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Nuel adjProne, tending to. 2.facedown, prostate.
Numb adjThe past participle of obsolete nim ‘take’ - without wholly or partially the power of sensation or motion, benumbed. 2. deadened, dull, insensible.
Numb-hand nAn inexpert or clumsy person.
Numb-head nA dull fool, half-wit, a stult.
Numbing adjCausing numbness or insensitivity
Numbness nPartial or total lack of sensation in a part of the body; a symptom of nerve damage or dysfunction. 2. the trait of lacking enthusiasm for or interest in things generally, apathy, indifference, numbness, spiritlessness. 3. the condition of being numb; that state of a living body in which it loses, wholly or in part, the power of feeling or motion.
Numbskull na dolt, dunce, a stupid person, a blockhead.
Nun nWomen devoted to a religious life, and living in a convent under vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. 2. a courtesan.
Nun's flesh nA cold or ascetic temperament.
Nuncheon nA light refreshment taken before meals.(noon & shench): a cup or draught).
Nunhood nThe status or condition of a nun. 2. nuns as a group or collectively.
Nunnish adjOf, pertaining to, resembling a nun; characteristic of a nun.
Nun-like adjResembling a nun or some aspect of.
Nunly adjLike a nun, nun-like.
Nunnish adjOf, pertaining to, or resembling a nun.
Nunnishness nState or quality of being nun-like.
Nunship nPosition or role of a nun.
Nut nA fruit consisting of a kernel or seed enclosed in a woody shell, as in the hazelnut, beechnut, or chestnut; also the kernel of such fruit, when edible. 2. one of the seeds in a pine cone; a stone of a peach, or seed of a date. 3. a piece of metal for screwing on to an end. 4. in allusion to the cracking of hard-shelled nut: a question difficult to answer, a problem to hard to solve, a matter or undertaking difficult to accomplish; a person hard to deal with or conciliate. 5. the head. (slang) 6. a crank, crackpot, a madman. 7. the pancreas, in the expression: "the liver, lights, heart, nut and milt." 7. nut: a testicle --- testicles: the nuts (slang). 8. coal in small bits or lump.
Nut nOE. nyt: use, worth.
Nut vbSeek or gather nuts. 2. to curry favor with; to court (a person). 3. to think, use one's head. 4. butt with the head.
Nut adjCrazy, mad, cracked.
Nut phr"Crack a Nut with a Sledgehammer" - use to much force/resources to bring about a small change.
Nut phr"Do One's Nut" - lose one's temper, get worked up about something; be very angry. 2. be worried or agitated.
Nut phr"Hard Nut to Crack" - (someone is a hard nut to crack): is very difficult to persuade a person to do something.
Nutshell phr"In a Nutshell" -- in a brief, concise statement or form; concisely. 2. by way of summary.
Nut phr"Nut Behind the Bolt" - the person using or having the firearm; the shooter.
Nut phr"Nut Out" - to find a solution for. 2. to work out the finer details; esp. in a group discussion. 3. to be crazy, esp. in a rage.
Nuts phr"Nuts and Bolts - the practical basic elements. 2. fundamental, basic and meaningful detail. 3. the mechanics of a situation or thing. 4. the small items, tasks techniques, procedures etc subordinates, but necessary, to a larger undertaking.
Nuts phr"Nuts On" - overfond of, or infatuated with; be nuts about someone. 2. a source of pleasure or delight to.
Nut phr"Nut Up" - exhortation to rise to the occasion; be a man.
Nut phr"Nut Up or Shut Up" - stop talking and gives us action. 2. don't think, do!
Nut phr"Off One's Nut" -- out of one's mind, crazy, mad, nutty, loopy; off one's head.
Nut-bearing adjProducing nuts, as a tree or bush.
Nut-brown adjOf a dark brown color, like that of ripe nuts.
Nut-cracker nA device for cracking nuts.
Nutelness n(OE: 'No' & 'Witol'): ignorance.
Nutgall nA nut-shaped gall, as on an oak tree; an oak apple.
Nuthen advNow and then; now, nowhile.
Nut-house nA lunatic asylum (slang).
Nutless adjWithout nuts (the fruit). 2. without the use of (mechanical) nuts. 3. withourt testicles, castrated; cowardly. (slang.)
Nutlike adjResembling a nut.
Nutmeat nThe edible part of a nut.
Nutness n(Slang)-the existence of a chaotic atmosphere. 2. the property of a nut.
Nuts nTesticles (sl.)
Nuts adjCrazy, demented. 2. madly in love. 3. extremely enthusiastic with about exclamation or scorn; disapproval.
Nuts phr"Nuts On" - overfond of, or infatuated with; be nuts about someone. 2. a source of pleasure or delight to. 3. coal in small bits or lumps.
Nuts phr"Nuts Over" - a source of pleasure to; devoted to; delighted with someone or something. 2. 'dead nuts on.'
Nutsack nSlang for the scrotum.
Nutshell nThe shell of a nut. 2. a brief, concise statement or form.
Nutshell vbTo summarize; sum up in a few words.
Nutshell phr"In a Nutshell" -- in a brief, concise statement or form; concisely. 2. by way of summary.
Nutted adjFastened by a nut; abounding or prolific in nuts.
Nutter nAn eccentric, insane, crazy or reckless person. 2. a person who is obsessed with something.
Nuttle vbTo use, make use of.
Nuttily advIn a nutty manner.
Nuttiness nQuality or state in being nutty - in various senses. 2. the quality or degree of having a nutty flavor or texture. 3. the quality or degree of having a nutty aspect; craziness or zaniness.
Nuttish adjSomewhat nutty.
Nutwood nAny tree bearing nuts, as walnut, hazel, hickory. 2. the wood of such a tree.
Nutty adjAbounding in, containing nuts, and having the flavor of or producing nuts. 2. containing nuts; reminiscent of nuts. 3. mad, crazy, not right in the head, out of one mind, off one's nut.

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