• EinWulf

    Note: I redd ... from OE past tense "ic red" with another "d" to be unlike the hue red.

    I took out the Anglo Saxon for this post. If yu want to see that as well, go here:


    Anglish geþeode (yetheode, yetheude, or yethude) (translation)

    Sun Blasts Slam Into Earth

    Two blasts of energy from the sun hit the Earth's magnetic field Friday and could unsettle one or more electrical grids, worldwide-setting systems or other fulyestre-broadcast systems, kenkrafters at the Sea and Luft Theod-Dight said Friday.

    The blasts touched Earth's magnetic field in the build of fast-going "sunwind" and is blowing by the Earth, Joseph Kunches, a rume-weather kenkrafter with …

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