Old English nEnglish
Unpathed adjWithout a path or walkway; unpathwayed.
Unpen vbTo let out; release from a pe or enclosure.
Unpin vbTo unfastened or detach something by removing the pins.
Unplanted adjNot planted; growing naturally.
Unplayed adjNot played or performed.
Unploughed adjNot turned up by the plough or plow. 2. of boks: not trimmed with the plough.
Unplucked adjNot plucked; or having the feathers or petals still on.
Unprettiness nThe state or quality of attractiveness, pleasantness; as in "the smallness and unprettiness of the house."
Unpretty adjNot pretty, fair, comely, attractive, good, decent, decorous. 2. "her not unpretty parting lips"
Unprettily adv"She mouthed her food unprettily".
Unput vbNot put down, placed, inserted.
Un-put-on ppNot affected, not feigned or faked, as in "he has a natural exaltation, perfectedly unaffected and un-put-on".
Un-put-out ppUnextinguished, dowsed, unejected, remaining, continuing; as in "there was no fire un-put-out".

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