Old EnglishnEnglish
Table nLate OE: writing table; gaming table.
Table-book nA book of arithmetical or other tables, such as a ready reckoner.
Table-cloth nA cloth covering a table.
Tableful adjAll that a table can hold.
Table-stone nA flat stone, a stone tablet, also a horizontal stone. 2. cromlech, dolmen.
Table-talk nGossip and chatter that take place around or at a table.
Tableware nWare for the service of the table. 2. collective term for articles used at meals, such as items of crockery and cutlery.
Tail n
Tail vb
Tail phr"To tail away." -
Tail-end n
Tail-gate n
Tailing n
Tailed adj
Tail-less adjWithout or lacking a tail.
Tail-lessness nThe state or conditions of having no tail.
Tailings n
Tail-spin nA downward movement of an aircraft in which the tail ?? 2. a state of chaos, panic or loss of control.
Tailward adjTowards the tail or in the direction in which the tail is.
Tail-water n
Tait adjOE: Taetan: to gladden, cheer. 2. cheerful. lively, active, nimble.
Tait nGladness, cheer, activity, alacrity.
Take nLate OE
Take vb
Take-away nA shop that cooks and sells food that is taken away and eaten elsewhere. 2. food that is bought at a take-away shop and eaten elsewhere; sometimes referred to as "take-out"
Take-in nA deception, fraud, swindle, cheating.
Take phr"To take down." --
Take phr"To take in." -to deceive, defraud, rip someone off, swindle.
Take phr"To take it easy."-
Take phr"To take heed." -- To be cautious, careful.
Take phr"To take home ." -
Take phr"To take off." - To mimick, mock, ridicule.
Take phr"To take on." -
Take-away nA shop that cooks and sells food that is taken away and eaten elsewhere. 2. food that is bought at a take-away shop and eaten elsewhere; sometimes referred to as "take-out"
Taker n
Take-in nA deception, fraud, swindle, cheating.
Take-over nThe act of attempting or succeeding in gaining a control interest in a business, club or other things.
Take-over bid n
Taking nTouching, touch. 2. a seizure or attack of a disease.
Taking nTouch--- Old meaning. ??
Tale nA message that tells the particulars of an act or occurrence or course of events; presented in writing or drama or cinema or as a radio or television program: narrative, narration, story. 2. a trivial lie; : fib, story. 3. that which is told; an oral relation or recital; any rehearsal of what has occured; narrative; discourse; state-ment; history; story. 4. anecdote; story; fable; incident; memoir; relation; account; legend; narrative. 5. be-all and end-all, falsehood, ghost story, gossip, gossip-mongering, half-truth, history, idle talk, lie, little white lie, mendacity, myth, narration, newsmongering, reckoning, slight stretching, talebearing, taletelling, talk, tall tale, tattle, tell, the bottom line, the whole story, untruth, white lie, yarn.
Tale nA number told or counted off; a reckoning by count; an enumeration; a count, in distinction from measure or weight; a number reckoned or stated. 2. in law:a count or declaration. (Obs)
Tale vbTo tell stories. (Obs.)
Tale-bearer nOne who officiously carries repeatsprivate matters for gratify malice or idle curiosity.
Taleful adjFull of tales, making a short story long; talkative.
Tale-gathering n
Tale-ish adjOf the nature ofa tale; fabulous.
Tale-maker n
Tale-monger n
Tale-spinning n
Tale-teller nA narrator, teller of stories. 2. tell-tale, tale-bearer. 3. teller of made-up stories, with the object to deceive or mislead.
Talewise advGiven to tales or talking. 2. addicted to gossip, loquacious, garrulous, blabbery.
Tale-writer n
Talk n
Talk vb
Talk phr"To talk shop." -
Talk-back n
Talker n
Talkful adjTalkative, garrulous.
Talk-in nA gathering or meeting for discussion; a conference. 2. a form of political protest (esp. by student) at which the matter at issue is discussed. 3. a radio or TV. program, esp. a live one, in which the audience may take part.
Talking n
Talking-craft n
Talking-film nTalkie
Talk-out nThe talking out of a bill in parliament, usu lengthy, a filibuster.
Talk-shop nA centre for idle and unconstructive chatter, usu. derogatory, applied to Parliament.
Talk-show n
Talk-stuff nmatter for conversation.
Talky adjInclined to or abounding in talk and chatter. 2. loquacious, garrulous, verbose. 2. of a book, film, play: long-winded, loquacious, tedious.
Talky-talk nTrivial and meaningless talk: "talk for talk's sake."
Tall adjSwift, prompt. 2. untal: evil, improper.
Tame vb
Tame adj
Tamehede adjCapable of being tame.
TamelessadjThat hasnot been tamed; untameable.
Tameliness nState or condition of being tamed,
Tamely advSubmissively, tractably, quickly, passively, without resistance. 2. without spirit or acrimony. 3. without bold features
Tameness nThe quality or condition of being tame in any sense. 2, domesticated, absence of wildness. 3. lack of spirit, courage, animation or variety, commomplace.
Taming-stick nKind of yoke for newly captured slaves.
Tap n 2. plug, stopper, peg. 3.
Tap vb
Tapwort nThe dregs of ale or beer.
Taper nOE - not in cognate languages. 2. a wax candle, used for devotional purposes. 3. something that gives light or burning. 4. modern meaning: something that gives a feeble light.
Taper nA spire or slender pyramid. 2. something which tapers to a point. 3. gradual diminution in thickness.
Tapered adj
Tapering adj
Taperness nThe condition or being tapered or tapering.
Taperwise advIn the manner of a taperwise, with gradual diminution of thickness.
Taperwort nVerbascum thrapsis: mullein.
Tapet nA piece of cloth, used as a hanging table cover, or drape; a carpet.
Tapet vbTo adorn with tapestry.
Tape n
Tape vb
Tap-house nAn alehouse, tap room of an inn.
Taproot n
Tapster nA barmaid, who drew ale or other liquor in an inn.
Tar n
Tar vbTo smear with tar and feather.
Tar vbTo irritate, vex, provoke, to incite, hound on. 2. to weary, fatigue.
Tar phr"Tarwith the same brush." --
Tarring nProvocation.
Tarse nThe penis.
Tart adjOE: Of pain, punishment, suffering, discipline: sharp, severe, grievous, hurting. 2. of taste: biting, pungent, sour, acidic. 3. of words, speech, speaking: sharp in tone or tendency, biting, cutting, acrimonious, caustic. 4. point of a weapon:sharp.
Tart-tongued adjBiting, caustic, sarcastic.
Tartly advIn a tart manner: sharply, with acidity. 2. sourness of look, mood.
Tartness nSeverity of painfulness. 2. sharpness, pungency, acidity of taste. 3. acerbity, pungency, acrimony.
Tary vbTo provoke, vex, worry, harass. weary, tire, fatigue.
Taryingness nProvocation, tarry. 2. frivolous, idle-chatter.
Tatter-monger nAn idle and malicious chatter or talker; a talk-monger. 2. ON cognate with Old English tættec, tætteca "rag, 'tatter' - a rag & bone man.
Tatty adjOE:Taettec: rag, tatter. 2. of hair: tangled, matted. 3. of an animal skin: shaggy, often matted. 4. of a person, animal: scruffy, untidy, disreputable. 5. of a place, building: dilapidated, neglected.
Tattiness n
Tattily adv
Taum nOE: taum, team. 2. a fishing-line, strings other kinds.
Tavel nOE: taefl. 2. a dice used in a game of chance.
Taw vbOE: tawian. 2. to make ready, prepare, or dress (with some material) for use or further manipulating; i.e. to soften by heating; to heckle hemp. 3. to make skins into leather (mostly white leather), usu. by steeping them in solution. 4. to treat a person or contumely. 5. to vex, torment, afflict, harras. 6. abuse, discharge, profane. 7. whip, flog, birch, thrash. 8. earlier meaning: to till the land.
Tawer nOne who prepares leather.
Tawing nVarious action or acts in preparing leather. 2. vexing, tormenting, harassing, afflicting. 3. whipping, birching, flogging.
Tawne vbTo show, manifest, exhibit. 2. to tame, subdue, soften.

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