Old EnglishsbEnglish
Yode vbPast tense of "to go"
Yoke nBit of wood to which plough etc. is fixed, placed across neck of oxen to keep them together. 2. Condition esp. that of being married, uniting persons; rule, control. 2. top part of skirt to which lower part is fixed.
Yoke-bone nCheek bone or malar bone
Yoke-elm nHornbeam
Yoke-fellow nPerson associated with another, esp. in the same occupation, plight, pursuit, of the same mind or belief. 2 a convict. 3. a person joined in marriage to another, a husband, a wife, a spouse
Yokeless adjWithout a yoke; fig unrestrained, not subjected to restraint, dissolute.
Yoking nSubjugation, submission. 2. harness-gear
Yoking nA measure of land, measured by the amount of land a team of yoked oxen could plough in a day
Yoklet nIn Kent, a small manor
Yold vb
Yolden ppPast particle of yield; surrendered as a prisoner, hence submissive. 2. wearied, exhausted.
Yolk nThe yellow part of an egg. 2. Greasy substance secreted by the sebaceous glands in the skin of a sheep, which serves to moisten and soften the wool; also called wool-oil or lanolin. 2.tThe centre; the innermost part.
Yolky adj
Yomer adjSorrowful, wretched, grievous, doleful
Yomer vbTo murmur, complain, lament, mourn
Yomerness nWretchedness, misery, yomering
Yon adjThat or those over there, referring to a visible person, thing or object at a distance. 2. The Yon:the farther or the more distant; yonder. NB: Hither & yon
Yon adv
Yon phr"Hither & Yon" -near and far.
YondprepAlso conj. - the farther, the more distant, the yondmost, the other side. 2. On the farther side, beyond; at or to a distance (far or farther away. 3. Over, across, through or through out.
Yond phr"Far Yond" - in a bad state or a bit far gone.
Yond phr"Here and Yond "- here & there; hither & yond: hither & thither.
Yonder advOver there in that direction
Yonders adjNext following, as in yonders night
Yondside adjOn the far side
Y'oned ppUnited
Yong nA going, journey, voyage, trip
Yong vbTo go, travel, voyage
Yore adjA long time ago, in a time past, formerly, anciently, before.
Yore nPast, long yore, long ago.
Yore-flood nThe Deluge, The Biblical Flood, Noah's Flood
Yore-while advSome time ago.
York nName of the capital city of Yorkshire, probably from OE (Wic(k): dwelling, town, settlement
Youth nYouth-hood
Yote vbTo pour, to pour liquid upon, to soak. 2. to cast in metal. 3. to cast in metal. 4. to fasten in a metal bar or a steel block. See also 'Yet', 'Yetling', 'Yetter'.
Yoter nCaster of metal
Yotling nPot or boiler, usu. of cast iro. 2. various articles of cast iron. 3. Cast iron (itself), cast.
You prnPlural of the second person pronoun, but used also as a singular form
You phr"Between You and Me" - confidentially (with only us knowning).
You phr"You all" (You'll, a prn) -usu. more than one.
You phr"You and Yours" - you and and all your family.
You phr"You and Your Something" - something belonging to somebody else of which one disapproves.
You phr"You Are (you're)Never Too old to Learn"
You phr"You're On"
You phr"You're Only Young Once" - the opportunity of youth are available for a short time.
You phr"You're Right"
You phr"You're Telling Me"
You phr"You're Welcome"
You phr "You Are What You Eat"
You phr"You Better Believe It" - affirmation, that's the truth.
You phr"You Can Keep It" - it's your, I don't want it.
You phr"You Can Lead a Horse to Water, but You Can't Make It Drink"
You phr"You Can Say That Again" -
You phr"You Can Talk" -
You phr"You Can't Be Fairer than That"
You phr"You Can't Live Them, You Can't Live Without Them"
You phr"You Can't Make a Fish Out of One, and a Fowl of Another" - you have to treat all fair and equally.
You phr"You Cant Put An Old (wise) Head on young Shoulders"
You phr"You Can't Run With the Hare and Hunt With the Hounds"
You phr"You Can Say That Again" -
You phr"You Can't Take ?? with You"
You phr"You Could Have Knocked Me Down with a Feather" - implying one's utter surprise at a given circumstance and event.
You phr"You Don't Know Half of It" - an exclamation. used to say that someone doesn't know everything about a situation, with the assumption that the speaker does.
You phr"You Don't Need the Weatherman to Know You Which Way the Wind is Blowing"
You phr "You Had To Be There"
You phr"You Have Got To Be In It, To Win It"
You phr "You Have Got to Laugh" -
You phr"You Know What I Mean" -
You phr"You Know What They Say" -
You phr"You Learn Something New Every Day"
You phr"You Make Your Bed, You Lie On It"
You phr"You Never Know What You've Got Until Its Gone" -
You phr"You Only Get Back What You Give" -
You phr"You Shouldn't Have" -
You phr"You Unring a Bell" -
You phr"You What !" -
You phr"You'll (Will) Never Guess"???
You phr"You Win" -
You phr"You Win Some, You Lose Some"
You phr"You Wish!" -
You-Know-What prn
Young adjNot old or far advanced or in early stages of growth, life, development or existence. 2. Having the qualities of youth. Phr: young in or with child: pregnant and early stages of pregnancy
Young phr"A Bright Young Thing" - a young intelligent (usu. a woman) person.
Young phr"An Old Head on Young Shoulders" - the excitement has started.
Young phr"The Night is Young" - the project is at a very early stage.
Young phr"With Young" - pregnant.
Young phr"Young at Heart" - with a young person's outlook although no longer young.
Youngblood nNew, younger members of a group
Young Buck n
Younghood n.
Young hopeful nLikely to succeed, promising.
Youngish adjSomewhat young.
Young lady nA young (esp. an unmarried)woman; a girl.
YoungLy adj
Youngman nA man who is young; a boy. 2. a boyfriend or sweetheart.
Youngness n
Youngth nState of being young or period of life when one is young. 2. Young people collectively
Youngthly adjPertaining to youth; youthly
Your prn
Your phr"Your Good Name"
Your phr"Your Guess is, as Good as Mine"
Yourself prn
Youser nFetid discharge from a wound; pus
Youser vbTo fester
Youser adjPurulent, poisonous
Youth nYoung in time or life. 2. state before adulthood. 3. having young qualities; a youngling
Youthen adj
Youthful adjYoung, esp. in appearance and manner. 2. having the the characteristics of youth.
Youthfully adv
Youthfulness n
Youthhood n
Youthless adj
YouthLike adj
Youthly adv
Youthwort nSundew
Youthy advYouthful

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