Nicholas Shaxton was born in 1485 and was died in 1556. He was an Ameeder and an Overseer of Salisbury.

After Popelaw in England was ended by Henry 8°, the Italish Overseer Wule Campeggio was sacked as Overseer of Salisbury in 1534. After a year left empty, Shaxton was fixed by Thomas Cromwell in his stow. Along with fellow Ameeders Thomas Crammer and Hugh Latimer, Shaxton outlaied time debriefing John Lambert in 1536. However Shaxton guited his Overseeric in 1539 afteras he gainstood the King's Six Writs, for wich he was caged.

in 1546 Shaxton along with Anne Askew and a few others were nabed for gainsaing the Bodysome Bysine in the Etooline. John Foxe in his Book of Bloodge-togues tells how Shaxton tried to overrede Askew.

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