Threenooklore is a kind of Scorelore which deals with the reckoning and teaching of threenooks and the nooks within them. It seeks to find the worth of the nooks within a threenook by working with the threenook's sidelengths, nookspans, and the worthlikenings amongst them. Also, there are many forefollows that are worked with so as to find these hidden bits of the whole threenook.

There are six weighty linkworths that threenooklore deals with: the bowstring linkworth (whose scorelorish token is "sin"), the bowstring-filling linkworth (whose token is "cos"), the grazing linkworth ("tan"), the grazing-filling linkworth ("cot"), the crossing linkworth ("sec"), and the crossing-filling linkworth ("csc"). Each linkworth stands for a breaking of one of the sides of a right threenook into one of the others.

Linkworth Broken side Broken-into side
sin Faraway Understretch
cos Nearby Understretch
tan Faraway Nearby
cot Nearby Faraway
sec Understretch Nearby
csc Understretch Faraway

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