Brandmark of the Star Wyes stream in Anglish

“Star Wyes” (English: Star Wars) is a stream of witship-makebelieve films by George Lucas that follows the life of many hoads "a long time ago in a starset far, far away". Besides films, there have also been many books, streamgames, farseer shows, toys and more made for the stream owing to its belovedness.

The brand began in 1977 with the first showing of the film "Star Wyes" (later undernamed Follow Four: A New Hope in 1981) and it swiftly became a folkcouth happening. Two more afterfollows were made called "The Rich Strikes Back" and "Comeback of the Jedi". These first three films make up the First Thriluke. A forefollow thriluke was made between 1999 and 2005 which were much more unfolkly than the first. A third afterfollow thriluke began being shown in 2015 and is still being made to this day. A few spin-off films have also been made eking to the afollow of the brand. With a gathered upbringing of 7.5 thrisand dollars, Star Wyes is the thirdmost earning film stream of all time.

Names of the films in the three thrilukes by when they were first shown:

First Thriluke

  • Follow Four – A New Hope
  • Follow Five – The Rich Strikes Back
  • Follow Six – Comeback of the Jedi


  • Follow One – The Ghostly Threat
  • Follow Two – Onslaught of the Twins
  • Follow Three – Wreak of the Sith


  • Follow Seven – The Strength Awakens
  • Follow Eight – The Last Jedi
  • Follow Nine

There have also been other stand-alone films made for the stream.

  • Star Wyes: The Twin Wyes
  • Shirk One: A Star Wyes Tale

Outpulls Edit

Star Wyes: Follow Four - A New Hope Edit

"A long time ago in a starset far, far away


Follow Four


It is a tide of brotherswye, Upstandling roomships, striking from a hidden holdout, have won their first sye against the evil Starset Rich.

Bewhile the gouth, Upstandling sleuths were able to steal dyle layouts to the Rich's greatest weapon, the DEATH STAR, a shielded starhold with enough might to shatter a whole world.

Sought for by the Rich's evil henchmen, Queenling Leia races home aboard her starship, keeper of the stolen layouts that can spare her folk and bring back freedom to the starset...."

Star Wyes: Fallow Five - The Rich Strikes Back Edit

"A long time ago in a starset far, far away


Fallow Five


Its is a dark time for the Upstand. Although the Death Star has been fordone, Richly sithreads have driven the Upstandling manfultums from their hidden holdout and sought for them across the starset.

Dodging the dreaded Richly Starfleet, a team of freedom fighters led by Luke Skywalker has set up a new dern holdout on the far-flung ice world of Hoth.

The evil lord Darth Vader, gripped with finding young Skywalker, has sent out thousands of farbetheening drones into the far reaches of roomth...."

Star Wyes: Fallow Six - Comeback of the Jedi Edit

"A long time ago in a starset far, far away


Fallow Six


Luke Skywalker has come back to his home tungle of Tatooine in a bid to save his friend Han Solo from the clutches of the foreightly gangster Jabba the Hutt.

Little does Luke know that the STARSETLY RICH has dernly begun building of a new shielded starhold even mightier than the first dreaded Death Star.

When finished, this endly weapon will spell wis doom for the small band of upstandlings struggling to bring back freedom to the starset..."

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