Old English n Modern English
UnearadjUnploughed; untilled.
UnearnedadjNot earned by merit or desert; unmerited or undeserved (unmerited or undeserved). 2. not earned by labour, not worked for.
Unearned income nIncome from interest payments, as opposed to wages, salary, or fees.
Unearth vbTo dig up; to dig out of the earth, find by the removal of earth, excavate, exhume. 2. to force out of a hole or burrow. 3, to bring to light, to disclose, to reveal, to discover something after research. 6. to free from earthly qualities.
Unearthed adjNot buried, not covered; not put into the ground.
Unearthing nThe act of digging up; removing from the earth. 2. excavating, exhuming, bringing to the earth's surface. 2. the act of revealing, disclosing.
Unearthliness nState or qualities of rising above what is characteristic of earth: exalted, sublimed, unearthly. 2. not belonging to the earth's natural natural mysteries, ghostly, wanearthly. 3,. of sounds or voice not of this earth's quality or character.
Unearthly adjNot earhly; sublime. 2. supernatural, terrifying, weird; terrible. 3. ridiculously; unconventional, inconvenient or unpleasant; preposterous.
Unease nPhysical discomfort, as mild sickness or depression; malaise, uneasiness. 2. the trait of seeming ill at ease, disquiet. 3. want of ease.
Uneasily advWith difficulty. 2. restlessly with discomfort or embarrasment.
Uneasiness nThe quality of being troublesome. 2. difficult nature or character. 3. reluctance. 4. discomfort, anxiety or trouble as effecting one's circumstances or welfare; an instance of this. 5. bodily discomfort (falling short of actual or definite pain). 6. mental discomfort, anxiety, apprehension.
Uneaten adjNot eaten or devoured.
Uneath adjDifficult, troublesome, distressing, uneasy.
Uneath advNot easily (only) with difficulty. 2. scarcely, hardly, barely (in respect to extent, amount, degree, etc. 3. reluctantly, unwillingly. 4. in difficult circumstances; in hardship. 5. scarcely in respect of time; only just.
Unebbing adjNot running out or away; not refluxing; not receding from the shore. 2. of blood and tears must flow the unebbing love betrayed.
Unedge vbTo take the edge off; blunt.
Unemboldened adjTimid, bashful, lacking confidence or self-belief; backward, slow, dull; feeble. 2. unbrave, lacking somewhat in courage.
Unended adjNot made to end or stop; continued, lasting, infinite. 2. having no limit or bounds. 3. not brought to an end or conclusion, unfinished, incomplete.
Unending adjEndless, never-ending, eternal. 2. never-ending, incessant, ininite.
Unendingness nThe state or condition of unendingness, eternity, infiniteness.
Unendingly advIn an unending manner.
Un-English adjNot like English in character. 2. lacking the qualities regarded as typically English. 3. unsportsmanlike; unchivalrous.
Un-englished adjNot translated or put English.
Unenlightened adjNot enlightened; living in a state of intellectual or spiritual darkness.
Uneven adjIncomparable, unequal, ill-matched, not level
Unevenly advUnfairly, unjustly, in an even or unequal manner; not regularly. 2. uniformily, or smoothly. 3. not in equal proportion.
Unevenness nInequality, discrepancy, difference. 2. quality or fact of being uneven in form; an instance of this. 3. a rough or rugged part, place, a feature. 4. unfairness, injustice.

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