Old English sb English
Lude nNoise, din, clamour.
Luke adj.Moderately warm, tepid. 2. of persons, their actions, attributes: having little worth or depth; lacking enthusiasm candor; indifferent.
Luke vbTo make luke warm.
Luke-hearted adjHaving little warmth or feeling; indifferent.
Luke-hot adjNot very hot; tepid.
Lukely advIn a tepid or unenthusiastic manner or way.
Lukeness nThe state or quality of being tepid. 2. the action or attitude of lacking enthusiasm, candour, indifference.
Lukewarm adjModerately warm. 2. of persons, etc. having little warm or depth of feeling. 2. lacking zeal or enthusiasm, indifferent.
Lukewarmish adjSomewhat or rather cool. 2. of attitude: having little feeling or warmth of feeling.
Lukewarmly advIn a lukewarm manner, tepidly, without enthusiasm.
Lukewarmth nState or condition of being moderately warm. 2. lacking of feeling or depth. 3. zeal moderation or enthusiasm temperate.
Luke-warmthness nState or condition of being lukewarm; lukewarmness.
Lung n.Either of two saclike respiratory organs in the chest of vertebrates; serves to remove carbon dioxide and provide oxygen to the blood
Lung-busting adj
Lung-butter n
Lunged adjFurnished with lungs or something resembling lungs, as applied to human being, usually with a prefixed adjective, as 'weak-lunged'.
Lungful adjEnough to fill the lungs, esp. of smoke.
Lung-grown adj
Lungless nWithout lungs.
Lung-lessness nAn absence of lungs.
Lung-like adjResembling a lung with some aspect of one.
Lung-pipe n.Trachea or windpipe.
Lungsought n.Lung-woe, disease of the lung.
Lung-woe n.Diseases of the lung; lung-sought.
Lung-worm n
Lungwort nPulmonaria officinalis.
Lungy adjaffected with lung disease.
Lure n.Loss, action or process of losing, or what is lost. 2. destruction, perdition, bring to lure or loss.
Lush adjLax, slack, limp, flexible. 2. mellow, soft, 9of ground or soil)easily turned. 3. of vegetation: dense, teeming with life. 3. (slang) of food: luxuriant, delicious.
Lushly advIn a lush way, esp. verdant.
Lushness nThe property of being lush.
Lust n. Pleasure, delight, appetite for pleasures. 2. a source of pleasure, joy or delight. 3. an attraction or charm. 4. liking, friendly inclination to a person. 5. desire, appetite, relish or inclination to something. 6. the lust one desires or wishes. 7. sexual appetite or desire. 8. degrading animal passion. 9. lawless passionate desire; over-masterly desire. 10. vigor, power, lusting, fertility.
Lust phr"Lust After" - strong desire for, covet a woman, money, fame, glory.
Luster nOne who lusts.
Lust-fiend nDevotee or addict to lust
Lustful adj Having a strong or excessive desire for something. 2. vigorous, lusty. 3. full or characterized by lust. 4. pertaining to or characterized by lust. 5. sensual desire, libidinous. 6. powerful, strong
Lustfulness nCondition or characteristic of being lustful. 2. full of libido; lust; pleasure, sensual delight.
Lustfully adjIn a lustful manner.
Lust-greedy adj.Given to or overcome by excessive desire or lust, pleasure, sensual delight.
Lustihood nLustiness, vigor of body; sexual energy. 2. a state of pleasure or sensual delight.
Lustily advIn a lusty, libido or vigorous manner. 2. pleasurably, sensually delightfully.
Lustiness nPleasure, sensual delight, vigour. 2. with great libido.
Lusting n
Lustingly advWith lust, lustfully.
Lustless adjWithout or having no lust or sexual desire. 2. without sexual desire, vigor, or energy, listless. 3. without joyfulness, pleasure or delight.
Lustlessly advIn a lustful manner.
Lustlessness nThe state or condition of being without lust; absence of lust.
Lustmaking nSexual intercourse solely for lust.
Lust-murder nMurder accompanied by mutilation, often of a sexual nature.
Lustsome adjCovetous, wilfully.
Lust-wearied adj.Tired or exhausted sexually.
Lustwort n.Round-leafed sundew; Drosera rotundfolia.
Lusty adj.Driven or inclined to lust. 2. joyful, merry, lively. 3. pleasing, pleasant. 4. of persons, gaily dressed. 5. full of desire, desirous. 6. full of sexual desire, lustful. 7. full of healthy vigour, strong. 8. insolent, arrogant, self-confident. 9. of a fine wine, poison, disease: strong, powerful. 10. of a ship: sailing well. 11. of actions: vigorous. 12. of a meal: hearty, abundant. 13. massive, substantial, large. 14. of persons: massively built, hence corpulent.
Lutter adj.Pure.

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