The Theedish tungs come from a line of the Indo-Europish Speechkin called Or-Theedish and was spoken by the Theedish folk beginning in about two thousand BC. There are three main boughs of Theedish tungs: North Theedish, West Theedish, and the now dead East Theedish.

The nowtide reards of this speechkin are inlandish to middle and northern Eveland, Iceland, and England, with the largest Theedish-speaking moorhood living in the Foroned Rikes of Americksland, where the morehood reard is Anglish. Eretidely, the Theedish speeches were sundered into three boughs, the North Theedish or Northern bough, the Western bough, and the now-dead Eastern bough.

Here is a byspell of Theedish wordhoard

English Lowland Scottish Western Freesish Africanish Netherlandish Theech Gottish Icelandish Norish Swedish
stone stane stein steen steen stein 𐍃𐍄𐌰𐌹𐌽𐍃


steinn stein sten
that that dat daardie, dit dat, die das 𐌸𐌰𐍄𐌰


það det det
two twa twa twee twee zwei 𐍄𐍅𐌰𐌹


tveir to tu, två
who wha wa wie wie wer 𐍈𐌰𐍃


hver hvem vem
worm wirm wjirm wurm worm wurm 𐌼𐌰𐌸𐌰


maðkur, ormur makk mask

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