This is a wordlist for gathering together of all otherworldly names in English and giving their match in Anglish.

List of otherworldly beings and names Edit

English Anglish
alien outworlder, offworlder
apparition ghost, sighting
banshee wailing ghost
basilisk little king, kingsnake, staresnake
centaur manhorse
cyclops one-eyed ettin
doppelgänger fetch
dragon wyrm, drake
fairy elflet, fay
giant ettin, ent
magic spellcraft, witchcraft, wizardcraft, hexcraft, dwimmercraft, galdercraft (OE)
magician witch, wizard, hexer (<Norwegian hekser), dwimmercraftsman
minotaur mazebull
ogre orc
pegasus winged horse
phantasm ghost
phantom ghost
phoenix firebird, ashbird, ashborner
sasquatch bigfoot
spectre ghost
spirit ghost
UFO UFG (Unundertold Flying Gainstand)
unicorn horned horse
vampire bloodsucker, grufty
yeti dreadful snowman
zombie drow, living dead

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