Desktop computer

A boardtop reckoner.

Reckoners are man-made tools whose goal is to reckon faster and thus do a lot of handy and helpful things with this fast reckoning. They span from small hand reckoners for mean reckonings to seat and lap reckoners found in many homes and businesses to mickle reckoners at the foreground of knotted reckoning. Reckoners deal with many things, like telcraft, forwandling and film game playing. Many reckoners can be draughted to handle many chores.

Reckoners work by taking knowledge (input), and then reading it to make new knowledge (output). Although tools for reckoning have been handled by mankind throughout much of its yore, reckoners that do many other chores by reckoning are a new brainchild. Therefore, new-time reckoners are not much alike early reckoners. The first can reckon a thrisand times every tick. Most folks today handle self reckoners (SRs) at home and/or work. Reckoners do many jobs where they can selfwork, like handling selfshifters and wayburding lights, sheltering layouts, washing gearware and streamboxes.

A reckoner handler can steer it by tolls such as keyboards, mice, switches and touch screens.