All stones fall into three kinds, resting on the way they are formed:

Siltborn stone is made from bits of dead lifestuff such as shells, and from bits of other stones, be it earth, sand, silt, or pebbles. These are clouted together by sweerdom and squeezing to make new rock. Siltmade stone can too be made from andworks that rain out of still water (such as ironstones and limestones).

Fireborn stone is made from liquid stonedough (English: Magma or Lava) which comes from deep in the Earth and becomes new stone as it cools. Unsame stonedoughs are made by unsame forworks, and will make unsame fireborn stone.

Squeezeborn stone is made when other stone is shoved and clouted under great heat and head at great depth, but not so much that it melts. These stones are given new ores and frameworks by these outworkings.

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