Room, where one can bewonder the great Umwright.

Welshlond is the home of the Newbirth tide, which saw the dawn of many breme craftsmen, rethers, writers and witmen and a new onget in the learnings of forolden times and which is said to mark the dawn of the New tide.

About 60 micklered lede live in Welshlond, and most speak Italish, which is a daughter tung of Latin, but there are many home reards like Umbric, Tuscan asf..

Some breme folk from Italy are: Julius Caesar, Michaelangelo, Ovid.

One well-known food from Welshlond is the flatcake.

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