Old EnglishnEnglish
Sea n One of the larger bodies of salt water, less than an ocean, found on the earth's surface. 2 a body of salt water, generally forming part of, or connecting with, an ocean or a larger sea; as, the Mediterranean Sea. 3. An inland body of water, esp. if large or if salt or brackish; as, the Caspian Sea. 4. sometimes, a small fresh-water lake; as, the Sea of Galilee. 5. The ocean; the whole body of the salt water which covers a large part of the globe. 6. (fig): Anything resembling the sea in vastness; as, a sea of hope. 7. (fig):a great quantity of anything (esp. liquids), "a sea of tea". "a sea of a load".
Sea-adder nSeasnake, sea-serpent.
Sea ape nThe manatee.
Sea apple nThe sea urchin.
Sea-board nBordering on the sea; also the land or region bordering the sea. 2. the seashore or seacoast
Sea-craft nMaritime skill. skill in navigation. 2. a sea-going vessel
Sea-crow nCormorant.
Sea-drift nAnything cast up by the sea. 2. flotsam. 3. vegetable or animal matter floating on the sea.
Sea-fare nFood obtained from the sea; fish, seafood.
Sea-farer nSea voyager, seaman, sailor.
Seafaring vnThe act of going on or voyaging at sea.
Sea-fight nA naval battle; a fight or engagement between sea vessels, ships etc.
Seafood nEdible food from the sea
Sea-girt nEncircled or surrounded by the sea, sometimes said of a peninsula.
Sea-horse nThe hippocampus; walrus, narwhal.
Seaish adjPertaining to the sea or things maritime
Sea-king nOne of the piratical chiefs or leaders, often scandinavian Vikings, of the C9th who ravaged settlements and towns in many parts of Europe.
Seal nAn animal half on land and half in the sea; valued for its skin.
Seal nOE: sael. opportunity. 2. time, season as in a hay seal, wheat-seal.
Sea-less adjWithout or lacking a sea; landlocked.
Sea-light nPhosphorence seen at sea. 2. a beacon, lighthouse, harbour light to guide ships.
Sea-line nThe coast or seaboard; the littoral area. 2, the horizon, the line where the sea and sky meet or seem to meet.
Seam nSuture, junction, join. 2. joining of the edges a wound by suture. 3. joining of fabrics by the seam. 4. an intervening strip. 5. the raise stitching in a cricket ball. 6. a long furrowed groove on on in rocks or stone. 7. a streak of lightning. 9. joints in uniting the edges of sheet . 10. thin layer of stratum separating two strata of greater magnitude.
Seam nA pack-horse load. 2. a load; a burden. 3. a cartload, esp. a defined amount
Seam vbTo put a burden on; load, weigh down, to weigh heavily.
Seaish adjPertaining to or belonging to the sea; marine.
Sea-maiden nNymph of the Sea. 2. mermaid. 3. goddess of the sea.
Seaman nA sailor, a mariner, "salt."
Seamanship nThe skill of a good seaman. 2. the art or management of a ship at sea; seacraft.
Sea needle nThe Garfish.
Sear adjDry, withered, burned up: when a pasture is said to be dried up by the sun, it is said to look "sear". 2. of textile fabrics: thin, worn.
Sea-raven nSea ravens are a family, the Hemitripteridae, of scorpaeniform fish. They are bottom-dwelling fish that feed on small invertebrates, found in the northwest Atlantic and north Pacific Oceans. They are covered in small spines (modified scales). 2. the cormorant.
Sea-rim nSeashore. 2. the horizon; the sea horizon.
Sear-leaf nLeaves and foliage of a tree withered, marcescent, or dead
Sea-rover nA ship or vessel that cruises the sea for plunder. 2. a pirate, a corsair, a reaver.
Sea-rim nSeashore. 2. the horizon; the sea horizon.
Sear-wood nDead branches on a tree, needing to be cut off for safety.
Sea-swine nA porpoise.
Sea-stream nAn ocean current. 2. the sea (poet).
Sea-thief nPirate, rover, corsair, sea-wolf.
Seath nA pit, hole, well or pool.
Sea-wall nA breakwater. 2. the sea as a wall or barrier of defence.
Seaward adjIn the direction or towards the sea.
Seaweed nA green plant found in abundance around and near the seashore;
Sea-wolf nA predatory black and white toothed whale with a large dorsal fin, common in cold seas and oceans.
Seaworthy adjPertaining to a ship or seacraft considered fit enough to make a trip on the sea or any significantly large body of water.
Sedeful adjVirtuous, moral, chaste.
Sedge nA grasslike cyperaceous (genus Carex) found in marshy areas
See vbTo percieve by sight or have the power to percieve by sight. 2. observe or follow by the eye. 3. hold in the imagination or dream. 4. to understand, to understand the meaning of something, to interpret the context of something, realise, come to know, make sense of something, see the outcome of . 5. to concieve of, see in one's mind, imagine. 6. to deem to be, reckon, regard. 7. to get to know, or become to know or be aware of. 8. to view, watch, or see TV or a movie. 9. to come together, meet, run across, meet by-hap or hap upon. 10. to find out, realize, understand, learn, determine with certainty. 11. to visit for business, health or other reasons someone for profesional advice or help. 12. to deal with, arrange, undertake, see to. 13. to date regularly. 14. to experience, endure, survive, go go through. 15.
Seed nA small hard fruit 2. a mature fertilized plant ovule consisting of an embryo and its food source and having a protective coat. 3. one of the outstanding players in a tournament; a seeded player, as opposed to an unseeded player. 4. anything that provides inspiration for later work; source, seed, germ. 5. semen, seed, seminal fluid. 6. that which exists in rudimentary stature.
Seed vbGo to seed; shed seeds or seedlings. 2. help (an enterprise) in its early stages of development by providing seed money 3. to bear seeds. 4. place (seeds) in or on the ground for future growth; sow, seed. 5. distribute (players or teams) so that outstanding teams or players will not meet in the early rounds. 6. sprinkle or seed with silver iodide particles to disperse and cause rain. " to seed clouds"
Seed-bed nA bed of fine soil in which seedlings are germinated. 2. a place of development, as 'a seed-bed of christian revival'
Seedless adjWithout seed or seeds, barren, effete.
Seedster nOne who seeds or diseminates, a sower, origintor.
Seedy adjAbounding in seed. 2. shabby, ill-looking, dishevelled, scruffy. 3. diseased, unwell, poorly. 4. not up to the mark. 5. salacious, pornagraphic, trashy.
See-er nOne who sees or is able to see. 2. a witness.
Seek vbTo try to get, reach, or come to. ie happiness; search, look for. 2. try to find, locate, or discover. 3. try to establish the existence of, make inquiry after. 4. to make an effort or attempt or endeavour to find. 5. to go to or towards. 6. inquire for, ask for, inquire for direction, beseech. 7. to seek after, to follow up, persecute, pursue. 8. try to acquire or gain; strive after, aim at, as to seek wealth and fame. 9. to be or go after, ask for, delve into, follow up, hunt for, look up, want to know, visit.
Seeker nOne who endeavours to find happiness, wealth, fame. 2. one who tries to establish the existence of something or someone. 4. one who inquires about something, such as knowledge.
Seelihood nHappiness; also: seelihead.
Seelily advHappily.
Seeliness nHappiness, blessedness. 2. simplicity, silliness.
Seeling nThe rolling or agitation of a ship in a storm.
Seely adjHappy, blithesome, blissful, well-omened, eady. 2. Said of persons, their condition or experience: spiritually blessed, enjoying the blessing of God. 3. pious, holy, good. 4. innocent, harmless, compassionate of persons and animals suffering undeservedly. 5. deserving of pity or sympathy, pitiable, miserable, poor. 6. helpless, defenceless, silly. 7. insignificant, trifling, poor, feeble. 8. often of the soul --- in danger of divine judgement. 9. frail, worn, weary. 10. foolish, simple, silly.
Seem nAgreement, concord, reconciliation.
Seeming advlike; make as though.
Seep nMoisture that drips or oozes out. 2. a small spring; a place where oil and other liquid flow slowly from the ground.
Seep vbTo ooze, drip, trickle.
Seepy adjboggy, marshy, not well-drained, of land.
Seer nOne who sees. 2. one to whom divine revelations are made in visions; a person gifted in profound spiritual insight. 3. magician, crystal gazer, scryer with second-sight.
See-saw adjUsually of one whose life is passed in monotous repetition of the same incident. 2. moving backwards and forwards in the manner of a seesaw. 3. vicisitudinal
Seethe nAgitation, ebullience, turmoil, botheration, furore
Seethe vbOE: lit. to boil. 1. Ebullition of waves. 2. engendering an intense commotion of heat, to smoulder, to stew. 3. to boil, to prepare or produce by boiling, to keep boiling or boil vigorously to ebullition; foam. 4. to rise, surge, boil up like bubbles and foam. 5. to be in state of inner agitation, turmoil or fermentation. 6. of a person in an agitated, emotional state: feverish etc., of plans, discontent or change. 7. of a region : be filled with noisy activity and excitement, disaffection by agitation, be ebullient and tumultous.
SeetheadjIn constant agitation, ebullient, noisy, febrile, feverish, foaming.
Seething vnThe action of seethe.
See-through adjTransparent, diaphanous, allowing the passage of light, somewhat translucent, unimpeded vision.
Segge nA man (only used contemptuously).
SehelichadjThat may be seen, visible.
Seine nA fishing-net, a banner.
Selcouth adjUnfamiliar, unusual, rare, strange, marvellous, wonderful. 2. various, different, not of one kind; (not one selcouth); (no-selcouth) -- no wonder.
Seld nThrone, a set, a shop, stand for spectators.
Seld adjSeldom as in Seld-heard-of; seld-known; seld-shaven, seld-speaking, seldom-trodden
Seld-seen adjSeldom or not often seen; reclusive, hermit-like.
Seld-speech nTacturnity.
Seld-time adjRarely, seldomly
Seld-whenadjRarely occuring; infrequent, seldomly
Seld-where adjRarely found, seldomly found or located.
Seld-while adjSeldom worthwhile
Sele nHappiness, prosperity, good, good fortune. 2. favourble or proper time, opportune moment, right occasion, opportunity. 3. season, a period of time, time of day, " the day's sele." meaning to pass the time of day, that is a give a friendly greeting in passing.
Self nThe individual as the object of his own reflective consciousness. 2. the man viewed by his own cognition as the subject of all his mental phenomena. 3. the agent in his own activities, the subject of his own feelings, and the possessor of capacities and character. 4. a person as a distinct individual; a being regarded as having 5.personal interest, or love of private interest; selfishness; as, self is his whole aim.
Self-be-got vbTo self beget, or create one's self by one's power.
Self-begotten adjSelf-created, self-made, set up by one's own hands.
Self-being adjIndependent existence, a self-existent being.
Self-belief n
Self-black adjOf a uniformly black color; naturally black color, not-dyed.
Self-blood nSuicide, self-murder. 2. Relatives, relations, one's own kin
Self-born adj
Self-bred adj
Self-builder n
Self-care nCare for oneself, self-interest. 2. one or a group who looks after their own care.
Self-dead nSelf-dead souls, self-annihilation.
Self-deadness nMost profound and spiritual humility.
Self-dealing n
Self-death nMurder, suicide.
Selfdom nThe realm or dominion of self. 2. a condition of things of which self is the centre. 3. that which constitutes a person's self.
Self-driven adjSelf-motivated. 2. self-propelled; automotive.
Self-driving adj
Self-end nPersonal or private end or object.
Self-ended adjOf merely private or selfish aims, characterized by self-centered actions or decisions.
Self-feeding adj
Self-feeling nCoenaesthetics, feeling centered in oneself, egotistic feeling. 2. a sense of one's individual identity. 3. self-conscious.
Self-forgetful adjForgetful of one's self or individuality. 2. having or characterised by no thought of self.
Self-forgetfulness nState or condition where one is forgetful of one's self or individuality. 2. Condition characterised by having no thought for oneself.
Self-forgetting n
Self-fulfilling adjA prophecy or prediction what gives rise to actions that brings about it's fulfillment.
Self-fulness nSelf-sufficiency. 2. self-centeredness.
Self-given adjEmanating or derived from oneself or itself.
Self-giving adjThe giving of oneself for the benefit for others. 2. self-devotion; self-sacrifice.
Self-good nPersonal benefit or advantage.
Self-hate nSelf-hatred of oneself, esp. of one's actual self when contrasted with one's imagined self.
Self-heal nPrunella vulgaris.
Self-healing nThe action or faculty of providing for oneself without the assistance of others.
Self-help nRedress of one's wrongs by one's own action, without recourse to legal action; compare : "Self-helplessness."
Self-holding n
Self-hood nThe state of being an individual, or that which constitutes such a state; personality. 2. only for one's self or one's own interests.
Selfie n
Selfie-stick n
Selfing n
Selfish nPertaining or connected to oneself. 2. devoted to or concerned with one's own advantage or welfare to the inclusion or regard for others. 3. ethical theory: with self as the real motive for human action.
Selfish adjPertaining to concerned with one's own advantage or welfare to the exclusion or regards for others.
Selfishly advTo act in manner which is concerned with one's own advantage or welfare only.
Selfishness nCondition or quality of being selfish, regarding one's own interest or happiness to the disregard of the well-being of others.
Self-kindness n
Self-knowing nSelf-knowledge, knowing of oneself without help of others.
Self-known adj
Self-knowledge??? nKnowledge of oneself: one's character and capabilities.
Self-law nA law of one's own making to suit oneself.
Selfless adjHaving no regard for or thought for oneself; not self-centred, unselfish. 2. a life devoted to selfish means. Nb: Selflessness, Selflessly.
Self-like adjSimilar; very much like oneself, of the self-same kind.
Self-like nSelf-existence. 2. life lived for oneself. 3. a life devoted to oneself.
Self-liked adjConceited, self-satisfied.
Self-liking nSelf-love, conceit. 2. attachment to one's own
Self-loading adj
Self-loss nLoss of one's own being or personality.
Self-love nLove for oneself. 2. self-centeredness. 3. selfishness.
Self-loving adjLoving or devoted to oneself. 2. seeking one's own interest or advantage. 3. characterized by self-love.
Selfly advOne or it's own. 2. even specially. 3. one or by oneslf (or itself). 4. of it's or one's own accord 5. spontaneously.
Self-made adjMade by oneself; or one's own actions of efforts of own making. 2. self-made woman/man. 3. self-making.
Self-minded adjObstinate in one's own opinion.
Self-mindedness nCondition or state of being obstinate in one's opinions.
Selfness nSelf-centred-ness, egoism, selfishess. 2. selfish act or manifestation. 3. due regard for oneself
Self-nothingness nSelf-annihilation, self-abasement
Self-nought nDeprecation or self-effacement of one's self as manifested in the lives of the saints or mystics.
Self-one adjAlone with oneself or itself.
Self-opening adjOpening of one's own accord.
Self-righteous adjRighteous in one's own esteem.
Self-righting nThe action of righting oneself or itself after an upset.
Selfsame adjThe very same, the very identical. 2. the sameself person or thing. 3.identical things
Self-seeker nOne who selfishly seeks his own welfare.
Self-seeking adjThe seeking of one's own welfare before that of others; the prosecution of selfish ends.
Self-seekingness nThe state or action of seeking of one's own welfare before that of others; the prosecution of selfish ends.
Self-shielding adj
Self-shifter n
Self-ship nSelf-hood, personality, individuality
Self-slain adjSlain by one's own hands: suicide; hara-kari.
Self-soothe vb(Of a young child, especially one left to fall asleep on their own) stop crying without being comforted by a parent or caregiver, as ‘my son only started self-soothing when he was eight months old.’ 2. comfort oneself, as a self-soother, when unhappy or distressed, as ‘many of us self-soothe with junk food, a glass of wine, maybe some mindless TV.’
Self-sown adjSown by itself without human or animal agency.
Self-standing adj
Self-starter nOne who makes things happen; an innovator, pro-active person.
Self-starting adj
Self-steering adj
Self-stick n
Self-sticking n
Self-talk n
Self-taught adjTaught by oneself without direct aid from others; self-educated. 2. of what is learnt. 3. acquired by ones own unaided efforts.
Self-thinning adj
Self-twist n?????
Selfwards adjTowards or in the direction of oneself. 2. tended or directed towards oneself. Nb: Selfwardness.
Self-watering adj
Self-weening adjSelf-opinioned, self-conceited, conceited
Self-wilful adj
Self-wilfulness n
Self-will nOne's own will or desire. 2. wilful or obstinate persistence in following one's own desires or opininions. Nb: Self-willingness
Self-willed adjWilful or obstinate in the pursuit of one's own desires or opinions. 2. characterized by self-will or self-willness; selfwillingly self-willed, self-willy.
Self-willingly advVoluntarily. 2. voluntarily of one's own accord. 3. without cause.
Self-wise adjWise in one's own conceit. 2. relying on one's own wisdom, self-wit or self-wisdom.
Self-wisdom nThe condition of being self-wise or having self-wit. 2. self-wittedness
Self-wise adjWise in one's own conceit or self-wit. 2. relying on one's own wisdom; a self-wiseling
Self-wrought adjProduced, made or brought about by one-self.
Selfy n
Sell vb To give, to deliver; (from a noun akin to sale). 2. To transfer to another for an equivalent 3. to give up for a valuable consideration. dispose of in return for something, especially for money. 5. To make a matter of bargain and sale of. 6. to accept a price or reward for, as for a breach of duty, trust, or the like; to betray 7. To impose upon; to trick; to deceive; to make a fool of. 8. to cheat. (Slang) 9. to sell one's life dearl; to cause much loss to those who take one's life, as by killing a number of one's assailants. 10. to sell (anything) out, to dispose of it wholly or entirely. 11. To practice selling commodities.
Sell nAn imposition; a cheat; a hoax. (colloquial.)
Sell off nTo dispose of by sale (esp. at a reduced prices); to sell the whole of one's stock or possessions.
Sell out nThe of selling out, to sell one's whole stock in trade or one's entire interest in a property or a business. 2. to betray the trust of another.
Sell upvbTo dispose of the whole or a portion of the goods ( 0f an insolvent or bankrupt person) by sale.
Seller nOne who sells. 2. a book, or later any type of article like a best, wide seller; now mostly a book.
Selling nThe action of selling. 2. an instance of selling
Selly adjStrange, wonderful, marvellous.
Selth nProsperity, happiness, good fortune, success.
Selthlike advSuccessfully, prosperously
Sench vbTo sink, plunge, dive, asench
Send vbCause to go somewhere; 2. to cause or order to be taken, directed, or transmitted to another place. 3. mail, post, . 4: transport commercially; transport, send, ship. 5: assign to a station, post, place. 6. transfer, get off, send off. 7. cause to be admitted; of persons to an institution; commit, institutionalize, charge. 8. broadcast over the airwaves, as on radio or television; air, broadcast, beam, transmit. 9. to dispatch an agent or messenger to convey a message, or do an errand. 10 to pitch; as a the ship sends forward so violently as to endanger her masts. 11. to send for, to request or require by message to come or be brought.
Send-off nA friendly demonstration on the occasion of a person's starting on a journey or undertaking -- (can also be used disparagingly).
Sene nVision, power of sight, ease of sight.
Sene adjEasy to see, evident, manifest.
SengreennThe plant the "House Leek" (Sempervivum tectorum). 2. also to other plants esp. the sedums, varities of saxifrage, the periwinkle. (OT: sen (always) & gronjo (green.)
Sennight nA week or seven days, from se(ve)n & night.
Senye nA military banner or standard. 2. emblem, token, slogan. 3. battle cry, rallying cry, slogan. 4. a bookmark.
Sere adjSear, searing: dry, excessively dry or sere-dried, withered. 2. thin, worned, of cloth or textile.
Sere-month nAugust.
Sere-ward adjProned or towards decay
Sester nA vessel for holding liquid, a jar, pitcher. 2. a brewing vat. 3. a liquid measure for beer, wine. 4. dry measure for wheat.
Set vbCause to sit. 2. to position; to fix, to make ready. 3. to put to music. 4. of the sun: to go down. 5. to become firm or fixed, hence have direction of one one way or action. 6. to deliberately think out or plan. 7. to formally arrange, esp. beforehand or prior. 8. to remain steadfast or refuse to vary in attitude or action. 9. liable or incited to react in a particular way. NB a set, or a collection of things is from O.F.
Set ppBeing or (setting)below the horizon. 2. determined or (set down) by an an Authority
Set adjFixed and steadfast. 2, fixed in a particular spot or position. 3. set down according to a particular plan. 4. becoming hard or fixed by cooling or drying.
Set against phrTo balance, compare.
Set ago phrTo cause to move
Set aside phrTo put to one side.
Set at noughtphrTo unvalue, contemn, to despise.
Set-back nA check to progress, reverse in fortune or plan, hindrance. 2. retardation or retrograde movement. 3. a relapse, reverse. 4. a setting back or backwards. 4. a counter-current, an eddy.
Set before phrTo exhibit, to bring out to view. 2. offer. 3. to proffer
Set byphrTo reject, set aside
Set-down nA single drive ending where the passenger first alights. 2. a vehicle plying for hire; the distance covered by such a drive. 3. a placing of something on the surface or ground. 4. unexpected and humiliating rebuff. 5. a severe scolding or putting one in their place.
Set down phrTo place on the surface. 2. to write, enter in writing or print; record, register. 3. to judge or consider. 4. to attribute or ascribe. 5. to free. 6. to establish. 7. to ordain. 8. to humiliate.
Sete nA number of men posted to intercept or shoot game.
Sete vbTo sit, settle, settle or be easy in mind; to be content. 2. to be fitting, wholesome or suitable (of food or drink).
Set eyes onphrTo see, to behold.
Set forth phrTo manifest, offer for view, exhibit, display.
Setness nThe quality, state or character of being set. 2. constitution, establishment, imposition of law. 3. what is deemed or determined. 4. a statute, ordinance. 5. a fixed abode.
Set-off n An offset or counterpoise. 2. a counterclaim.
Set off vbSeparate from the whole with a particular purpose. 2. to portion off.
Set-out phrTo present to view, exhibit.
Set right vbTo correct, put in order; make right.
Set over vbTo assign, to transfer, convey.
Setter-on nOne who instigates or incites, urges on or impels.
Setter-out nOne who sets out a document, a plan, a design. 2. a publisher; a proclaimer.
Setter-up nOne who sets up or establishes something or someone.
Setting nThe context and environment in which something is set, set in or inserted: the setting of the sun; hardening of plaster or other moist substances. 2. the state of the environment in which a situation exists. 3. arrangement of scenery and props in a play or film. 4. the physical position of something. 5. the table service for one person. 6. a mounting having a piece of metal (as in a ring or jewellery) that holds a gem in place.
Settle nA bench with a back and arms.
Settle vbTo put in order, establish, make firm or secure. 2. to bring to an end an argument or dispute, usu. by agreement. 3. to come to rest, sit, subside. 4. of water, to clear or transparent again after muddying. 5. to take up reidence, abode or occupy. 6. to take possession, settle and develops a region; to colonise.
Settler nOne who settles, becomes fixed or establishes. 2. a colonist, emperialist. 3. a negiotator who settles disputes and confrontation. 4. that which settles and finishes. 5. an agreement that settles a dispute or argument. 6. a blow or action that ends and usu. wins a boxing-match or an sporting or contest. 7. a worker in a betting-shop who calculates the winnings. 8. a vessel or tub in which crushed-up ore is allowed to sit or settle.
Set-to nA talking to; a dressing down. 2. a fight, contest, an attack both physically and verbally. 3. a heated debate. 4. a drinking bout.
Set to workphrTo cause to start, to work or how to start to work.
Set-up nPhysique, physical build, make-up. 2. carriage of a boy, bearing.
Sevendele nA seventh part or seven-deal.
Sevenfold adjSeven-times or sevensithe
Seven-hilled adjAs in seven-hilled burgh: an epithet for Rome.
SevensitheadjSeven times.
Sevensome adjComposed of seven units or things.
Seven Stars nThe Pleiades or The Great Bear.
Seventh heaven nThe highest abode or conition of happiness. 2. the highest heaven according to various ancient systems of astronomy or in certain theologies.
Sew nJuice, gravy, a seasoned dish. 2. moisture; humours. 3. pottage, broth, mess of pottage. 3. a delicacy 4. elesew.
Sew vbPut or fasten together by stitching. 2. to do needlework. 3. to make clothes and clothing by sewing. 4. to enclose by sewing up, eg. potatoes into a bag.
Sew vbTo drain a pond for taking fish
Sexhindman nA thane of the middle class, assessed at 600 hundred shillings. 2. a sixhyndeman.