Over the past few years, I have been working on my own wordbook (dictionary) of Modern English-Anglish. Using resourses such as the Anglish Moot, Bosworth-Toller, Ednew English website etc. My method is to first see if there was an Old English option for a current word, then I consider calqueing the word. As a physicist, I find it a fun challenge finding Anglish calques for the highly Latinate and Greek terms found in science.

However, there are some words which present rather more of a challenge than others. One of which is the aforementioned: addict(ed). Which has a very specific journey from its original Latin usage:

{Latin – Ad- 'to, up, onto' Dícere To – say, declare, fix, determine. Addicere – to bind in service to, 'to concede to}

I must have written a full page worth of possible options, although none 100% sit right with me. I want to capture the true sense of the word, namely, a complete servitude to someone or something. For example,

ifall, afall, forfall, atfall, atifall, tofall, underfall.

Amark(end) [OE – determine Ámearcian] Astight [OE – determine Ástihtan], Tomarkend

Atclive/Atcleave – end/er [OE æt- clifian],

Atfollow – end/er [OE æt- Felgan] Itheedledge/lock [OE Geðeodlæcan]

Oncleave [OE → Onclifian] Othcleave [OE -Oþclifian], Othfeal/Othfeel [OE → Oþféolan.]

Underyielder, Underyearner, Underthraller, Underbonder, Underkither, Underfollower. Undermarked, Undercraver/craven 

{German Abhangig. Note: Ab- means off, away related to' ' of/off a- prefix} Offhang

Afterfollower, Afterseeker, Afteryearner, Aftercraver, Afterlonger (-end)

Ishrive(n) [from OE - but ultimately Shrove/Shrive is from Latin roots (scribe)]

None I was 100% happy with but then I found an OE word for 'fated', 'doomed', 'destined', which was FǼGE (updating to Fayed)

Apparently the OE would use a prefix to denote what was the thing being fated or doomed to, for example destined to die would be death-fayed. So one could use drug-fayed for drug addict? football-fayed for football addict?! Afayed or Forfayed for a general term for addicted?

What are your thoughts on the translation of Addict(ed)?