Old English nEnglish
UnyarkvbTo undo or open a gate.
Unyeaned adjUnborn, not having given birth. 2. not pregnant.
Unyete vbTo get to know; to become aware of. 2. to ascertain. 3. to observe a fact. 4. to perceive, observe (a person or thing); to catch sight of . 5. to learn the character of; to understand the meaning of.
Unyielding adjNot giving in; stubborn.
Unyoke vbTo release from yoke. 2. to separate, part. 3. to become unyoked. 4. to stop work; cease.
Unyoked adjNot provided with or subjected to a yoke. 2. not wearing a yoke (also fig). 3. to set free from a yoke.
Unyolden ppNot yielding or surrendering. 2.unrequited, unavenged.
Unyoung adjOf advanced years, but young in mind and spirit.
Unyouthful adjNot youthful; aging.

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