Old EnglishspEnglish
Wulder nGlory, honour.
Wumme intj"Woe is me."
Wun vbTo dwell, habitate, wone
Wune-ness nHabitation; habitat.
Wurp nA stone's throw. 2. a glance of the eye.
Wurtle adjWorthy, deserved, merited.
Wush vbPreterite of wash
Wunsome adjDialect form of winsome: joyful, joyous. 2. smart, trimly dressed; lively. 2. twisted (North); ill-natured.
Wye nIn OE. chiefly, and in later use only in poetic use : 1. one who fights, a fighting man. 2. warrior, soldier. 3. a noble, vigorous man, hence gen. a man or person. 4. applied to the Devil, as 'be the wye that all the world wrought.' 5. a woman, lady.
Wyn nApllied to the old English runic (=w)
Wynd nlane, narrow street or passage.
Wyn-head nThe higher end of a narrow street.
Wyning nA leg band. 2. a small, strong rope for tying sails.

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