The Metish Endbirthness is a framework of meting which brooks set tenthly whits. A forefastening is fastened onto the word mete, heft, or bulk to show what whit it is betokening. Mete betokens breadth, heft betokens weight, and bulk betokens the room of something. There are many other rootwords for the Metish Endbirthness, but these are the barebones. The forefastenings are as follows:

Wonder-, Ent-, Mickle-, Thou-, Hund-, Ten-, (naught), Tenth-, Hundth-, Thouth-, Mickleth-, Enth-, Wonderth-

Wonder is the biggest, and wonderth is the smallest. It is naught is when the whit is itself rather than made bigger or smaller by a forefastening. The tallies that the forefastenings betoken are as follows:

Wonder betokens 1,000,000,000,000

Ent betokens 1,000,000,000

Mickle betokens 1,000,000

Thou betokens 1,000

Hund betokens 100

Ten betokens 10

(Naught) betokens 1

Tenth betokens 0.1

Hundth betokens 0.01

Thouth betokens 0.001

Mickleth betokens 0.000 001

Enth betokens 0.000 000 01

Wondereth betokens 0.000 000 000 01

Thus, a hundthmete is a breadth of 0.01, and a thouheft is a weight of 1,000.

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