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Flag of Theedishland

Flag of Theechland

Theechland (Hightheedish: Deutschland, Common English: Germany) is a land in the mid-northern Evelonds. The reeve name is the Bundled-Edfolkness of Theechland (Hightheedish: Bundesrepublik Deutschland). With a ledescore of over 80 micklered it is the third-richest ethel in the world. The most widely spoken tung is Hightheedish, erstwhile spoken only in the south. In the north, Lowtheedish (or Lowsaxish)—the erftung of the kinly Saxish lands in Theechland — and Frisish are eke spoken. Both are near sibtungs of English. 

Theechland's highboroughs inhold Bearlingsea (the headstead), Bon (Bonn), Minchin (München), Studgarth (Stuttgart), Keln (Köln), Brinham (Bremen), Hambrough (Hamburg), Carlsrest (Karlsruhe), Nirmberg (Nürnberg) and Dresden. Most of the land's folk live in those boroughs.

Theechland is dealt into sixteen shires (Bundesländer in Hightheedish, or more rightly Länder):

  • Bath-Wirthemberg (Baden-Württemberg),
  • Boyers (Bayern),
  • Bearlingsea (Berlin)
  • Brandenbrough (Brandenburg),
  • Brinham (Bremen),
  • Hambrough (Hamburg),
  • Hettes/Hetland (Hessen),
  • Micklebrough-Fore'ponmeres (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern),
  • Nethersex (Niedersachsen),
  • Northrhine-Westfales (Nordrhein-Westfalen),
  • Rhineland-Palent (Rheinland-Pfalz),
  • Sarlond (Saarland),
  • Saxen (Sachsen),
  • Saxen-Onhold (Sachsen-Anhalt),
  • Sleswick-Holtset (Schleswig-Holstein) and
  • Thiringen (Thüringen).

Theechland has a long stare of leethwriters, thinkers, craftsmen also. There are 240 wavingstowes, hundreds of swinhalls, thousands of yorehalls and over 25 thousand bookhalls, spanning many fandlers every year.

Theechland is also known for its food, which frothers from land to land; meat with cole and earthapples is a hallmark of Theedish cooking. The thede drink is beer.


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