Mealwork (painting) is the craft of making drawings with meal (paint). Beyond this, it also means the thing which is made by mealing. It is one of the sightly crafts, unlike bookcraft, swaycraft, and others. Mealwork is made by putting meal upon a ground, oftenest with a brush. The ground may be hempsheet (canvas), blath, glass, clay, wood, or a wall. The meal is made from hued stuff crushed into dust; the dust is then blended with another stuff, the binder, which may be gum arabic, linseed ele, egg yolk, wax, or acrylic base. The outcoming meal may be thinned with water or turpentine. Mealwork is found in all kinds of kiths among all kinds of folk, and has thaned many sakes, from self-sayness to belighting to propaganda.

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