Old English nEnglish
Un'understanding adjNot understanding, comprehending, perceiving, "The thoughtless un-understanding girl was gone, and a blushing woman stood ther in her stead".
Un'upbraided adjUncensured, without rebuke, scolding or chiding.
Un'upbraiding nUncensure, reprove, scold or chide.
Un'upbraidingly advIn a manner or way lacking censure, rebuke or scold.
Un'upheld ppWithout support, sustain or backing, as "myself unmade, ungoverned, un'upheld".
Un'upright adjUnerected, unperpendicular, not prone or flat on own's back. 2. bending, lacking rectitude, without probity.
Un'uprightness nA state or quality of not being erect, perpendicular or prone. 2. without probity, rectitude or uprightness, as "sense of sin and own u-'uprightness".
Unuttered adjNot uttered or expressed.

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