Quebec (French: Québec) is a landshire in the eastern deal of Canada. It is the only landshire in Canada with mainly Frankish-speaking folk, and whose revetung is Frankish. Quebec is Canada's biggest landshire by landspan. It neighbours the landshire of Ontario to the west, Hudson's Bight to the west and north, and the Bight of Holy Lawrence and the landshires of Newfoundland and the Golden Arm as well as New Brunswick to the east. To the south it neighbours the Americish folkdoms of New York, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Quebec has the nextmost ledescore in Canada, after Ontario. Its folk are mostly townish, living in the great boroughs near the Holy Lawrence's Waterway, between Kingshill (French: Montréal), the widest mickleborough, and Quebec Town (French: Ville de Québec), the headtown of Quebec. Anglishspeakers in Quebec live mainly in the western deal of the iland of Kingshill, but also in the shires of Outaouais and Estrie. Northernquebec (French: Nord-du-Quebec) is sparsely lived in and its folk are mainly Oranders.

Selfleading is an overweighing share of Quebec's mootsmanship. Frankishcanadian folkstock theeddom is the lorelief of the Quebec Mootband (French: Parti québécois), who believe in sundering from Canada and being a selfleading theed. In 1980 and 1995 folktalks were called to bechoose the selfleading qualm; both were narrowly overcome.

Quebec has a strong wealthdom forof its many wells for many things. The lorebased wealthdom is also strong, in herns like loftcraftmaking, bootmaking, lifecraftlore, and kenncraftlore. [Aerospace industry, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and information technology] These wealthherns have made Quebec Canada's nextmost landshire by wealthscore.

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