Old EnglishnEnglish
Twain nConsisting of two parts or elements; double, a two-fold. 2. the abstract number two. 3. a group of two, a pair or couple. 4. twins.
Twain vbTo carve, cut, hew into two parts. 2. to separate, be separated part, put apart, divide into two, tweme, disunite, estrange, be at variance; to asunder.
Twain-cloud(s) nA name for cumulostratus.
Tway nTwo; a couple, a pair.
Tway phr"In Tway" - in two pieces or parts; in two.
Tway-biting nThe action of cutting two-ways.
Tway-blade nA plant having or with two blades (leaves)springing from the root, such as Listeria (Common Twayblade) and Liparis (Orchid genus).
Tway-toothed adjHaving two rows of teeth.
Twelfth nPosition 12 in a countable series of things. 2. one part in twelve equal parts; one-twelfth, twelfth part, duodecimal. 3. the quotient of a unit divided by twelve; one of twelve equal parts of one whole. 4. The next in order after the eleventh. 5. in music, an interval comprising an octave and a fifth
Twelfth adjNext in order after the eleventh; coming after eleven others; -- the ordinal of twelve. 2. coming next after the eleventh and just before the thirteenth in position. 2. constituting, or being one of, twelve equal parts into which anything is divided.
Twelfthly advIn the twelth place; twelveth in a series.
Twelfthtide nThe season including the Twelfth-night; the season of the Ephiphany; formerly the concluding part of Christmas holidays. 2. (archaic or obsolete) the season including Epiphany (the twelfth day after Christmas) and the evening of the preceding day (Twelfth Night), regarded as the end of the Christmas season; Epiphany itself
Twelve men n"The Twelve Men" - a jury.
Twelve-fold adjTwelve times as great as or as much. 2. composed of twelve parts or division; of twelve kinds; twelve times in amount.
Twelvemonth nA period of twelve months; a year.
Twelve-monthly advYearly, annually.
Tweme vbTo separate into two; divide into two parts.
Twentieth nPosition 20 in a countable series of things. 2. next in order after the nineteenth; tenth after the tenth; coming after nineteen others; -- the ordinal of twenty. 2. constituting, or being, one of twenty equal parts into which anything is divided. 3. the next in order after the nineteenth; one coming after nineteen others. 4. the quotient of a unit divided by twenty; one of twenty equal parts of one whole.
Twentieth adjConstituting, or being, one of twenty equal parts into which anything is divided. 2. coming next after the nineteenth in position.
Twenty-fold nTwo-fold; double.
Tweon vbTo be doubtful, to doubt, to debate.
Twere vbAbbreviation of "It were" - it would be.
Twi prfOE: two-something twice.
Twichild nOne who is "twice a child" or in his second childhood. 2. an old man in his second childhood.
Twi-minded adjHaving two minds about something; considering if, or thought in two aspects.
Twi-thought nAn indistinct or vague thought.
Twi-wifing nBigamy by a husband; twi-briding; twi-husbanding.
Twi-bill nA kind of axe with two cutting edges. 2. a mattock, tubal, cleaver. 3. a reaping hook, pruning hook. 4. a double-bladed battle-axe, a weapon.
Twi-born adjThat or who has experienced a second birth; born again; regenerated.
Twice-told adjCounted or reckoned twice; twice as much as; twice in amount; two-fold in degree.
Twick vbTo twitch. 2. to pull sharply or suddenly.
Twi-fold adjTwo-fold; double.
Twi-fold vbTo fold in two or bend double.
Twi-foldly advTwo-fold or twice in amount.
Twig nA small branch or division of a branch (especially a terminal division); usually applied to branches of the current or preceding year; branchlet, sprig. 2. a small shoot or branch of a tree or other plant, of no definite length or size.
Twig vbTo branch out in a twiglike manner; such as a the lightning bolt twigged in several directions. 2. to twitch; to pull; to tweak. (obs).
Twiggen adjMade of twigs or wickerwork.
Twiggy adjLike a twig; slender as a shoot of a branch made of twigs. 2. like wickerwork. 3. full or abounding in twigs; bushy, scrubby.
Twigginess nThe condition or state of being twiggy, like a twig, or slender.
Twile-hole nA hole left in the centre of a wattle hurdle for the insertion of a pole on which several hurdles may be carried simultaneously.
Twilight nThe time of day immediately following sunset; dusk, gloaming, gloam, nightfall, evenfall, fall, crepuscule, crepuscle. 2. the diffused light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon but its rays are refracted by the atmosphere of the earth. 3. a condition of decline following successes; in the twilight of one's years. 4. the light perceived before the rising, and after the setting, of the sun, or when the sun is less than 18[deg] below the horizon, occasioned by the illumination of the earth's atmosphere by the direct rays of the sun and their reflection on the earth. 5. faint light; a dubious or uncertain medium through which anything is viewed
Twilight adjSeen or done by twilight. 2. imperfectly illuminated; shaded; obscure. 2. lighted by or as if by twilight; as the twilight glow of the sky; dusky. twilit.
Twilight vbTo light imperfectedly or dimly.
Twilighted adjPartly illuminated.
Twilight home nA home for old people; a geriatric institution; a nursing home.
Twilight-housing nHousing for special need persons; esp; retirement homes, nursing homes and geriatric institutions.
Twilighting nThe act of relaxing; the state or condition of enjoying one’s surroundings; the state of reminiscing about the past; or thinking about someone; a revere with one lost in thought (or lack there of); absorbing-state (figuratively); a deep state of reflection.
Twilightless adjDevoid or having no twilight.
Twilight shift nShift work between the day shift and the night shift.
Twilight-sleep nA state induced by pain-killing and sleep-inducing medication to alleviate or mitigate the suffering of people during morabundity.
Twilight-world nA shadowy region. 2. a world characterised by uncertainty, obscurity or decline. 3. the world which comes to light after sunset; characterised by merry-making or criminal activity.
Twilighty adjResembling twilight.
Twilit vbLit by twilight.
Twill nA woollen fabric or cloth having parallel lines, ribs or ridges; a fabric woven with a twill. 2. a weave used to produce the effect of parallel diagonal ribs. 3. appearance of diagonal lines or ribs produced in textile fabrics by causing the weft threads to pass over one and under two, or over one and under three or more, warp threads, instead of over one and under the next in regular succession, as in plain weaving. 4. braid, crimp, dog-ear, double, enfold, entwine, fold, fold over, frill, gather, infold, intertwist, knit, lace, lap over, loop, mat, net, noose, pleat, quill, raddle, tuck, twine, twist, wattle, weave, web, wreathe.
Twill vbWeave diagonal lines into (textiles). 2. to weave, as cloth, so as to produce the appearance of diagonal lines or ribs on the surf
Twilly adjHaving twills or pertaining to twilly cloth or garments.
Twin adjBeing two identical; duplicate, matching, twinned.
Twin nEither of two offspring born at the same time from the same pregnancy.

2. in astrology, a person who is born while the sun is in Gemini. 3. a duplicate copy; counterpart, similitude.

Twin vbTo duplicate, match, or parallel. 2. to bring two objects, ideas, or people together; match, mate, couple, pair. 3. grow as twins. 4. to give birth to twins. 5. to bring forth twins. 6. to be born at the same birth. 7. to cause to be twins, or like twins in any way. 8. to separate into two parts; to part; to divide; hence, to remove; also, to strip; to rob.
Twin vbTo put asunder (properly). 2. two things or persons; or one from the other. 3. to separate, disjoin, disunite, sunder, sever, part, divide. 4. to deliver, set free, to distinguish. 5. to divide, shart, part with. 6. to deprive of. 7. of persons or things- to go asunder; to separate, put apart. 8. to depart, go away, to go, proceed, escape, get free;. to depart from a place or thing, "Ere that we farther twin." --Chaucer.
Twin phr"To twin from" - to separate oneself from; to part from; take leave of; to deprive oneself of; to give up.
Twin phr"To twin with" - to part with, to take leave, to deprive oneself; give up. 2. to break asunder; burst; cleave in, twain.
Twinberry nU.S. name for the Gaultheria procumbens, checkerberry, partridge-berry or winter-green.
Twind vbVariant of "Twine" - to twist, twine, wind, turn. 2. to become entangled or knotted. 3. of an arrow; part from the bow.
Twindle vbTo bring forth or bear twins.
Twine nDivision, separation, disunuion. 2. a twined or twisted object or part. 3. a fold, coil, convulsion. 4. a twist or turn in the the course of a thing. 5. a tangle, knot, snarl. 6. an embrace, a clasp. 7. a turn of fortune; vicissitude. 8. of a line: a spiral; a helical.
Twined adjDivided, separate; disuniting. 2. twisted. 3. folded, coiled, convulsed. 4. tangled, knotted, snarled. 5. embracing, clasping. 6. vicissitudinal. 7, spiralling, helical.
Twined adjOf two born at one birth. 2. intimately joined or united; as two things: coupled (usu. also implying close similarity.) 3.
Twine-less adjDestitute of twine; having no twine.
Twine-thread nA twisted or double-spun thread; also collectively cord, twine.
Twinge nThe act of pinching, wringing, tweaking, twitching, tweaking, twisting, turning. 2. smarting, tingling, irritation. 3. pain very sharp often wringing; often a local momentarily pain; esp. applied to that of gout or rheumatism. 4. an after-twinge of the body or mind. 5. prick or twinge of conscience; sometimes stimulating pride. 6. a sharp mental pain; a pang of shame, remorse, sorrow or the like. 7. a nip of cold. 8. an earwig.
Twinge vbTo pinch, wringe, tweak, twinge. 2. to cause to smart, tingle, irritate affect (the body or mind) with a twinge or sharp pain; to prick the conscience. 3. to experience a twinge or pinching.
Twinger nOne who twinges, irritates, pricks the conscience of others.
Twinging nThe feeling of smarting, tingling, pricking and irritatingly affecting (the body or mind) with a twinge or sharp pain.
Twingy adjTwinging pain, irritating, pain, tingling, pricking.
Twi-nighter nA game of baseball or cricket etc., which begins in the afternoon and continues into the night under or with artificial lighting.
Twining nTwisting, spinning, winding, embracing, writhing. winding, coiling, withing etc. spec, of a plant growing spirally around a support.
Twining adjWinding, coiling, twisting etc. spec, of a plant growing spirally around a support.
Twiningly advIn a twining manner.
Twin-kind adjOf two kinds, two-fold, double.
Twinkle nA rapid change in brightness; a brief spark or flash; scintillation, sparkling; anything which emits a transient or faint radiance, esp. applied to the eyes. 2. merriment expressed by a brightness or gleam or animation of coun- tenance; light. 3. a closing or opening, or a quick motion, of the eye; a wink or sparkle of the eye; the time of a wink, a blink. 4. a brief flash or gleam, esp. when rapidly repeated. 5. a young sexually attractive female.
Twinkle vb Gleam or glow intermittently; flash, blink, wink, winkle. 2. emit or reflect light in a flickering manner; winkle, scintillate. 3. to open and shut the eye rapidly; to blink; to wink. 4. to shine with an intermitted or a broken, quavering light; to flash at intervals; to sparkle; to scintillate.
Twinkler nOne who winks; a winkler
Twinkle-toes nOne very light and nimble on his or her toes; an accomplished dancer.
Twinkling nThe action of shining with tremulous or faint radiance, scintillation, glimmering (also transfig. & fig.) 2. the action of or act of winking or nictitation. 2. time taken in the winkling of an eye; a very brief moment or an instance.
Twinkling phr"In the twinkling of an eye" - in an instant, moment. Also: "In a twinkling; "All in a twinkling"; "At a twinkling."
Twinkingly advIn a twinkling manner: shiningly, glimmeringly, scintillationly.
Twin-lepy adjAfter "Onlepi/ Onlepy"- twofold, double; two only.
Twin-light nTwilight, dusk, the crespular.
Twin-ling nA twin.
Twinly adjTo an equal extent; in an identical degree; doubly.
Twinning nThe action of parting or separation.
Twinship nThe condition of being a twin or a twin. 2. relations of a twin or twins.
Twin-sisterhood nThe relationship of twin sisters.
Twin-soul nKindred spirits, soul mates.
Twin-spreche n"Twin-speak" - double or deceitful speech.
Twinter nOf two winters; a period of two winters. 2. a two year-old (said of cattle, horse and sheep)
Twin-towns nOne of a pair of towns(usu. in different countries)that have established official links. 2. of a city, town linked with another (in a different country) for the purpose of friendship and cultural exchange.
Twiny adjOf the nature of twine.
Twirede adjOf or in two minds or counsel: undecided, irresolute, not unanimous.
Twitch nSudden muscle spasm; especially one caused by a nervous condition; vellication. 2. the act of twitching; a pull with a jerk; a short, sudden, quick pull; as, a twitch by the sleeve. 3. a short, spastic contraction of the fibers or muscles; a simple muscular contraction; as, convulsive twitches; a twitch in the side.
Twitch vbTo snatch by way of robbery or theft. 2. to pinch and pull at with pincers or the like; to nip; to hurt or pain by doing this. 3. of a nerve: to twinge, shoot. 4. to go with a sudden swift motion; to dart, shoot. 5. make an uncontrolled, short, jerky motion. 6. move with abrupt, sudden motion, seemingly uncontrolled motions; jerk. 7. toss with a sharp movement so as to cause to turn over in the air; flip. 8. squeeze tightly between the fingers; squeeze, twinge, tweet, nip, twitch. To pull with a sudden jerk; to pluck with a short, quick motion; to snatch; as, to twitch one by the sleeve; to twitch a thing out of another's hand; to twitch off clusters of grapes.
Twitch phr "At a Twitch" - in a moment; without delay.
Twitch-bell nAn earwig.
Twitched adjIrritable, rattled.
Twitchel nA fork in a road; a forked way. 2. a narrow passage between walls or hedges. 3. a noose.
Twitcher nA bird-watcher whose main aim is to collect and report sightings of rare birds.
Twitchily advIn a manner of twitching
Twitchiness nState or condition of nervousness, fidgetness, irritability.
Twitching nThe action of twitching. 2. jerking, plucking, nipping, convulsing, or spasmodic movement.
Twitch-up nA pegged down snare attached to an elastic sapling or the like, which springs up and strangles the game when sprung. 2. a noose, loop. 3. a place in or part of a vein where it is compressed or narrows. 4. a small lock of wool or flax twisted around the forefinger of the left hand in spinning. 5. forceps, tweezers.
Twitch-up vbTo hang.
Twitchy adjCharacterised by twitching, having a tendency to twitch; also nervous, fidgety, irritable; also said of a smile.
Twitten nA narrow passage between two walls or hedges; a laneway.
Twixt .Aphetic form of betwixt.
Twixten .Between.
Twizeled adjForked (?)
Two adjBeing one more than one.
Two nThe cardinal number that is the sum of one and one or a numeral represent-ing this number. 2. one of the four playing cards in a deck that have two spots; deuce. 3. one or two, a phrase often used indefinitely for a small number. 4. the sum of one and one; the number next greater than one, and next less than three; two units or objects. 5. a symbol representing two units. 6. in two, asunder; into two parts; in halves; in twain; as, cut in two.
Two phr"In Two Shakes" - immediately, in a moment, split second.
Two phr"In two twos" - in a very short time; directly, immediately.
Two-at-a-length nTandem
Two-fold adjConsisting of two strands or threads twisted into one.
Two-foldly adjIn a two fold manner; doubly.
Two-foldness nState or quality of being two-fold.
Two-footed adjHaving the ability to do or perform feats with both feet, such as footballer who can kick the ball equally well with either foot. 2. a bipedal; two-legged
Two-handed adjAmbidextrous.
Two-hearted adjDeceitful, deceptive, untrustworthy.
Two-income adjReceiving two incomes or wages. 2. a two income family with both partners receiving an income.
Two-lofted adjTwo-storied, two-tier, two etaged.
Two-ness nThe fact or state of being two. 2. duality; doubleness.
Twos vbTo keep company with a person of the opposite sex.
Two-sea'd adjSituated between two seas; bismaris.
Two-sided adjBilateral; two-sideness. 2. fig. having two parts or aspects.
Twosing nCompanionship with a person of the opposite sex. 2. a couple; an item; a duo.
Twosing vbTo keep company with a person of the opposite sex. 2. to date, partner, accompany
Twosome nTwo persons together. 2. two in company. 3. a pair of lovers. 4. a dance, game etc for two persons. 5. something performed by two persons together.
Two time vbTo act or be unfaithful or double-cross one to whom loyalty is owed.
Two-timer nOne who double-crosses or is unfaithful to someone they owed loyalty to.
Two-timing nThe act or action of deceiving a person, esp. one whom loyalty is owed to. 2. the act of unfaithfulness to a spouse or lover; double-crossing.
Two twos .In a very short time; directly; immediately.
Two-up nAn Australian game of chance, where two coins are simultaneously tossed into the air and bets or wagers are placed on certain outcomes.
Two-way adjSupported by both sides; "a two-way treaty" :bipartisan, two-party,

2. involving two parts or elements. 3. operating or permitting operation in either of two opposite directions. 4.serving to connect at will one pipe or channel with either of two others; as, a two-way cock.

Two-way streetnOccuring or existing in two directions; reciprocal. 2. fig. a situation of mutual action. 3. something that works in both ways.
Ty sfxThe final of the "Tens" in the numbers: "Twenty, thirty, forty etc."

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