The Roman Anweald (Latin: Imperium Romanum. Common English: Roman Empire) was a great rikedom that came to span over most of Europe, Northern Highsunland and the Near East by the year 117 (of our Lord). It marked the 3rd eld of Rome (after the Roman Kingdom and Ledewealth. The frumes of its downfall are not swotely understood but many see a fordwining in wealshaft, fellowship worths, mootsmanship, troth, health (such as lead attering) and outlandish ties.

The western half fell when Honorius got back on a deal he'd made to give Alaric, king of the Visigoths, outside the Romish Rike. Alaric, having been sold out in this way, edyielded by sacking Rome. The most widely spoken tung was Latin, although by the year 500 it had begun to split into the sundry Folklatin tungs, of which tudders of these shedded daughter tungs can no longer understand each other, eventhough in writing, they are easily belikened.

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