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Napoleon Bonaparte (15 Weedmonth 1769 – 5 Threemilkmonth 1821) was a war leader of the French overthrowing, and the leader of Frankrike from 11 Bloodmonth (Nov.) 1799 to 18 May 1804, then as Riker of Frankrike and King of Italy from 18 Threemilkmonth (May) 1804 to 6 Eastermonth (Apr) 1814, and again shortly from 20 Loud (Mar) to 22 Summermonth (Jun) 1815.

Early lifeEdit

He was born Napoleone Buonaparte in the town of Ajaccio on Corsica on 15 August 1769, only one year after the iland had been given to Frankrike by Genoa.

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