Pashtuns are a folkstock that live in the shires Afghanistan and Pakistan who mostly speak a Persish family tung called Pashto. They are of the Pershish tung house but not the same as persish folks, just linked to them. A more right name is Iranish for all Iranish folks. There are many ways to say who is and is not called a Pashtun, and not all can speak Pashto. Pashtuns have two outnames. Pathan is an outname from speakers of Indish tungs and is used by Pakistanis and Indlanders. Afghan is an old outname (exonym in English) used by other folks but the name is used for any townsman in the Shire of Afghanistan and is a half-way bygone outname, morsoe bygone for the pashtuns in pakistan, though still sometime in handle.

Many muslim folks in Indish landstrech have Pashtun roots but most may not speak Pashto or follow Pashto lifeways (way of life), as it may be too for Pashtuns fully mingled into Tajikish- Dari speaking folks.

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