This leaf is a drawth wordwrestling a riddle or a wen that has arisen in the making of Anglish. See other drawths.

Sooth or truth?

Sooth (sōþ) has an oldfangled ring to it and it is often noted as a likeword of Truth (tríewþ), but in sooth sooth and truth are thinly missen. Sooth ("reality", but as both n. and adj.) is the suchness of something that bestands, while truth ("verity") is the suchness of something that is faithful to the soothness.

Right ("correct") is a roughly a likeword of true in the meaning of faithful, but not bestanding. Also, the Old English word wǣr —kindred to Teutonlandish wahr— is a likeword of right and is of Latinish fromth (verus); this gave rise to ware (n.4 in OED, other meaning from missen roots bestand) in English meaning "pact" and mingled with the Frankish "garant" to give "warranty".


In English, "very" and "really" are now mere strengtheners ("intensifiers"). In the moot, swathe (swíðe, strengthening), mighty, highly, so, sore/sorely are noted.

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