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Tuesday nThe third day of the week.
Tuht nObsolete form of "tight" from OE: "Tyht" meaning discipline, training, breeding, conduct, usage. Also "tuhtle."
Tum vbOE: to tumble, perform, salutatory feats, to dance.
Tumbester nA female tumbler or dancer.
Tumble nAn act of acrobatic tumbling; an acrobatic feat. 2. an accidental fall; the falling of a stream or river. 3. fig. a fall, a downfall. 4. a sign of recognition or acknowledgement, a response, as in to " give a tumble." 5. an act of sexual intercourse; a woman given an opportunity for this.
Tumble vbTo dance with posturing, balancing, contortions, and the like. 2. to perform as an acrobat; esp. to execute leaps, springs, somersaults and similar feats. 3. to roll on the ground, or in the air or water. 4. to wallow, also to throw oneself about in a restless way on a bed or couch; to toss (also, fig.) 5. to throw oneself backwards during flight; to turn end over end, as an aircraft, bird. 6. to fall; esp. to fall in a helpless way, as from stumbling or violence; to be precipitated, fall headlong; also said of a stream falling into a cataract. 7. to fall prone, to fall to the ground; to tumble down, tumble over, to stumble over an object. 8. of a building or structure: to fall into ruins or fragments; to collapse.

9. to fall rapidly in value, of prices, stocks etc. 10. to be tossed about like clthes in a tumble-driver or washing machines. 11. to cause or to fall prostate; to overthrow. 12. to throw down and destroy a structure; to overthrow, demolish, reduce to ruins. 13. to cause to fall in a confused heap; to throw down, throw in, throw out etc. without order or regularly to mix up in confusion, jumble together. 14. to propel or drive headlong, with a falling, stumbling movement; to precipitate; to throw or thrust roughly or forcibly; to toss, pitch. move or pass in a motion as if falling or stumbling; to precipitately move; to proceed harshly, without order or premeditation to bowl, bundle, roll, rush. 16. to turn over in examination or search; hence fig. to examine cursorily. 17. to have sexual intercourse: to get a tumble. 18. to handle roughly or indelicately; to touse, tousle; to upset the arrangement of anything neat or orderly; to disorder, rumple; to disarrange by tossing a bed, etc. 19. to come upon or meet by chance, stumble, blunder into, on or upon. 20. to understand , comprehend something not clearly put or expressed; perceive or apprehend a hidden design or signal. 21. to detect. 22. to fall in with; agree to; take a liking or fancy to. 23. to incline or slope inwards, as a side of a ship; to batter as in tumble home ship. 24. to mix, cleanse, or polish in a tumbling box.

Tumble phr"To give someone a tumble." - to have sexual intercourse. (also: "to get a tumble.")
Tumble phr"To take a tumble." - the facts of one's situation: to make up to something.
Tumbled-down adjThat falls down habitually. 2. that is a tumbling condition; falling or fallen into ruin; dilapidated, ruinous, as in a house.
Tumberful adjThe quantity that fills a tumbler.
Tumble home vbTo endure a storm, esp a battering one in a ship, to "tumble home". 2. the inward inclination of the upper part of a ship's sides.
Tumble over nThe act of falling over.
Tumbler nOne who tumbles or falls. 2. an inexperienced window-cleaner. 3. a drinking cup, originally having a rounded bottom. 4. a toy that rocks when touched. 5. a detached mass of rocks, a rolled stone or boulder. 5. one who tumbles or tosses thing in confusion or disorder; a muddler; one confused. 6. a class of street ruffian who knocks over or "tumbles" his victims.
Tumble up vbTo make haste; to come up from below deck.
Tumbleweed nVarious plants found in the US. with a globular bush in late summer, which is broken off and rolled about by the wind; a ghostwort.
Tumbling nThe action of falling, inclining, throwing, stumbling etc.
Tumbly adjReady or inclined to tumble or fall.
Tun nA large cask or barrel, usu. for liquids; esp, wine, ale or beer. 2. a large vessel in general; a cup. 3. a chimney, esp the upper part above the roof of a house; a chimney pot.
Tun vbTo put in, fill up or store in tuns or cask. 2. to swill liquor; drink excessively.
Tun-bellied adjRounded like a tun or cask; pot-bellied, corpulent.
Turd nA lump or piece of excrement; ordure. 2. as a type of worthlessness or vileness. 3. in coarse abuse applied to a person as a term of execration or contempt.
Turdish adjCharacteristic of a turd.
Turdmonger nA vile, contemptuous person, as in that turdmonger, who disdained my precious precepts, greeted me with vile and dirty dung. 2. a workman employed to remove and dispose sewage.
Turdy adjFull of, or defiled with ordure. 2. of or pertaining to excrement or fecal matter.
Turf nThat upper stratum of earth and vegetable mold which is filled with the roots of grass and other small plants, so as to adhere and form a kind of mat; sward; sod. 2. peat, especially when prepared for fuel. 3. race course; horse racing. 4. the road or street as the milieu of prostitutes, pimps, tramps etc.
Turf vbTo cover with turf or lay with turf. 2. to place or lay under the turf, cover the turf; to bury; to die and be buried. 3. to dig up turf or peat; to harvest turf for fuel.
Turf phr"On the turf." - engaged in prostitution.
Turf phr"To turf out" - to eject forcibly a person from a building or a venue.
Turfdom nThe votaries of the turf or horse-racing communities.
Turfed adjProvided or adorned with turf.
Turfen adjMade or covered by turf, turfy.
Turf hedge nA hedge or fence formed with turf and plants of different kinds.
Turf housen a house or shed formed of turf, common in the northern parts of Europe.
Turfing nThe action or occupation of digging up turf. 2. to cover with turf or sod; as, to turf a bank, or the border of a terrace.
Turfless adjDevoid of turf; bare.
Turf-writer nJournalists who write on horse-racing.
Turfy adjCovered or consisting of turf; abounding in turf or peat; peaty. 2. pertaining or characteristic of the turf. 3. suggestive of horse-racing; horsy.
Turfness nTurfy in character; horsiness.
Turtle nAny one of the numerous species of testudinata, esp. the sea turtle, or chelonian. Nb: in the US. the land and fresh-water tortoises are also called turtles.
Turtle vbTo hunt for turtles. 2. to overturn accidentally.
Turtle-dove nThe turtle. 2. as a term of endearment: gracious, harmonious affection towards a mate or lover.
Turtle-necked adjA pull-over or sweater with a high, close-fitting collar.
Turtur nAn echoic name, imitating the cooing of the dove, torturing.
Turver nA cutter of turf and peat.
Turves nSeveral or more than piece of turf.
Tush nTusk.
Tusk nA hard smooth ivory colored dentine that makes up most of the tusks of elephants and walruses; ivory. 2. One of the elongated incisor or canine teeth of the wild boar, elephant, etc.; hence, any long, protruding tooth. 3. a long pointed tooth specialized for fighting or digging; especially in an elephant or walrus or hog. 4. toothshell, or Dentalium; -- called also tusk-shell.
Tusk vbTo stab or pierce with a horn or tusk; to horn. 2. remove the tusks of animals; detusk. 3. to bare or gnash the teeth.
Tuskless adjHaving no, or devoid of, tusks.
Tusked adjHaving tusks; armed with tusks.
Tussle vbTouse, tousle.

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