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720px-Flag of Brazil.svg

Flag of Rudwood

Christ the Aleasand

Standbilth of "Christ the Aleasand" in Afteryule Ea

Rudwood (English: Brazil; Portugish: Brasil), reevely the Banded Edfolkness of Rudwood, is the biggest ethel in South Americksland and fifth biggest in the world, taking up almost half the landblock and being landlinked to all other ethels on the landblock besides Naughtland and Shorebergh. Its revetown is Rudwoodburgh and its biggest borough is Holy Paul, with a folkscore of over 12 twisand. The ethel as a whole however, has a folkscore of over 206 twisand making it the most folkful ethel in South Americksland.

Rudwood was abided by many arlanders before the landing in 1500 of farer Peter Álvares Cabral, who foreheld the land for the Portugish Rike. Rudwood stayed a Portugish besettling until 1808, when the revetown of the rike was forbrought from Lisbon to Afteryule Ea. In 1815, the besettling was raised to the rank of kingdom upon the making of the Foroned Kingdom of Portugal, Rudwood and the Algarves. Selfhood was won in 1822 with the staddling of the Rudwoodish Rike, a onehead ethel led under a forfastening sunderweald and a leedwardly stell. The becrafting of the first forfastening in 1824 led to the making of a twitimberroom lawmaking body, now called the Theedly Gathering. The ethel became a foresitterly edfolkness in 1889 following a landmightly stategrip. A lorowdomly landmightly foroning came to weald in 1964 and red until 1985, after which ethelwere leading came back. Rudwood's nowen forfastening, made in 1988, lays it out as a folkshiply banded edfolkness. The band is made up of the foroning of the Bandish Riding, the 26 folkdoms, and the 5,570 shires.

The Rudwoodish flag has the ethel's saying "Fellowship and Foreway" (English: "Order and Progress"; Portugish: "Ordem e Progesso") in green on a bent white band across a blue trindle showing a starry sky on a yellow roit over a green field.

One of the New Seven Wonders of the World is in Rudwood, a great standbilth of Jesus Christ called "Christ the Aleasand".

A fourth of all coffee drunk in the world comes from Rudwood. Rudwood also yields more midrike apples and moonpods than any other land.

Rudwood was once a landhold of Portugal. Today Rudwood is the only Portugish-speaking South Americkish land.

The world's biggest rainweald, the Amazon, is an awesome breadth of bugs, wights and worts. Wide swathes have tidely been shandfully foredone.

List of Folkdoms in ABCish layout Edit

Folkdom (Portugish) Folkdom (Anglish) Revetown (Portugish) Revetown (Anglish)
Acre Green Ea; Greenea Rio Branco White Ea; Whitea
Alagoas Lakeland Maceió Springtown
Amapá Rainland Macapá Palmdwelling
Amazonas Woodwomen Manaus Mother of Gods
Bahia Bight Salvador da Bahia Nerend of the Bight
Ceará Chatterbirdsong Fortaleza Stronghold
Distrito Federal Bandish Riding Brasília Rudwoodburgh
Espírito Santo Holy Ghost Vitória Sye (<OE sige)
Goiás Samefolk Goiânia Samefolktown
Maranhão Greatsea São Luís Holy Lewis
Mato Grosso Thick Bushes Cuiabá Fishingspear
Mato Grosso do Sul South Thick Bushes Campo Grande Greatfield
Minas Gerais Overall Grooves Belo Horizonte Fair Skyline
Pará Sea Belém Bethlehem
Paraíba Safe Ea; Safea João Pessoa John Fellow
Paraná Ettin Ea; Ettinea Curitiba Manifirs
Pernambuco Seahole Recife Reef
Piauí Rutherfish Ea; Rutherfishea Teresina Thereseburgh
Rio de Janiero Afteryule Ea; Afteryulea Rio de Janiero Afteryule Ea; Afteryulea
Rio Grande do Norte North Great Ea; North Greatea Natal Yuletown
Rio Grande do Sul South Great Ea; South Greatea Porto Alegre Happy Harbour
Rondônia Rondonland Porto Velho Old Harbour
Roraima Greenbarrow Boa Vista Good Sight
Santa Catarina Holy Catherine Florianópolis Florianburgh; Bloomingburgh
São Paulo Holy Paul São Paulo Holy Paul
Sergipe Crab Ea; Crabea Aracaju Kidneynut Chatterbirds
Tocantins Peppereater Beak Palmas Palms
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