The Portugalish tung is a Romance tung spoken by about 210 micklered folk as their first tung and 30 micklrered as their next tung, making it the world's seventh most spoken tung.



Byhundred of

speakers in land

Andorra 4-13% Unaknowledged
Angola 60% first speakers (80% in all) Rike-aknowledged (Eng: official)
Barbados 1% Unaknowledged
Bermuda 4% Unaknowledged
Brazil 99% first speakers (100% in all) Rike-aknowledged
Canada 1-2% Unaknowledged
Daman (Indland) 10% Unaknowledged
Theechland 2% Unaknowledged
East Timor 20% in all Rike-aknowledged
Evener Guinea Rike-aknowledged
France 2% Unaknowledged
Goa (Indland) 4% Unaknowledged
Green Headland Rike-aknowledged
Guinea-Bissau 0.5% first speakers (14% in all) Rike-aknowledged
Luxemburg 14% Unaknowledged
Macau (China) 5% first speakers (7% in all) Rike-aknowledged
Mozambique 6.5% first speakers (40% in all) Rike-aknowledged
Namibia 2% Unaknowledged
Netherland Antilles 1% Unaknowledged
Paraguay 7% Unaknowledged
Portugal 100% Rike-aknowledged
São Tomé and Príncipe 50% first speakers (95% in all) Rike-aknowledged
South Highsunland 2% Unaknowledged
Spain 2% first speakers (4% in all) Unaknowledged
Switzerland 2% Unaknowledged
Uruguay 1% Unaknowledged
Venezuela 1-2% Unaknowledged
Zimbabwe 0.1% Unaknowledged

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