English Anglish
Acaricide Miteslaughter, Tickslaugher
Androcide Manslaughter
Avicide Birdslaughter
Barbicide Brushcleaner
Biocide Lifeslaughter
Ceticide Whaleslaughter
Chronocide Timeslaughter
Culicide Gnatslaughter
Culturcide Folkloreslaughter
Deicide Godslaughter
Democide Folkslaughter
Dominicide Boss slaughter
Ecocide Wildslaughter
Femicide Sheslaughter
Feticide Unbornslaughter
Filicide Offspring slaughter
Formicide Antslaughter
Fratricide Brotherslaughter
Genocide Strainslaughter
Geocide Earthslaughter
Gynaecide Womanslaughter
Herbicide Wortslaughter
Homicide Manslaughter
Hosticide Foeslaughter
Infanticide Babeslaughter
Linguicide Leidslaughter
Lupicide Wolfslaughter
Malecide Nitheslaughter
Mariticide Helpmateslaughter
Matricide Motherslaughter
Muscicide Flyslaughter
Mycocide Swambslaughter
Omnicide Allslaughter
Parasuicide Bungled selfslaughter
Parenticide Forebear slaughter
Parricide Kinslaughter
Patricide Fatherslaughter
Pesticide Bugslaughter
Politicide Rikeslaughter
Pseudocide Fake selfslaughter
Puli(ci)cide Fleaslaughter
Regicide Kingslaughter, Queenslaughter
Sororicide Sisterslaughter
Suicide Selfslaughter
Taeniacide Tapeworm slaughter
Tauricide Bullslaughter, Steerslaughter
Terracide Earthslaughter
Tyrannicide Bullyslaughter
Uxoricide Wifeslaughter
Vespacide Waspslaughter
Zoocide Wightslaughter, Deerslaughter

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