Middle Low Dutch or Middlenetherdutch is the offspring of Old Low Dutch and is the forerunner of the Low Dutch tongue these days. It was the widespread shared tung of the Hansa band. It was spoken from about 1100 to 1500.

Kindred tungsEdit

The neighbour tongues within the byleid grounds of the West Teutonish tongues were Middle Hollandish in the west and Middle High Dutch/Middlehighdutch in the south, the latter being shifted to Early New High Dutch/Newhighdutch.


Middle Low Dutch was the shared tongue of the Hansa Band, spoken all around the North Sea and the East Sea. Grounded on the tongue of Lübeck, an everyday written tongue was unfolding, though it was never made ever-lasting.

Hints of the weightiness of Middle Low Dutch can be seen by the many loanwords found in the Scandinavish, East Sea-Finnish and Baltish tongues, but also in rike's Dutch or in English.

In the late Middle Eldths, Middle Low Dutch lost its standing to Early New High Dutch which the athels began to wield first as a written tongue and later as a spoken tongue. Grounds for the loss of standing of Low Dutch were the waning of the Hansa Band that was followed by mootish blending of Northern Dutchland, but also the kithshiplike might of Middle and Southern Dutchland for earnestness through the Againstish Overhaul.


  • Sachsenspiegel

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