Old English sb English
Liar nOne who intentionally speaks falsely and deceptively; one giving to lying.
LibnMedicine, drugs, medication, libb (other spelling). 2. a charm, potion.
Lib vbTo castrate, geld, maim.
Libbed adjCastrated, gelded, maimed.
Libbing nThe act or procedure of gelding, castrating, maiming.
Libcraft nSkill in medicine and healing.
Licham nOE. lich: body & ham: shape, covering, garment. It has been suggested that the word was poetical describing the body as a " fleshly garment" of the soul. 2. the body, the living body, also body as a seat of desire and appetite. 3. a dead body, corpse, cadaver, deceasant.
Lichamly adj.Bodily, of the nature of the body, of or pertaining to the body; carnal. 2. in a bodily manner, in the flesh.
Lich nThe living body; also the trunk, as opposed to the limb. 2. corpse, dead body.
Lich-bell n.Bell held in hand, and rung before or as the coffin is brought into the church.
Liche nForm, figure, shape, guise.
Lich-gate nThe roofed gateway to a churchyard which the corpse is set down, to await the clergyman's arrival.
Lich-house nMortuary, morgue, funeral parlour, undertaker's (home).
Lichless adjWithout a dead body or corpse.
Lich-owl n.The Screech-owl, so called because its cry was supposed to portent death in an hour.
Lichwale nA plant, the gromwell.
Lichwort n.Peritoria or Parietaria officinalis, also sometimes spelt: "lychewort"
Lichy adv.Like a body, deathly, mournful.
Lick nA stroke of the tongue over something; the act of licking; a stroke of the tongue. 2. a stroke or blow. 3. as much as can be taken up by one stroke of the tongue; the amount of some substance obtainable with a single lick.. 3. slang: a blow. 4. slang: a brief, brisk burst of activity or energy; speed. 5. slang: a quick pace or clip; speed; a quick and careless application of anything, as if by a stroke of the tongue, or of something which acts like a tongue, as lick of paint.' 6. slang: a small amount: 'I haven't done a lick of work all week.' 7. a place where animals lick minerals from the ground. 8. a small watercourse or ephemeral stream. It ranks between a rill and a stream. 10. (colloquial) a bit., as a lick of sense. 11. (music) a short motif, as 'some good blues licks in this solo.'
Lick vbTo pass the tongue over the surface of, as to moisten, taste, or eat (often followed by up, off, from, etc.): to lick a postage stamp. 2. to beat, annihilate. 3. to make, or cause to become, by stroking with the tongue: to lick a spoon clean. 4. of waves, flames, etc - to pass or play lightly over: "the flame licked the dry timber." 5. to hit or beat, especially as a punishment; thrash; whip. 6. to overcome or defeat, as in a fight, game, or contest. 7. to outdo or surpass. 8. to move quickly or lightly.
Lick phr"At Full Lick" - at great speed.
Lick phr"It Licks Me" - I can't explain.
Lick phr"Last Licks" - a final turn or opportunity; chance.
Lick phr"Lick Clean" - to lick free from.
Lick phrLick It" - to run or move at full speed.
Lick phr"Lick Into Fits" - to defeat thoroughly.
Lick phr Lick Into Shape" - to bring to completion, proper standards or perfection through discipline, efficiency, organization, hard work, etc. 2. to give form and regularity to. 3. to mold, make presentable (as a bear with her cubs.)
Lick phr"Lick off" - remove by licking, as chocolate, jam, etc.
Lick phr"Lick One's Fingers" - relish or delight at taste morsels of food.
Lick phr"Lick of the Whip" - to incur or taste punishment.
Lick phr"Lick One's Knife" - of a person: parsimonious.
Lick phr"Lick One's Lips" - to anticipate with eagerness.
Lick phr"Lick One's Winning" - to make the best of a bargain.
Lick phr"Lick One's Wounds" - to try and heal one's injuries, or soothe one feelings hurt by defeat or setback. 2. to adjust to defeat.
Lick phr"Lick Out" - to remove (from a container)by licking
Lick phrLick Over" - to take in or up by licking.
Lick phr"Lick Somebody's Boots/Shoes/Arse" - to toady to someone one hopes to please or concoliate,, esp. somebody ranking as one's superior or somebody one fears.. 2. behave in a servile way.
Lick phr"Lick Something Into Shape" - make something better.
Lick phr"Lick the Dust" - to fall prostate. 2. be vanquished; be excessively servile.
Lick phr"Lick the Fat From One's Head" - to cheat someone of his or her gains.
Lick phr"Lick the Ground (boots)" - an expression of abject servility.
Lick phr"Lick Up" - to lap up; take up into the mouth by licking, as a cat does. 2. devour greedily.
Lick phr"Lick Whole" - to heal a wound by licking.
Licked adjStroked by the tongue.
Licker nOne who licks or passes their tongue over surface of something, to taste or eat food, moisten, as a stamp. 2. the tongue (the licker.)
Lickerish adjFond of and eager for choice food. 2. pleasant to the palate. 3. sweet, tempting, attractive. of a cook: skillful in preparing dainties. 4. greedy longing. 5. lustful, lecherous.
Lickerish-lips nSweet, attractive tempting lips.
Lickerish-ness nThe quality of being lickerish
Lick-finger nA cook (slang.)
Lick-foot nOne who is servile, grovelling, sycophant; abject toady. 2. a lick-spittle.
Licking phrThe act of licking or lapping. 2. a lapping with the tongue; lambasting. 3. a castigation; a defeat.
Lick-ladle nA parasite; a lick-dish.
Lickle n?????????/
Lickpot nName of the first finger.
Licks nA critical or complaining remark. * "last licks" - a final turn or opportunity; chance.
Lickspittle nSycophant, abject toady. 2. a contemptible fawning person; a servile flatterer.
Licky adjProne to licking.
Lid nThat which covers an opening at the top of a vessel or closes the mouth of an aperture. 2. the hinged upper part of a receptacle. 3. the top crust of a pie. 4. a lid of an eye: an eyelid. 5. each of the covers of a book. 6. a hat (slang).
Lid phr"Blow the Lid Off." - anything, such as newsworthy story or article, revealed or exposed; a revelation, expose.
Lid phr"Keep the Lid On (Something)" - keep the matter under control.
Lid phr"Lid of the Knee" - the patella.
Lid phr"Blow the Lid Off." - anything, such as newsworthy story or article, revealed or exposed; a revelation, expose.
Lid phr "Put the Lid On." - to bring to a close or climax; to hush up.
Lidded adjHaving a lid or covered with a lid. 2. of the eyes: having lids, covered by lids, such as " heavy-lidded, high-lidded: (eyes wide open."
Lidding nThe material used to come and close a container. 2. the act of putting a lid on something.
Lide adj.OE. noisy, noisily, loud.
Lide n.The month of March.
Lid-gate n.A swing gate, a gate set up between a meadow or pasture and ploughed land or a door to prevent cattle straying onto a highway.
Lidless adj.Without, or not having, a lid. 2. of the eyes: without lids - ever-watchful (poet).
Lidlessness nThe absence of a lid.
Lid-lifter nThe game of the season played in any sport.
Lidlike adjResembling or characteristic of a lid.
Lidlock nIn medicine a specialized instrument used to hold a patient's eye(s) open.
Lie n.A false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood. Synonyms: prevarication, falsification. 2. something intended or serving to convey a false impression. 3. an inaccurate or false statement; a falsehood. 4. the charge or accusation of telling a lie. 5. the act of speaking falsely or utterance of an untruth knowingly, as with intention to deceive; a fib, prevarication. 6. expression of what is untrue, false.
Lie vbTo speak falsely or utter untruth knowingly, as with intent to deceive; to prevaricate, to fib. 2. to express what is false; convey a false impression. 2. to bring about or affect by lying (often used reflexively): to lie oneself out of a difficulty; accustomed to lying his way out of difficulties.
Lie vb.To lay down. 2. to be in a horizontal, recumbent, or prostrate position, as on a bed or the ground; recline. 2. (of objects) to rest in a horizontal or flat position. 3. to be or remain in a position or state of inactivity, subjection, restraint, concealment, etc.: to lie in ambush. 4. to rest, press, or weigh (usually followed by on or upon): "These things lie upon my mind." 5. to depend (usually followed by on or upon).
Lie n.The manner, relative position, or direction in which something lies: the lie of the patio; place, location, site. 2. the haunt or covert of an animal.
Lie phr"Give Lie To" - to accuse of lying; contradict. 2. to prove, refute or imply the falsity or falseness of something; belie: His poor work gives the lie to his claims of experience.
Lie phr"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" - to refrain from introducing debatable points in a discussion.
Lie phr"Lie at Anchor" - be anchored or moored offshore.
Lie phr"Lie at Death's Door" - be at the point of death; close to dying.
Lie phr"Lie at Somebody's Door" - bear the blame, responsibility, guilt for something.
Lie phr"Lie Awake" - be unable to sleep though having gone to bed for that purpose.
Lie phr"Lie Back" - move back so that one is supported on a bed; by the back of a chair.
Lie phr"Lie Before" - what might confront, lie ahed or happen to one in the future.
Lie phr"Lie Behind" - be an explanation for. 2. be cause of.
Lie phr"Lie Down" - be, move into, a horizontal position on a bed in order to rest or sleep.
Lie phr"Lie Down Under" - accept without protestor resistance.
Lie phr"Lie In" - stay in bed after the normal time for getting up. 2. stay in bed to wait the birth of a child.
Lie phr"Lie Over" - await attention at a later date.
Lie phr"Lie Aback" - to be shy, backward, reluctant.
Lie phr"Lie About" - to lie or be here and there. 2. to be left lying carelessly and in disorder.
Lie phr"Lie Abroad" - to lodge or live out or one's home or abode. 2. to reside in a foreign country.
Lie phr"Lie Along" - to be prostate or at full length. 2. to be outstretched. 3. to extend along a surface.
Lie phr"Lie At" - importune, urge upon. 2. to apply one self vigorously and steadily to.
Lie phr"Lie at One's Door" - to be directly one's responsibility or blameworthy.
Lie phr"Lie At (One's) Heart" - to be the object of one's affections or desire.
Lie phr"Lie At Ward" - to be on guard.
Lie phr"Lie Back" -
Lie phr"Lie Back and Think of England" -
Lie phr"Lie Before" -
Lie phr"Lie Beyond" -
Lie phr"Lie By" - a pausing for rest; stopping of activities, work, etc., temporarily. 2. concubine, mistress
Lie phr"Lie Down" - to assume a horizontal or prostrate position, as for the purpose of resting. 2. accept failure.
Lie phr"Lie Heavily Upon" - to oppress, harass.
Lie phr"Lie Heavy at Heart" - to cause one to suffer great anxiety.
Lie phr"Lie In" - to be confined to bed in childbirth. 2. to stay in bed longer than usual, especially in the morning. 3. to rest.
Lie phr"Lie In Dust" - to be in ruins.
Lie phr"Lie In One's Hands" - to be responsible for doing.
Lie phr "Lie In (through)One's Throat/Teeth" - to lie grossly, shamelessly or maliciously; also, lie through one's teeth.
Lie phr"Lie In One's Way" - be a hindrance.
Lie phr "Lie Low" - to hide, stay out the way of harm or capture.
Lie phr"Lie Off" - (of a ship) - to stand some distance from the shore or another watercraft.
Lie phr"Lie Of the Land" - particulars of a given situation.
Lie phr"Lie On" - to be laid on.
Lie phr"Lie Open" - reveal.
Lie phr"Lie Over" - to be postponed, deferred, remain unpaid or held over for attention or action at some future time: 'The other business on the agenda will have to lie over until the next meeting.'
Lie phr"Lie Through One's Teeth" - "Lie In One's Throat/Teeth" - to lie grossly, blatantly, brazenly or maliciously.
Lie phr"Lie To" - deceive by lies and falsehoods.
Lie phr "Lie To" - of a ship: to lie comparatively stationary, usually with the head as near the wind as possible. 2. have halted, be anchored, anchor.
Lie phr"Lie Under" - to be subject to some disadvantage or obligation.
Lie phr"Lie Up" - to lie at rest; stay in bed. 2. of a ship: to dock or remain in dock. 3. to be laid out for burial. 4. hide; go into hiding in order to escape enemies, pursuers.
Lie phr"Lie Upon" -
Lie phr"Lie With" - to have sexual relations with; to copulate. 2. be responsible for.
Lie phr"Little White Lie" - an innocent lie told to avoid or stop hurting the feelings of another.
Lie phr"Live a Lie" - pursue a dishonest and false way of life.
Lie phr"Make One's Bed and Lie On It" - one has to bear the consequences of one's actions.
Lie phr"Take Lying Down", to hear or yield without protest, contradiction, or resistance.
Lie phr"Take Something Lying Down" - accept something without protest, or argument.
Lie phr"Without Lie" - truly, truthfully, without falsehood.
Lie-abed nA person who stays in bed until a relatively late hour.
Lie-by nA concubine; mistress.
Lied-like adjResembling a German folksong (lede) and like or some aspect of it.
Lie-down nA rest, have a short sleep.
Lief n.Belief; love. 2. a beloved; a dear one, a sweetheart, a friend; occasionally, a wife
Lief adj.Beloved, dear, dearly loved, agreeable, precious. 2. desirous, wishful, willing, glad. 3. willing; freely; as willing as not.
Lief advWilling; freely; as willing as not.
Lief phr"Lief and Dear" - beloved and dear.
Lief phr"Lief and Loath" - loved and detested.
Lief phr"Lief to Me" - dear to me.
Liefer advMore glad or willingly.
Liefly adv.Lovable, lovely, pleasantly, dear, applied to both persons and things.
Liefness n.Dearness, pleasantness.
Liefsome adjAgreeable, pleasant, delightful.
Lie-giver nOne who lies or speaks falsehoods.
Lie-giving nThe act of telling lies.
Lie-hating nOne who hates liars and lying.
Lie-monger nOne who peddles lies and deception, a liemonger; a malicious rumor-monger; a monger of lies.
Lier nA person or thing that lies, as in wait for an ambush.
Lie-up nStaying in bed to rest or recuperate during and after an illness.
Life n
Life phr"A Life Of It's Own" -
Life phr"All My Life" - during one's life; denoting the most important events of its kind in one's life
Life phr"Another Life" - the state of existence after death.
Life phr"Breathe Life Into" - enliven, invigorate; the breath of life.
Life phr"Breathe of Life" - something that enlivens, invigorates.
Life phr"Bring to Life" - to resuscitate, to revive someone apparently dead.
Life phr"Come To Life" - come alive (of something non-living.). 2. awake of somebody sleeping; regaining consciousness. 3. revive; to recover from a faint.
Life phr"Do Of Life-day" - to kill.
Life phr"Drawn From Life" - examples taken from one's own life experiences.
Life phr"For Dear Life" - very quickly, and usually in desperation.
Life phr"For Life" - for the remaining part of one's life. 2. lasting a lifetime.
Life phr"For Life Itself" -
Life phr"For My Dear Life" - very energetically.
Life phr"For One In My Life" -
Life phr"For One's Life" -
Life phr"For the Life Of Me" - emphasizes one's inability to do something (even if one's life depended on it)
Life phr"For the Life of One" - underline or emphasize one's inability to do something, even if one's life depended on it.
Life phr"Give Life to" - to bring into active use. 2. to impart an impetus to.
Life phr"Have the Time of One's Life" - have a very enjoyable time. 2. have a time so good that in remain dear in your memory.
Life phr"How's Life" - how are you going.
Life phr"It's a Great life, If You Don't Weaken" - an ironic comment on the difficulties of one's life.
Life phr"Lay down One's Life" - to give one's life for the sake of others.
Life phr"Lead a Cat and Dog Life" - have an life lacking tranquility, a worrying life.
Life phr"Leese One's Life-dawes" - to die.
Life phr"Life after Death" -
Life phr"Life and Death" -
Life phr"Life and Limb" - one's survival and/or preservation from accident and injury.
Life phr"Life and Soul" - with total commitment.
Life phr"Life and Work" - a biography combined with the study of the writing of the subject.
Life phr"Life Begins at Forty" - people of forty are mature but still fit, will generally have established their values, be freer from emotional, and financial and career problem, responsibilities of child rearing.
Life phr"Life in the Fast Lane" - existence full of exciting but worthless activity.
Life phr"Life's a Bitch" -
Life phr"Life is Hell" - usually an assessment of, or grumble about, specific circumstances rather than expressing a pessimistic view about life in general.
Life phr"Life is Not a Bed of Roses" - life for certain people in certain circumstances etc is not easy or pleasant.
Life phr"Life is Not Worth Living" - one gets (no/little) satisfaction or pleasure , perhaps tempoerarily, from the way one has to live.
Life phr"Life Is Too Short (to do this or that)" - no part of one's life should be wasted on something (in the speaker's opinion) so unnecessary, frivolous, profitless, etc.
Life phr"Life Of its Own" - an independent existence with some characteristics of life.
Life phr"Life of the Mind" - intellectual or aesthetic pursuits, scholarship. 2. the realm of the imagination.
Life phr"Life or Death" -
Life phr"Live the High Life" - enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.
Life phr"Not On Your Life" - definitely not.
Life phrOne's Life and Time" - one's life including, and in relation to, contemporary conditions, events and personalities.
Life phr"Run for Your/One's Life" - run as quickly or fast as possible.
Life phr"See Life" - experience how other people live.
Life phr"Staff of Life" - bread
Life phr"Take On a Life of It's Own" - no longer able to be controlled by anyone.
Life phr"Take One's Life in One's Own Hands" - risk death or injury by unwise decisions, and actions.
Life phr"Take One's Own Life" - commit suicide.
Life phr"That's Life" - that is the way things generally occur.
Life phr"There's Life in the Old dog Yet" - one may be elderly, but is still alert and active.
Life phr"This Life" - earthy existence in contradistinction to the future life.
Life phr"This is the Life" - expression of satisfaction.
Life phr"Throw a Lifeline (to Somebody)" - help somebody having (financial) difficulties.
Life phr"Time Of One's Life" - a very happy and enjoyable time.
Life phr"To the Life" - with life-like presentation or resemblance of the origin. 2. with fidelity to nature; in exact reproduction; exact resemblance, facsimile.
Life phr"Tree of Life" -
Life phr"True to Life" - real, closely resembling.
Life phr"Upon One's Life" - to be on a capital charge.
Life phr"Walk of Life" - one's occupation, social background.
Life phr"Where's There's Life There's Hope" - do not despair even at a time of great difficulty, for there's always hope things will get better.
Life-after-death adj
Life-and-death adj
Life-bearing adj
Life-belt nA life preserver in the form of a belt.
Life-blissful adj
Lifeblood nThe blood necessary to life; vital blood. 2. anything giving strength or energy or as indispensable as blood.
Lifeboat nA strong, buoyant boat used in abandoning ship , saving castaways, etc.
Life-body n"Fragile, tender life-body."
Life-breath nThe breath which supports life.
Life-bringing adj
Lifecare n
Life-clouded adj
Life-craft nTherapy and treatment for those suffering health problems. 2. strategies for living; the acquisition and practice of life-skills.
Life-death nSuffering a living death.
Life-draining n
Life-drop nA drop of one's heart's blood.
Life-empty adj
Life-flow n"life-flow of justice." 2. people who complain of loneliness must have lost their life-flow, like a plant whose roots have been cut.
Life-food nThe eating of foods thought beneficial to a healthy life.
Lifeful adjFull of, giving vitality; outgiving.
Lifefully advLiving life fully or to the full.
Life'ful-less nNot inhabited by living beings or capable of sustaining life. 2. lacking vitality or animation, dull.
Life'ful-ness nVitality, animated, sustaining life.
Life-giving adjSustaining or revitalizing life.
Life-hack nIn computing, the producing of an inelegant solution to a specific computer problem. 2. a solution unrelated to computers that might occur in a programmer's daily life. 3. one who life hacks.
Life-hacking adjThe action of producing an inelegant solution to a specific computer problem. 2. the experience of finding a solution unrelated to computers that might occur in a programmer's daily life.
Life-holder nOne who holds a property for life.
Life-holding adjThe act of holding a property for life.
Life-holy adjOf a holy life; holiness.
Lifehood nLivehood; means of maintaining life; sustenance.
Life-in-death nA phantom state, a condition of being or seeming to be neither alive or dead. 2. something having the appearance of the supernatural; an apparition; specter.
Life-lengthened adjlife extended by medical and life-style measures.
Lifeless adjInanimate; having no life; inert. 2. dead; departed, having lost life. 3. uninhabited, by people or animals, and incapable of supporting life. 4. dull or lacking life; torpid.
Lifelessly advWithout life or appearing to be without life.
Lifelessness nThe property of being lifeless. 2. lacking of apparent animation.
Lifelike adjLike a living being being or creature. 2. resembling life, giving an accurate representation, as a life-line portrait. 3. resembling closely.
Life-line nA line to which a drowning or falling man can cling to. 2. a means or route for transporting indispensable supplies. 3. a source of salvation in a crisis. 4. a system or structure of vital importance in a community. 5. on the deck of a boat, a line to which one can attach oneself to stay aboard in rough seas.
Lifelong adjExtending for the entire length or duration of one's life. 2. lasting one's lifetime.
Lifelore nThe knowledge of life or life experiences. 2. the study of life; biology.
Life-lost adjDays or time 'lost' of one's life through idleness, thoughtlessness or misfortune.
Life-love nThe love of one's life; a soul-mate; kindred spirit.
Lifely adjOf, pertaining to, or endured in life; living, vital, essential.
Lifeman n
Lifemanship nSkill in getting the edge over another, or acquiring an advantage over another person.
Lifen adjTo make lifelike.
Lifeness nThe state or quality of having life.
Life-old adjOf previous times or epochs.
Life-or-death adjOf critical importance to the survival of a living organism.
Lifepath nThe path through life, as determined by the decisions one's makes
Lifer nA prisoner sentenced to life in prison. 2. a prisoner sentenced to transportation for life. 3. a person who makes a career in the military.
Life-rat n
Life-ring nA life-buoy.
Life-quelling adjDestructive to life
Life quick adj
Lifer nA prisoner sentenced to life in prison. 2. a prisoner sentenced to transportation for life. 3. a person who makes a career in the military.
Life-reaving adjThe destruction of life; killing, robbing of life.
Life's end nThe time of dying; death throes.
Life-sithe nLifetime.
Lifesome adjFraught with life. 2. full of animation; lively.
Lifesomely advIn a fraught manner. 2. in an animated way.
Lifespan nLifetime; period of duration of life.
Lifespring nThe spring or source of life, energy, or power.
Lifestream nAccording certain New Age beliefs, a stream of life forces associated with an individual. 2. (internet) a time-ordered stream of documents that function as a diary of one's electronic life.
Lifestreaming n(Internet) - the keeping of a life-stream diary.
Lifestring nA nerve or string supposed to be essential to life.
Life-sweet adjSweet, pleasing, endearing to the senses.
Life-teeming adjTeeming with, or abundant with life.
Life-table nA statistical table arranged to show the number of people in a population who will survive to a given age and the probable life expectancy of a person at that or any other age.
Life-threatening adjUsed to describe something that endangers the continued life of something or somebody.
Life-tide nLife time; and the fortune of life.
Lifetime nDuration of life of somebody or something. 2. a long period of time (hyperbolic.)
Life-threatening adjUsed to describe something that endangers the continued life of something or somebody.
Lifeward adjWhich leads towards life.
Lifeward advTowards life.
Lifeway nOne's pat through life. 2. a manner, lifestyle or behavior, now especially when seen as traditional.
Life-weary adjWeary and wearied by the trails and tribulations of life.
Life-wish nThe main wish or desire of a person.
Lifework nThe work of a lifetime. 2. any task, usually creative, demanding a life time's work.
Lifeworld n(German: lebenswelt)- all the immediate experience.
Lifeworthy adjWorthy and deserving of life. 2. able to handle or cope with life; able to live; livable.
Life-writer nA biographer.
Life-writing nBiographical writing.
Lifey adjCharacteristic of, or belonging to life. 2. lively, spirited.
Lift n.The sky, the upper regions, the air, the upper atmosphere, the heavens, the loft. 2. heaven, paradise; as lift-like: heaven-like, heavenly. 3. " The moon shines dolorous from the rainy lift." " Sweet calm moon in the moonlight lift." Is "lift" OE???? or OLD Norse. Loanword b/f???
Lift phr"Lift Off" -
Lift phr"Lift Not a Finger to Help" -
Lift phr"Lift One's Game" -
Lift phr"Lift One's Hand Against" -
Lift phrLift Up One's Heart, Mind and Soul" - to raise thoughts or desires. 2. to exalt encourage oneself (with pride.)
Lift phr"Lift Up One's Heels" - to hold oneself 'high'. 2. to bear or carry in an elevated position.
Lift phr"Lift Well" - of crops: to grow strong, robust and tall.
Lift phr"Thumb a Lift" -
Lifted adjRaised aloft, elevated, exalted. 2. (sl) stolen.
Lifter n
Lifter sfxShop-lifter; weight-lifter.
Lifting n
Liftless adj
Lift-off n
Light nSomething that makes things visible or affords illumination. 2. a similar form of radiant energy that does not affect the retina, as ultraviolet or infrared rays. 3. the sensation produced by stimulation of the organs of sight. 4. an illuminating agent or source, as the sun, a lamp, or a beacon. 5. the radiance or illumination from a particular source: the light of a candle. 6. emanation from the sun.
Light adj.Having light or illumination; bright; well-lighted: the lightest room in the entire house. 2. pale, whitish, or not deep or dark in color: a light blue. 3. of coffee or tea: containing enough milk or cream to produce a light color. 4. cheer, merry, joyful
Light vb.To set burning, as a candle, lamp, fire, match, or cigarette; kindle; ignite. 2. to turn or switch on (an electric light). 3. to give light to; furnish with light or illumination; to illuminate, fill with brightness. 3. to make (an area or object) bright with or as if with light (often followed by up). 4. to cause (the face, surroundings, etc.) to brighten, especially with joy, animation, or the like (often followed by up); cheer up, give or make joyful. 5. to take fire or become kindled. 6. to ignite a cigar, cigarette, or pipe for purposes of smoking (usually followed by up). 7. to become illuminated when switched on. 8. to become bright, as with light or color (often followed by up): "the sky lights up at sunset. 9. to brighten with animation or joy, as the face or eyes (often followed by up ). 10. to give birth to, deliver a child.
Light vbTo come to by chance; alight, to settle.
Light advWith or of little weight, force, intensity, etc.; gently: to press lightly on a door bell. 2. to only a small amount or degree; slightly. 3. nimbly; quickly: to leap lightly aside. 4. with a lack of concern; indifferently; slightly: to think lightly of one's achievements. 5. cheerfully; without complaining: to take well.
Light phr"All sweetness and Light" - apparently friendly and good tempered.
Light phr"As (of) a Light Fire" - in blaze.
Light phr"As Light as a Feather" - very light in weight.
Light phr"Bring to Light" - to discover or reveal. 2. come to light, to be discovered, disclosed or revealed.
Light phr"Come to Light" - to be revealed, made known, made visible, known.
Light phr"Frighten the Liver and Lights Out of Someone" - to terrify, frighten to the bone.
Light phr"Give the Green Light to" - emerge, be revealed.
Light phr"Glad and Light" - happy and free of anxiety
Light phr"Go Out Like a Light" - suddenly fall asleep or become unconscious.
Light phr"In a Good Light" - under favorable (or unfavorable) circumstances.
Light phr"In Its/One's True Light" - as it actually is.
Light phr"In the Cold Light of Day/Dawn" - time when a matter is considered calmly and unemotionally.
Light phr"In (the) Light Of" - taking into account or consideration; because of; considering. 2. with the help afforded by knowledge. 3. considering information available.
Light phr"Inner Light" - inspiration.
Light phr"In (the) Light Of" - taking into account or consideration; because of; considering. 2. with the help afforded by knowledge.
Light phr"Light a Fire Under" -
Light phr"Light and Shade" - effective contrast.
Light phr"Lights Are Going Out All Over Europe" - Europe's civilization, culture etc is in decline, is about to perish or be destroyed.
Light phr"Light As a Feather" - very light, of little weight.
Light phr"Light as Thistledom" - very light in weight and gentle in movement.
Light phr"Light Dawns" - the point is grasped
Light phr"Light in the Loafers" -
Light phr"Light In the Mouth" - a horse sensitive to the mouth
Light phr"Light in the Sky?" -
Light phr"Light Into" -
Light phr"Light Of Day" - daylight, contrasted with darkness or artificial lighting; circumstances of seeing and/or being seen, of being exposed to notice or for use; the stage at which a difficulty, problem, mystery, etc becomes clarified or resolved.
Light phr"Light Of God"
Light phr"Light Of Love" - inconstant in love; capricious or inconstant in love; wanton in love.
Light phr"Light Of One's Eye"
Light phr"Light Of One's Life" - person who one most admires or loves.
Light phr"Light Of the World" - Jesus Christ.
Light phr"Light Off" - to ignite in explosion.
Light phr"Light On" - discover by chance; happen to find; light upon. ('He showed us a rare book he had lighted on/upon in a second-hand bookshop."
Light phr"Light On One's Feet" - nimble, light of walk. 2. fig. successful.
Light phr"Light On the Hill" - distant goals acting as an inspiration.
Light phr"Lights Out" - final call in army camp, school or at home for lights to be turned off.
Light phr"Light Out" - decamp, depart, go away, leave.
Light phr"Light Someone's Fire" -
Light phr"Lights Out Of" - leave, especially in a hurry, and escape from somebody.
Light phr"Light Up" - illuminate; provide with light. 2. switch on the the lights of a motor vehicle or streets lights at dusk. 3. to begin by lighting a flame to, as to smoke a cigarette. 4. make bright or flushed with emotion.
Light phr"Light Upon" - discover by chance; happen to find; light upon. ('He showed us a rare book he had lighted on/upon in a second-hand bookshop."
Light phr"Make Light Of" - regard or consider something unimportant or trifling.
Light phr"Make Light Work Of" - do something with ease.
Light phr"Many Hands Make Light Work" - the task will be made easier if everybody helps.
Light phr"Northern Lights" - aurora borealis.
Light phr"On the Lighter Side" - a less serious aspect.
Light phr"Put out (Quench)the Light" - extinguish the vital spark (life.)
Light phr"See the Bright Lights" - show business and entertainment (area).
Light phr"See the Light" - come into the world. 2. to be brought forth or published. 3. to reach full understanding or realization. 4. to be converted Christianity.
Light phr"See the Light of Day" - happen or accept; realize the merit of.
Light phr"See the Red Light" - anticipate an approaching threat or danger.
Light phr"Shed Light On" - explain, make clear' throw light on.
Light phr"Shoot the Lights" - drive past traffic lights when they are red.
Light phr"Speed of Light" -
Light phr"Stand in One's Own Light" - to hinder one's own advancement
Light phr"Strike a Light" - exclamation of surprise.
Light phr"Think Light Of" - consider unworthy, inferior, lacking in some way. 2. care little for.
Light phr"Throw Light Upon" - to clarify, give explanation to; shed light on; discover.
Light-beam nA beam of light/sunlight.
Light-bellied adjSmall around the abdomen,as opposed to pot-bellied.
Light-board n
Light-boned adjOf small frame, as opposed to big-boned.
Light-box n
Light-brained adjDim-witted, stupid, stultish, doltish, foolish.
Light-built adjOf a small build.
Light-bringer nLucifer.
Light-eared adjReady to listen; credulous.
Lighted adjKindled; illuminated.
Light elves n
Lighten vbTo become lighter or less dark; brighten: "the sky lightened after the storm." 2. to brighten or light up, as the eyes or features. 3. to flash as or like lightning: "it thundered and lightened for hours." 4. (archaic). to shine, gleam, or be bright. 5. to give light to; illuminate. 6. to brighten (the eyes, features, etc.). 7. to make lighter or less dark. 8. obsolete: en-lighten. 9. obs. to flash or emit like lightning (usually followed by out, forth, or down). 10. to make light of, despise, disparage, disdain.
Lighten phr"Lighten Up" -
Lightener n
Lightening n
Lightening phr"Lightening Before Death" - exhilaration or revival of the spirits which is supposed to occur in some instances just before death.
Lighter nA cigarette lighter. 2. someone who, or something that lights, or kindles.
Lighterman n
Light-fastness n
Light-fingered adjThievish, skillful, dexterous at or given by pilfering or a tendency to steal. esp. by picking pockets; dishonest. 2. having light and nimble fingers. 3. prompt in returning a blow or counter-punching; pugnacious. 4. dexterous.
Light-fingeredness nThe quality or ability of being dexterous, nimble with one's hands and fingers. 2. thievish, dishonest, ready to pilfer.
Light-foot nA name for the hare; and sometimes the deer.
Light-footed adjTreading or moving lightly of foot; active, agile, nimble.
Light-footedly advtreading or moving in a nimble, light-footed manner.
Lightful adjLuminous, bright; illumining.
Lightfulness nThe state or condition of being bright, luminous, illuminating.
Light-gathering nCollecting in a bright, light, illuminating way.
Light-giver nThe sun.
Light-giving adjIlluminating, revealing.
Light-handed adjDexterous, nimble, skilful of hand and finger. 2. delicate of touch; empty-handed.
Light-hating adjShunning the light; lumophobic; fond of the night.
Light-headed adjDizzy, giddy, feeling faint, slightly delirious. 2. having or showing a frivolous or volatile disposition.
Light-headedly advIn a dizzy, frivolous manner.
Light-headness nThe state or condition of being light-headed: dizziness, giddiness, disorder in the head. 2. delirium; faintness. 3. of a person: frivolity, injudiciousness, thoughtlessness, fickleness, changefulness.
Light-hearted adjCarefree, cheerful, merry, gay, blithe. 2. free from the weight of care and sorrow.
Light-heartedly advIn a carefree, cheerful, merry way.
Light-heartedness nThe state or quality of being light-hearted.
Light-heeled adjBrisk and nimble of foot. 2. fleet of foot. 3. of a women; wanton, unchaste.
Light-heels nA wanton, unchaste woman. 2. a courtesan, hooker, skank, skanky-ho.
Light-horse nLight-armed cavalry.
Light-horseman nA light-armed trooper.
Lighthouse nA tower equipped with high-powered lamps, erected at the point of danger to guide seamen by night.
Lighthouse-keeper nA man in charge of a lighthouse.
Lighting nA distribution of light, as on a face or in a picture. 2. an arrangement of lights, especially on a stage. 3. illumination. 4. dawn, sun-up, sunrise. 5. kindling, ignition.
Lighting phr"Lighting Down" - alleviation, relief. 2. descent, dismounting, alighting.
Lighting phr"Lighting-up Time" - the time around dusk when drivers of motor vehicles must turn the lights of the vehicle on.
Lightish adjSomewhat light or illuminating. 2. rather light or pale in color.
Lightless adjWithout light or lights; giving out or shedding no light. 2. receiving no light; without illuminated, dark.
Lightlessly advIn a without light or darkish manner or state.
Lightlessness nThe state or condition of being without light. 2. in a state or condition of being very light.
Lightlied adjMake light or lighter.
Light-like adjCharacteristic or resembling light in some aspect or others.
Light-limbed adjAgile, nimble, quick-footed.
Lightliness nContemptuous manner or treatment.
Light-loving adjFond of the light and daytime.
Lightly advWith little weight, force, intensity, etc; gently: to press lightly on a door bell. 2. to only a small amount or (slight) degree; slightly. 3. nimbly; quickly: to leap lightly aside. 4. with a lack of concern; indifferently; slightly: to think lightly of one's achievements. 5. cheerfully; light of spirit, without complaining. 6. brilliant, lightishly. 2. frivolous, trifling, fickle, with contempt, wantonly or irreverently.
Light-minded adjHaving a trifling, frivolous mind.
Light-mindness nthe state or condition of being frivolous, light-minded, trifling.
Lightmonger nA member of the guild or company of Lightmongers, a City of London Livery co. which represented the lighting industry.
Lightness nState or quality of being light or of little weight. 2. the state or quality of being bright, illuminated, etc. 3. brightness. 4. digestibility.
Lightness nWantonness, lewdness, incontinence, levity in behavior; fickleness. 2. unsteadiness, unthought-lessness, unconcern. 3. the quality of being light; flippancy.
Lightness adj
Lightness phr"In Lightness Of Heart" - high-spirited, freedom from depression and dullness; joy, mirth.
Lightning nA sudden flash of light caused by the discharge of electricity between two electrified regions of cloud or between cloud and earth. 2. the discharge itself.
Lightning phr"Like a Streak of Lightning" - very quickly.
Lightning phr"Lightning Never Strikes in the Same Spot Twice" - an unusual event, or something that happens by chance, is not likely to be repeated in exactly the same circumstances or to the same people.
Lightning-footed adjWith rapid speed. 2. quick, rapid, swift of foot.
Lightning-like adj
Lightningly advSuggestive of lightning: rapid, extremely quick.
Lightning-quick adjExtremely fast or swift.
Lightning-rod nA small-pointed metallic conductor used to protect buildings from lightning by carrying an electric current harmlessly to the ground.
Lightning-strike nA sudden bold (military) attack.
Lightning-tongued adjQuick of reply and repartee.
Light-o'-love n
Light-red adjHigh-quality burnt ocher, used as a permanent pigment; loosely, as a calcined ocher of certain iron oxides.
Lights n.The lungs, usu. applied to the lungs of beasts.
Lightshift n
Light-ship nA vessel, having warning lights, signals etc., moored in dangerous waters as a guide to ships.
Light-shot nA due levied for furnishing a church with lights.
Lightshow n
Lightsome adjOf mood: cheery, gaily, lively. 2. having the appearance of lightness. 2. graceful, elegant. 3. easy, not weighed down with care, sorrow or pain. 4. lighthearted, cheery, joyous. 5. flighty, frivolous, trifling. 6. nimble, quick, lively.
Lightsome adjRadiant in light, luminating, giving light. 2. well-lit, illuminous, bright. 3. clear, perspicuous, manifest. 4. lightly-hued.
Lightsomely advClearly, lucidly, manifestly.
Lightsomeness nQuality of being luminous, lightsome or well-lit, brightness, clearness.
Light speed n
Light-stand nOn small table on which to set a light.
Light-stick n
Light-stilled adj
Light-struck adjExhibiting a light fog.
Light Sussex n
Light-thoughted adjShallow and superficial of thought and opinion.
Light-throwing adj
Light-tight adj
Light-tongued adjOf few words; not garrulous or voluble.
Lightwards advTowards the light or brightness.
Light water n
Lightwave n
Lightweight nA person of less than average weight. 2. a person who is of little importance, or effect. 3. a boxer intermediate in weight between a featherweight and welterweight (126 to 135 pounds).
Lightweight adjLight in weight. 2. lighter in weight, texture etc., than another item or object of identical use, quality or function. 3. without seriousness of purpose or trifling. 4. of or pertaining to a lightweight contender.
Lightwell n
Light-witted adjSilly, dim-witted, doltish, foolish, stupid.
Lightwood nResinuous pine, commonly the heart of the yellow pine. 2. the resinuous knots of pine used for kindling.
Lightwort n.Lungwort; also the "Sea lightwort" (comfer) or "Mertensia maritima".
Lighty adjFull of light, bright, shining. 2. enlightened, well-informed.
Light year nDistance light travels in a year.
Light years nA very great distance, esp. in development or progress: as in light years away. 2. a very long time.
Like adv.Adj, adv, conj, prep, etc +++++++
Like sfxResembling or similar to; and also(as in an adjectival form:'wavelike')
Like phr"And One's Like" - and people like him/her etc.
Like phr"And the Like (and so on)" - so forth; such like, together with things, or people of the same kind.
Like phr"Feel Like" - be disposed to.
Like phr"If You Like" - if it pleases or suits you.
Like phr"I Like to See That" - exclamation of anger or surprise.
Like phr"In Like Wise" - likewise.
Like phr"It Goes Like So"
Like phr"I Would Like to See That" - I would be surprised if that ...
Like phr"Like Anything" - with great speed, very much, with force, very loud, violence, vehemence.
Like phr"Like a Bear with a Sore Head" - in a surly, irritable way; without tact, finesse or care.
Like phr"Like a Bull at a Gate" - in a headlong, vigorous or aggressive way
Like phr"Like a Cat On a Hot Tin Roof" - restless, nervously, unable, sit lie still, settle one's attention.
Like phr"Like a Cat with Nine Lives" - hardy, with unusual powers of survival; fortunate in one one's escape from mishap, accident or death.
Like phr"Like a Chicken with It's Head Off" - like a headless chicken or a chicken with no head'
Like phr"Like a Dog on Heat" -
Like phrLike a Dog with A Bone" -
Like phr"Like a Dog with Two Tails" - delighted(ly), proudly, esp. now because one owns, of has achieved, something; (as) pleased as Punch.
Like }phr"Like A Duck Takes to Water" -
Like phr"Like a Fishwife" - loud and vulgar; abusively (from formerly, street-sellers of fish selling their wares.
Like phr"Like a Hawk" - sharp-eyed and alert.
Like phr"Like a Hole in the Head" -
Like phr"Like a Hot Knife Through Butter" - easily; without meeting ressistance or difficulty.
Like phr"Like a Lamb" - obediently; submissively, without protest or complaint. 2. meek as a lamb.
Like phr"Like a Man" - strong, masculine, assertive in ; manly
Like phr"Like an Ass" - stubborn; contrary; foolish, thick-headed.
Like phr"Like(s) and Dislike(s)" - things or people, which one likes contrasted with doesn't 2. fads and foibles, especially when these are many or obsessive, or are a nuissance to other people.
Like phr"Like Anything" - very quickly, fiercely.
Like phr"Like a Wet Weekend" -
Like phr"Like Begets Like"
Like phr"Like Death Warmed Up" -
Like phr"Like Draws Like" -
Like phr"Like Father, like Son" - a child turns out to be like its parents in character, tastes, opinions, habits, etc.
Like phr"Like for Like" -
Like phr"Like Hell It Is" - it isn't; you aren't; they can't, etc.
Like phr"Like It or Not" - whether one likes something or not (the implication usually being the latter) obviously, inevitably. 2. whether willingly or resentfully accepts it or not.
Like phr"Likely Enough" - probably.
Like phr"Like Mad" - with much, or maximum of, effort, energy, enthusiasm, concentration.
Like phr"Like a Mad Thing" - like a mad man; acting as a madman would; not trying to behave sensibly, or with suitable restraint.
Like phr"Like a Red Rag to a Bull" - sure, or extremely likely, to provoke resentment, attack, violent action.
Like phr"Like a Shot" - with great speed.
Like phr"Like a Stuck Pig" - a manner of a pig that is being killed.????
Like phr"Like a Thief in the Night" - unforeseen and/or unobserved.
Like phr"Like New" -
Like phr"Like Nobody's Business" - with unusual intensity; excess frequency.
Like phr"Like Of" ('the like of')
Like phr"Like Rats from a Sinking Ship"
Like phr"Likes and Dislikes" - things or people, which one likes contrasted with doesn't 2. fads and foibles, especially when these are many or obsessive, or are a nuissance to other people.
Like phr"Like Sheep to the Slaughter' - unwitting and helpless victims.
Like phr"Like Ships that Pass In the Night" - like people or groups who met briefly and for the only time in their lives.
Like phr"Like the New Time"
Like phr"Like There's No Tomorrow"
Like phr"Like Water Off a Duck's Back" - making little, or no, impression; having no effect.
Like phr"Like White on Rice"
Like phr"Like Wildfire" - rapid and extensively.
Like phr"Many the Like" - of such quantity or amount.
Like phr"Nothing Like" - bears no resemblance to.
Like phr"Not Likely" - definitely not.
Like phr"Of a Like" - probably
Like phr"Read Like a Book" - to know very well; understand perfectly. 2. speak knowledgeably and accurately.
Like phr"Something Like" - similar to. 2. in a tolerably adequate manner. 3. at a fairly reasonable price.
Like phr"Such a Like" - for, in like manner
Like phr"That's More Like It" - that's it; that's better.
Like phr"The Like" - similar things.
Like phr"The Likes Of" - such a person or thing as (now, in a deprecatory.)
Like phr"The Likes of Somebody" - like us; anybodyof our humble, privileged, criminal, intellectual, handicapped etc class or kind.
Liked adjRegarded with affection; beloved.
Like-dealers nA group of pirates during the Middle Ages whose booty was divided equally or alike among members of the group.
Like-feelingly advOf the same feeling or opinion about something.
Like-for-like adjSame for same.
Likeful adjPleasing acceptable; agreeable.
Likehood nLikelihood; probability.
Like-less adjUnliked.
Likelihood nThe probable fact: probability or the the probability. 2. the character of being likely.
Likelihood phr"In All Likelihood" - probably.
Like-like vb
Likeliness n
Likely vbTo make 'likely' or attractive; to adorn, embellish.
Likely adjApparently true or real; plausible or real. 2. reasonably to be expected; liable. 3. apt to please, promising. 4. well adapted for the purpose..
Likely advProbably.
Likely phr"Likely as Not" - in all probability; with an even chance of occurring or not.
Likely phr"Likely Enough" - probably.
Likely phr"Not Likely" - definitely not; uncertain; unlikely.
Like-made adjMade in the same circumstances or together, such as a wedding vow.
Like-minded adjOf the same inclination or opinion. 2. similarly disposed in opinion or tastes.
Like-mindedness nThe state or condition of being of the same opinion, inclination or view.
Liken vbTo represent as like; to compare. 2. to do something; to represent as doing.
Liken phr"Liken to" - say or state that one thing is like another.
Liken phr"Liken Together" - to compose, to represent as like or very similar.
Likeness nThe state or quality of being Like; a resemblance. 2. a portrait; representation. 3. a counterfeit form; a giuse.
Likeness phr"In Likeness Of" - in figure, stature, that which resembles an object. 2. a like shape or form, a semblance; hence, general form, shape
Likening phr"At the Likening Of" - under the similitude of.
Liker nOne who likes.
Likes phr"Likes and Dislikes" -
Likes n
Like-shaped adjOf a similar shape or form.
Like-side nA rhombus.
Like-so n???
Likesome adjAgreeablee, pleasant.
Like that adv???Phr
Like Unto" adv?????phr
Likeways advLikewise.
Likewise advIn like wise; in the same manner. 2. in like manner. 3. also; moreover.
Likewise phr"To do Likewise" - to do in the same way, manner or similarly.
Likewisely advSimilarly, in the similar way.
Likewiseness nThe state or quality of being the same or similar.
Likeworth n.Agreeable, acceptable, pleasing, "likeworthy".
Likeworthy adjIn the same sense.
Liking nSomething that is liked. 2. inclination due to some attraction; a preference, redilection. 3. a semblance.
Liking phr"At Liking" - in a suitable position; at one's ease.
Liking phr"At One's Liking" - according to one's liking, or taste.
Liking phr"Flesh's liking" - (fleshy liking) - sensually, sexual desire, lust.
Liking phr"Ill Liking" -discomfort, unhappiness.
Liking phr"In Liking" - likely to do.
Liking phr"Of Free Liking" - of free will.
Liking phr"To One's Liking" - to one's agreement, pleasing, acceptance.
Liking phr"Upon (On) Liking" - on approval or trial.
Liking phr"Well Liking" - of condition: healthy, plump. 2. of soil: rich.
Likingly advIn a pleasing manner, pleasantly, dainty, attractively. 2. in a probable manner, probably.
Likingness nAttractiveness.
Likings n
Likish adj
Lill nBruise.
Lill phr"Lill for Loll" - OE: lael - bruise; around the year 1000 'lael with laele' has the meaning bruise for bruise; wound for wound, tit for tat.
Lillied adjCovered with or abounding. 2. resembling a lily in fairness and complexion.
Lily nAny of the Numerous ornamental liliaceous plants (genus Lilium) having a bulbous root, erect stem, and large, showy, erect or nodding flowers, especially the madonna lily.
Lily phr"Gild the Lily" -
Lily-handed adjHaving smooth white hands.
Lily-like adj
Lily-livered adjCowardly.
Lilywort n.Lindley's name for the N.O. of Liliaceae.
Lily-white adj.White as a lily; extremely or pure white or pale. 2. pure-white; unsullied.
Lily-whiteness nThe state or quality of being lily-white. 2. bigoted against black persons. 3. racially segregated.
Lilywort n.Lindley's name for the N.O. of Liliaceae.
Limb n.Foot, leg, etc., not "lim" : border, boundary. 2. branch of a tree.
Limb vbTo provide with limbs (fig. and lit.)
Limb phr"Life and Limb" -
Limb phr"Limb and Head" -
Limb phr"Limb and Lith" -
Limb phr"Limb Of Hell" - an agent or scion of the devil; an imp of Satan or the evil one; hence, a mischievous wicked person.
Limb phr"Limb of the Law" - a policeman or lawyer.
Limb phr"Out on a Limb" - exposed to danger; risk one's danger. 2. at a great disadvantage
Limb phr"Pull Limb from Limb" - to dismember, pull limb from limb. 2. remove branches from a tree.
Limbless adjHaving no limbs; deprived of limbs.
Limblessly adv
Limb-lifter?? nA fornicator.
Limb-meal n
Lime n.Alkaline earth obtained by the burning of various stone, used in making mortar. 2. a sticky substance used for catching birds.
Limeless adj
Limelight n.Bright lights got by heating quicklime. 2. publicity, spotlight. In 1826, popular name for Drummond light, a brilliant light created by the incandescence of lime ; adopted for lighthouses and later for the Victorian stage, where it illuminated the principal actors, hence the figurative sense of "on stage, at the centre of attention".
Limelight phr"In the Limelight" - at the focus of public attention.
Limestone n.A rock which yields lime when burnt.
Lime-tree nThe Linden
Lime-twig nOE -twig??????
Limewort n.The catch-fly, "Silene armenia" so called because it is covered by a sticky substance, similar to lime. 2. limpwort: the brooklime: Veronica Beccaburga.
Liming n.The action of gluing, cementing together of something, adhesives. 2. the action or process of treating things, such as the earth or ground with lime in cultivation; or skins by steeping in lime and water. 4. copulation
Limp n
Limp vb
Limp phr"Limp in"
Limpet n.A shellfish which adheres firmly to rocks.
Limpet phr"Cling Like a Limpet" - hold onto something with determination.
Limpingly adv
Limpish adj
Limply adv???????
Limpness n???????
Limy adj
Lin n(OE: hlyn: torrent): a waterfall. 2. precipice, ravine.
Lin nA pin or linchpin.
Lin n(Also spelt 'line.' flax, a fiber of flax; the plant itself. 2. flax spun or woven linen thread or linen cloth; linen vestments.
Lin vbTo cease, leave off, desist
Linch n.Axle as in a linchpin: a pin or lin to hold a wheel on its axle.(OE. lynis: axle-tree).
Linch n.A rising ground, a ridge; a ledge esp. one on the side of a chalk down. 2. an un-plowed strip serving as a boundary between fields. 3. fastener or pin; belaying pin.
Linch vb"To fasten with a linch pin.
Linch-pin nPin in an axle-tree to keep the wheel in place.
Lind n.The lime or linden tree (Tilia Europea). In ME. for a tree of any kind, esp. in the phrase: " Under the lind."
Lind phr""Under the Lind" -
Linden adj.Made of the wood of the lind or linden tree.
Line n.A name for a flock of geese. 2. cord, string, rope, leash; wire, cable; lin, flax (including the plant itself) or fiber of flax. 3. umbilical cord. 4. spider's thread. 5. rule, standard, practice, canon, precept. 6. a thread-like mark. 7. Of music: instrumental or vocal melody; a structured sequence of notes or tones. 8. a thin band of colour, a seam, ridge, furrow. 9. furrow or seam in the face or hands, fate-lines. 10. a curve connecting all points having a common property. 11. a measure of length. 12. a boundary, limit, demarcation. 13. degree, rank, station. 14. a row of persons arranged along a straight line, a line-up; a row of tents, huts etc. 15. the words of an actor's part. 16. lineal descent - by-line, lineage, stock, race. 17. one's line, one's pursuit, field of interest, area of study. 18. trade, course, direction, route. 19. goings-on, caprices, fits of temper. 20. 'The Line" - the equator.
Line phr"A Line of Thought" - a way or system of thinking. 2. a chain of reasoning or speculation or speculation. 3. one's train of thought.
Line phr"All Along the Line" - at every stage; particularly, in a sequence, completely.
Line phr"All the Way Down the Line" - at every point or stage.
Line phr"Along the Lines Of" - resembling.
Line phr"Be Further Down the Line" - to have a low priority.
Line phr"Be in the Line of Fire" - vulnerable to attack.
Line phr"Be Out Of Line" - adopt a stance not held by others.
Line phr"Bring (Something) Into Line" - make something correspond (with others.) 2. to align; fig. to cause a person to agree; to make unanimous.
Line phr"Come/Fall Into Line" - agree, correspond (with others.)
Line phr"Draw Into Line" - to become unanimous (about something.)
Line phr"Draw the Line (at that)" - set a limit beyond which no one must not go.
Line phr"Drop a Line" - write a letter. 2. go fishing.
Line phr"End of the Line" - point at which something finishes. 2. end of the road (lit. and fig.)
Line phr"Even as a Line" - flat as a line; straight as a line.
Line phr"Fall Out of Line" - disagree with, move away from.
Line phr"Get a Line On" - to inquire about a thing. 2. come to know. 3. give someone a line on.
Line phr"Hard Lines" - ill-luck, bad fortune.
Line phr"Hook, Line and Sinker" - wholly.
Line phr"In Line Ahead" - (of ships) one behind the other.
Line phr"In Line For" - having a good chance of obtaining something.
Line phr"In Line With" - in agreement with.
Line phr"In Somebody's Line" - within somebody's competence or experience.
Line phr"In the Firing Line" - vulnerable to attack.
Line phr"Lay Something on the Line" - to risk losing something or say something with frank emphasis.
Line phr"Line of Best Fit" -
Line phr"Line of Business" - one's occupation; type of work. 2. kind of interst or pursuit.
Line phr"Line of Dip" -
Line phr"Line of Life" - the thread fabled to be spun by The Fates, that determines the length of duration of one's life.
Line phr"Line of Sight" - the straight line joining the eye of an observer and a target or other object.
Line phr"Line of the Head" -
Line phr"Line of the Heart" - (palmistry) a furrow on the face or hands ????????
Line phr"Line Out" -
Line phr"Line Up" - stand, form or place in line. 2. queue to catch transport or buy food, etc. 3. assemble, bring together, organize, arrange.
Line phr"Line Up Against" - place in line for execution by a firing squad.
Line phr"Line Up Alongside With" - become the ally, or associaate with or of.
Line phr"Line Up Behind" - to follow someone, as take as one's leader.
Line phr"Line up in One's Sights" - point a firearm directly at a target. 2. fig. to strike back at another for past wrongs or blunders.
Line phr"Line Upon Line" - reiteration of statements in successive lines of writing or print.
Line phr"Make a Beeline For" - to go straight for something with great enthusiasm or to head for some goal by the most direct route.
Line phr"Not One's Line" - not one's vocation, calling, pursuits, interests.
Line phr"Off Line" - not connected to an internet provider, electrical or power terminal, etc.
Line phr"On Line" - connected to an internet provider, electrical or power terminal, etc.
Line phr"On the Line" - (of a picture) hung at an exhibition, on level of spectator's eyes.
Line phr"On the Lines Of" - resembling.
Line phr"Out of One's Line" - unsuited to one's capacity, taste.
Line phr"Put a Line On" -
Line phr"Read Between the Lines" - extract a meaning that is not explicitly stated. 2. to appreciate the the true significance of something not put into words.
Line phr"Run the Line" -
Line phr"Shoot the Line" - give a highly exaggerated account or story of (or about oneself). 2. put on an act. 3. put on or talk with pretensions.
Line phr"Sit On the Sidelines" - not to take part in the main action.
Line phr"Somewhere Along the Line" - at some point (in time.)
Line phr"Stand in Line" - queue, wait in line, wait in turn.
Line phr"Step Out of Line" - fail to behave in an unconnected or unexpected manner.
Line phr"Swallow the Lines" - to accept as truth the story being proffered.
Line phr"Take the Hard Line" - be uncompromising.
Line phr"The Line" - the equator, earth's belt; earth's girdle or girdle of the earth.
Line phr"Toe the Line" - conform, obey the rules.
Line phr"Tread the Thin Line" - be cautious to take action in circumstances where either too much or too little will cause difficulties.
Line phr"Under the Line" - at the equator.
Line phr"Up the Line" - up to the breach or the front line.
Lined adj.Marked with lines, having lines traced or impressed on the surface.
Line-drawing nA pen or pencil sketch without color wash.
Line-fish nA fish caught on the line not by net.
Lineless adjOf a person having no bounds; or to whom no bounds (of behavior) can be set. 2. having no impressed or indented.
Lineman n.A worker who repairs railway lines, telegraph or telephone lines; a linesman.
Linen n.Made of flax; cloth made from linen 2. Linen wings: sails of ships. 3. "to wash one's dirty linen at home" -- say nothing about one's family affairs, disputes, scandal. 4. grave clothes, burial clothes.
Linen cupboard nA cabinet or drawer that holds linen.
Linener n.A draper, shirtmaker, dealer, retail trader in linen.
Linen-lifter n.A man given to affairs and adultery.
Linen-like adj
Lineny adj
Line-out n
Liner n.One who lines or fits lining to anything. 2. of persons, one whose duty is the tracing of boundaries of properties; a surveyor. 3. a writer of miscellaneous items for newspapers, what are paid for at so much a line. 4. a brush or pencil used for tinting parts of the face, esp. the eyes (eyeliner). 5. a ship, such as am 'ocean liner.'
Line-rider nA fence or boundary rider.
Line-shaft n
Line-shape n
Linesman n.A soldier belonging to a regiment or the line. 2. an umpire at tennis posted near the line to determine whether the ball is in or out. 3. one who looks after roadside verges. 4. a worker who repairs railway lines, telegraph or telephone lines; a linesman.
Line-storm nAn equinoctial.
Line-up n.A number of persons assembled in a line. 2. a list of players in a game of football, cricket, basketball etc.
Line-weight n
Line-width n
Line-work n
Liney adjOf the nature, or resembling a line or streak, thin, meagre. 2. full of lines; worked in lines.
Ling sfx.Person or thing belonging to or concerned, (denoted by the noun) --- "eardling": ploughman; "ropeling": prisoner. 2. person or thing denoted by the adjective, "darling," "efenling," farth(l)ing, "sibling," underling: subordinate, swartling: blackbird. 3. often used in comtemptous or unfavourable sense: popeling (papist), godling, lordling, kingling. 7. (in Old Norse) in the name of the young of an animal: sperling (young sparrow), katling (kitten), gosling. 8. often expressive of direction or extent, siuation or condition: "nightling" (whole night), "needling" (necessities), "firstlings", "starklings", "hidlings."
Ling nThe heath or heather.
Ling sfxLittle, young, petty, as duckling'. 2. a person or thing related to or characterized by : worldling. 3. forming adverbs toward: sideling. 4. forming adjectives: darkling.
Linger vbOE ??????
Linger phr"Linger On" ?
Linger phrLinger Over" ?
Lingerer n
Lingy adjCovered with, or abounding in ling.
Lining nOf a garment
Lining n.A rising ground, ridge or bank.
Lining phr"Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining" - there are benefitseven in a seemingly adverse situation.
Lining phr"Lining Out"
Lining phr"Lining Up"
Link n.Comparatively level or gently undulating sandy ground near the seashore, covered with turf, coarse grass etc. 2. the ground on which golf is played, (links) often resembling land described in meaning one.
Linn n.OE. torrent. 2. cascade, torrent, water running over rocks, cataract, falls. 3. precipice, ravine, rise with steep sides. 4. pools, esp. into which a cataract falls.
Linseed n.OE. Linum: flax; seed flax, well renown as a source of linseed or medication.
Lint-white nOE Linetwige, lit flax-plucker; European gray linnet.
Litten n.Churchyard, cemetery, church-litten
Lip n.Either of the two fleshy parts or folds forming the margins of the mouth and functioning in speech. 2. usually, lips. these parts as organs of speech. 3. a projecting edge on a container or other hollow object: the lip of a pitcher. 4. a liplike part or structure, especially of anatomy. 5. any edge, rim; point of a spear.
Lip adjof or pertaining to the lips or a lip: lip ointment. 2. characterized by or made with the lips: to read lip movements. 3. superficial or insincere: to offer lip praise.
Lip vbTo touch with the lips. 2. to utter, especially softly. 3. to kiss. 4. to use the lips in playing a musical wind instrument.
Lip phr"Be Tight-lipped" - keep confidences or be uncommunicative.
Lip phr"Bite One's Lip / Tongue" - to repress one's anger or other emotions. 2. to show vexation.
Lip phr"Give Somebody Lip" - be cheeky.
Lip phr"Hang Onto Another's Lip" - to listen with rapt attention to.
Lip phr"Hang (or Make) the Lip" - show displeasure, vexation.
Lip phr"Hang On Another's Lips" - to follow intently the words of another.
Lip phr"Keep a Stiff Upper Lip"; to face misfortune bravely and resolutely. 2. keep one's courage; not lose heart. 3. be hard and suppress the display of any emotion.
Lip phr"Lick One's Lips" - look forward to something eagerly.
Lip phr"Lift One's Lip Against" - utter the slightest word against.
Lip phr"Lip Off", (slang) - to talk impudently or belligerently.
Lip phr"Of One Lip" - in agreement.
Lip-bearded adjBushy mustached.
Lip-biting nThe biting of the lip by accident. 2. the biting of the lip as a sign or message to other.
Lip-blossomed adjLabiated.
Lip-born adjAs lip-born words - shallow, with little regard for those they are spoken to.
Lip-deep adjImmersed or existing on the lips only; superficail. 2. words going no further than the lips.
Lip-dewing adjAs a 'lip-dewing' song - sweet and mellow.
Lip-end n
Lipful adjFull to the lips.
Lip-good adjMere words without experience.
Lip-gospeller nWonderful oratory, but existing in words only.
Lip-hair nA mustache.
Lip-holiness nInsincere preaching; holiness that exists in words only
Lip-holy adjHoly words, spoken with a hollow heart.
Lip-learned adj
Lipless adjHaving no lip or lips.
Liplessly adv
Liplessness n
Lip-lick nA kiss.
Lip-like adjResembling or characteristic of a lip, in some aspect of.
Lipline nThe outline of the lip.
Liplock vbTo kiss,smooch.
Lip-love nLove that exists in words only.
Lipped adjHaving or furnished with a lip or lips; labiate. 2. lips of a specific kinf, as 'thick-lipped; 'thin-lipped'.
Lippedness n
Lippen vbTo furnish with the lips.
Lipping nA strip of wood or the like fixed to the edge of a box, table top, etc. 2. the act of fixing such a strip
Lippy nAn old dry measure equal to a quarter of a peck.
Lippy adjImpertinent, insolent, talkative, verbose.
Lip read vbTo interpret speech from the position assumed by the lips and mouth for each word.
Lip reader nOne who interprets of speech from the position of the lips, and the mouth of the speaker, practized by the deaf.
Lip reading nInterpretation of speech from the position of the lips, and the mouth of the speaker, practized by the deaf.
Lip smile nThe faintest of a feigned smile with lips tight.
Lipstick n.A small, coloured cosmetic stick of creamy texture, used to tint lips.
Lipstickless adjLacking or without lipstick. 2. not covered by lipstick.
Lipsticky adjCovered or sticky with lipstick.
Lip-sworn adjWords sworn on an oath of secrecy.
Lip-teeth n(Of a sound) - made by the lower lips touching the upper teeth, as in 'f' and 'v'.
Lip-wisdom nLip-service, without any meaningful action.
Lip-wise adjWise of talk or lip, as distinguished from one who is wise in practice.
Lip-worship n.Praise or worsship that exists in words only; cf. "knee-worship" servile genuflection without conviction or belief.
Lip-worshipper nOne who praises in words only, without conviction or true belief.
Lipwort seed nIdle talk, farrago, galamatia. ??????
Lire n.Flesh, muscle, brawn
Lisk nGroin.
Lisp vb.To speak with faulty pronunciation of "s" and "z" sounds, faltering in speech, often saying "th" instead of "s" or "z".
Lisp vbTo falter or lisp in speech. 2. to speak imperfectly or in a childlike manner.
Lisper nOne who speaks with faulty pronunciation of "s" and "z" sounds, faltering in speech, often saying "th" instead of "s" or "z".
Lisping nThe action or way of faltering or lisping in speech. 2. the speech way of a lisper
Lispingly advIn a manner or way of speaking with faulty pronunciation of "s" and "z" sounds, and faltering in speech, often saying "th" instead of "s" or "z".
Lisplike adj
Lispy adj
Liss n.OE: gentle. 2. remission , release, mitigation, abatement, cessation, end. 2. tranquility, rest, peace, joy, delight.
Lisse vb.OE to subdue. 2. to mitigate, assuage, relieve pain, comfort
Lissing n
Lissom adj
Lissomly adv
List n.Border, edging strip. 2. lobe of the ear. 3. cloth edge, hem, strip or edge of cloth or other fabric, border, selvage (collectively)or strip of any material. 4. one of the divisions of a head of hair or beard. 5. stripe of colour. 6. mark of a wound or scar. 7. boundary, limit, region, territory, shire. 8. place of combat, war, conflict.
List nPleasure, joy, delight.
List vb.OE: to be pleasing to, care about, desire or wish for. 2. to desire or wish for, like to, wish to do something.
List nThe ear. 2. hearing, sense of hearing.
List nArt, craft, cunning.
List vb.To listen, hear.
List phr"Black List" - list of companies, people who are (regarded as) dishonest, untrustworthy.
List phr"Have List" - to listen, give ear to, be attentive, keep silent; give list to.
List phr"Short List" - list of (comparatively) few items/people selected from a longer list, from which a final choice is made.
List phr"With List" - with craft or cunning.
List phr"Within the Lists" - within an arena.
Listed adj
Listen n
Listen vb.
Listen phr"Listen After" - eager or make aneffort to catch the sound of. 2. to endeavour to hear or hear of; listen for
Listen phr"Listen For" - to be attentive in listen for some information or advice. 2. listen after.
Listen phr"Listen Forth" - to obtain news or tidings of.
Listen phr"Listen In" - listen to a radio or performer talk.
Listen phr"Listen Of" - hear, tell.
Listen phr"Listen On" (a phone, or other electrical or electronic device) - listen to
Listen phr"Listen Out" - to listen for a sound, e.g. on a radio. 2. keep an ear alert for someone or some information.
Listen phr"Listen Up"
Listener n
Listener-ship n
Listen-in nPeriod of listening to a radio broadcast (or telephone call.)
Listening n
Lister nOE. liste) - a kind of plow which simultaneously cuts, plants and covers the seed,
Listful adjInclined to listen, be attentive.
Listing n
Listless adj.Inattentive; heedless of what is passing; indifferent, languid; lacking energy.
Listlessly advIn an attentive manner: without giving heedto what is passing; indifferently, languidly; without energy.
Listlessness nCondition or quality of being listless. 2. want of zeal for some particular object or pursuit. 3. languid indifference to one's surrounding or what now one is doing.
List-like adj
List-like adj
Listly advCuningly, craftily, deftly.
List-maker n??????
List-making n???????
List-washing n??????
Listwise adj
Listy adj
Lit n.A color, dye, hue, tint, stain. 2. a deep blush.
Lit vb
Lit phr"Lit Up" - be merry on alcohol, be drunk or intoxicated.
Lite adj.Little, not too much, not much at all, little in magnitude. 2. small in degree, to a small extent.
Lith n.Limb, lith from lith. 2. joint, lith from limb; lith from bone. 3. A division of an orange. 4. one of the rings surrounding the base of a cow's horn. 5. division of a globe, sphere, ball, orange etc; by analogy a nation, tribe, minority, a member of.
Lith n.A slope, decline, incline, fall, declivity, brae, descent.
Lith phr"Lithe from Bone" - pull bone from joint.
Lith phr"Lith from Limb" - pull limb from joint.
Lith phr"Out Of Lith" - out of the joint.
Lithe nSense of hearing; hearing. 2. music, glee.
Lithe adj.Of persons, their actions, disposition, utterances: gentle, mild, meek. 2. of things, chiefly material things, soft, agreeable, mellow, pleasant. 3. of medicine: gentle, agreeable. 4. of water and weather: calm, serene, pleasant, mild, smooth, still. 5. in general: comfortable, sheltered, warm, easily bent, limbery, pliant, supple. 6. of broth, soup, potables: smooth and thick.
Lithe vbTo render mild, or gentle. 2. to influence a person. 3. to assuage, relieve, soothe, mitigate pain or grief. 4. render a limb supple. 5. to subdue a person.
Lithe vb.To go or travel by sea, sail.
Lithely advGentle, graciously, meekly, mildly. 2. with pliant movement, briskly, nimble.
Litheness nGentleness, meekness, mildness. 2. flexibility, suppleness; agility, nimbleness.
Lither nA sling (slang).
Lither adjOf persons and their actions, disposition: bad, wicked, base, unjust, rascally; lazy, sluggish, spiritless. 3. evil in an abstract sense. 4. of things: bad (in various senses, chiefly physical) - poor, sorry, ill-condition, ill-looking, worthless, hurtful. 5. of the body parts: withered, paralyzed, impotent. 6. of air: foul, pestilential. 7. agile, nimble, flexible.
Lither vbTo sling stones, to let fly, hurl. 2. to act wickedly.
Litherback nA slothful person.
Litherhood nWickedness.
Litherly adjSpiteful, mischievous. 2. idle, lazy.
Litherly advIn litherly manner: wickedly, deceitfully, viciously. 2. badly, meanly, wretchedly, idly, lazily of way and manner.
Litherness nWickedness, badness. 2. laziness, sloth, listfulness. 3. want of spirit, cowardice.
Lithers nBad men collectively.
Lithesome adjPliant, supple, agile.
Lithwort n"Sambucus Ebulus' or the dwarf elder.
Lithy adjPliable, flexible, supple. 2. weak, feeble,
Litten nA cemetery (lich - 'corpse' & 'tun' - enclosure.
Litten vbOE: wlitan - to look, look at.
Little adjOpposite to "great" often synonymous with small. 2. of material objects; portions of space etc,: small in size, not large or big. of persons: short in stature. 3. little one, referring to chidren, animals, pets etc. 4. Of collectives, groups: having few members. 5. small or few in quantity; bare, scarely complete. 6. of dimensions, distance, or period of time -- short in time or duration. 7. of qualities, emotions, conditions: small in extent or degree.
Little phr"A Little" - a small quantity; some, though not much.
Little phr"A Little Bird Told Me" - I know but will not say who told me.
Little phr"A Little Bit of Bread and Cheese" -
Little phr"A Little Goes a Long Way" -
Little phr"Be A Little Tin God" - be a petty tyrant.
Little phr"In a Little" - in a few words.
Little phr"In Little" - on a small scale.
Little phr"Little by Little" - (lite by lite) - gradually, few; little in amount; not much. 2. of little magnitude, small, small in extent.
Little phr"Little Green Men" - extra-terrestrial beings.
Little phr"Little Heard Of" -
Little phr"Little Known" -
Little phr""Little Loved" -
Little phr"Little or None" - not much, only a slight amount or degree; barely any.
Little phr"Of Little Worth" - of no importance or value.
Little phr"So Little While" - for so short a time.
Little phr"Tall Oaks From Little Acorns Grow" - even major enterprises have small beginnings.
Little phr"The Little" - that which is little. 2. the common people (condescendingly)
Little phr"The Little Man" - the underdog as a type. 2. somebody who does not expect, and not expected, to achieve a desired and acknowledged status financially, socially or professionally. (see: 'the Little woman')
Little phr"The Little Woman" - (dated or facetious) somebody's wife; the married woman, esp. viewed in a stereotyped domestic role.
Little phr"Think Little Of" - have a poor opinion of.
Little black book n
Little-blessing nA curse.
Little-brother n
Little-death n. No death at all, just a weakening, slight loss of consciousness or a grey-out, sleep
Little-Englander nA term applied at the end of the C19th who was opposed to Imperialism as a doctrine arguing that British policy should concentrate on home affairs.
Little finger n
Little-good n.The devil. 2. a person who is consider of little worth. 2. the plant "Sunspurge" (Euphorbia Helioscopia).
Little green man n
Little lady n
Little-man n
Little-meal advlittle by little.
Little mother nA young girl who behaves maternally towards her younger siblings.
Little neck n
Littleness n
Little-minded adjSmall-minded, trivial (in various senses).
Little-mindness n
Littleness n
Little-old adj
Little one n
Little Red Riding Hood n
Little sister n
Little Tin God nA petty tyrant.
Little toe n
Little-what adv.To some degree, somewhat. 2. a small portion or quantity (of); somewhat.
Little woman n
Littleworld n.A microcosm.
Little-worth adjValueless.
Littling n.A little child or a young animal.
Littlish adjSomewhat small or tiny.
Littly advIn a small, modest, undistinguished way.
Live vb.
Live phr"Live a Lie" - pursue a false, dishonest way of life.
Live phr"Live and Learn" - ones learn (by bitter experience). 2. to live and learn: see "One Lives and Learns".
Live phr"Live and Let Live" - be unconcerned what other people do, as long as they tolerate what one does oneself.
Live phr"Live Away" - to live a life of extravagance.
Live phr"Live Beyond One's Income" - spend more than one can afford.
Live phr"Live By One's Wits" - survive using cunning, one's mental ability(rather than, for example, by hard work.)
Live phr"Live by the Sword, Fall by the Sword" - one who uses violence to achieve their aims, can expect viloent responses from others.
Live phr"Lived In" - have a comfortable, settled look of a home.
Live phr"Live Down" - to live so as to refute or subdue. 2. live down slander, get used to something shameful. 3. live in such a way that one's failings, etc are forgotten.
Live phr"Live For" - have as one's main reasons for living, as family, work, hobby.
Live phr"Live Forever" - live eternally, everlastingly.
Live phr"Live From Hand to Mouth" - being in poor financial circumstances to survive with little way of of safety margin.
Live phr"Live In" - have as one's home or dwelling. 2. reside in the building etc where one works.
Live phr"Live in Clover" - having a very good future. 2. in a very good situation, esp. financially.
Live phr"Live in Hope (of)" - look optimistically for an improvement.
Live phr"Live in Sin" - cohabitation, unmarried but living as man and wife.
Live phr}"Live In the Fast Lane" - a very active, but a very risky way to live.
Live phr"Live It Up" - to live gaily and extravagance. 2. live an easy, pleasure-filled life.
Live phr"Live Life to the Fullest" - live a very full life, without fear of possible consequences.
Live phr"Live Like a Lord" - live in luxury.
Live phr"Live Like Fighting Cocks" - live well - on good food.
Live phr"Liven Up" - become or make more cheerful or lively, as a party, lecture, a task.
Live phr"Live Off" - to depend on another financially. 2. to survive by eating a certain food, survive on raw fish. 3. have as one's diet.
Live phr"Live Off the Fat of the Land" - live in luxury. 2. enjoy the best food, drink, lodgings, entertainment, etc.
Live phr"Live Off the Land" - obtain sustenance from the produce of the countryside without payment.
Live phr"Live On" - to survive, endure, as fame or reputation. 2. feed and support oneself on a certain or stated amount, or from a certain source, as income, rent, charity
Live phr"Live On One's Own" - live alone, by one's self.
Live phr"Live One's Own Life" - to follow one's own plans and principles. 2. to live independently.
Live phr"Live On the Edge" - to have an adventurous, risky lifestyle. 2. to behave in a manner which is risky, and often perilous. 3. to be caught in an economic, or societal situation which one did not choose, which threatens one's well-being.
Live phr"Live On Top of One Another" - to live in a very crowded or overcrowded conditions.
Live phr"Live Out" - to complete a term of life. 2. survive to the end of a period of time. 3. reside away from the place where one works (though it might be possible to live in).
Live phr"Live Out of" - not have a settled life, or fixed address, as live out of a suitcase.
Live phr"Live Out of a Can/Tin" - subsist on canned food - which are easily prepared- usually because other foods are hard to buy or cook.
Live phr"Live Out One's Days" - spend one's whole life in certain circumstances, occupation, location.
Live phr"Live Over Again" - relive; experience again in the imagination, as a bitter experience, etc.
Live phr"Live Rough" - live in difficult conditions, with few or no amenities.
Live phr"Live Something Down" - lead a normal life until a misdeed is forgotten.
Live phr"Live Through" - to have the experience of and survive.
Live phr"Live To Fight Another Day" - have another chance to engage in a fight, contest, confrontation etc, either because one has not been too badly beaten to try again or because (as in the full quotation given first) ('He that fights and runs away! May live to fight another day).
Live phr"live Together" - live in a state of cohabitation. 2. live in the same house, as husband and wife, but without being married.
Live phr"Live to See the Day" - survive until the time whe something happens often (the impplication being that one may die first instead)
Live phr"Live To Tell the Tale" - survive an experience so that one may tell others what actually happened (the implication being that one might have died in the course of it).
Live phr"Live Under" - experience the rule of a dictator, monarch, discplinarian.
Live phr"Live Under the Roof Of" - reside in the same house.
Live phr"Live Up" - to live on a high level. 2. to take a high intellectual or position.
Live phr"Live Up To" - to act with full accordance with principles. 2. push one's spending to the utmost limit. 3. reach a standard that one has set set oneself; or that is expected of one.
Live phr"Live Well" - to have abundance of food, feed luxuriously, live very comfortably. 2. live virtuously or a virtuous life.
Live phr"Live With" - live together, live in a state of cohabitation. 2. endure something that is unpleasant; accept. 3. accept a situation that is difficult, unpleasant, live-threatening.
Live phr"Live With Oneself" - to retain one's self respect.
Live phr"Live With the Hounds" - to keep up the pace.
Live phr"One Lives and Learns" - one picks up many useful or surprizing pieces of information,has often to adjust one's opinion in the course of one' s life.
Live phr"The King is Dead, Long Live the King" - an announcement that the monarch who has just died. "long live the King" refers to the heir who immediately succeeds to the throne upon the death of the preceding monarch. 2. may he, she or it live for a long time, may he/she prosper.
Live phr"Where One Lives" - at or to the right or vital point.
Live adj.Of a mineral, rock: native, unwrought. 2. of air, in its native, pure.
Live-and-let-live adjOf, pertaining to, or following a belief in tolerance.
Live-bearer nA fish that retains eggs within its body, and gives birth to live, free-swimming young.
Live-bearing nThat gives birth or bears live off-spring; viviparous.
Live-birth n.Fact of a child being born alive.
Live-born adjBorn alive.
Live-broken adjBroken on the wheel. 2. shattered emotionally by trauma.
Lived adjPossessed or endowed with a certain kind of length of life. 2. that has been lived or passed through. 3. that is expressed in one's life.
Lived-in adj.Occupied, inhabited, well-worn.
Live-goods nLivestock, including horses, cattle, sheep, goats, fowl etc.
Live-in n.A resident, living in an establishment (as opposed to "living out" or at home). 2. one who lives (cohabitation) with another, as in the expression "live-in lover."
Live-in-idleness nThe pansy or the heartease, the love-in-idleness.
Live-in-Lover nOne who lives (cohabitation) with another,
Live-like adj.Resembling a living person.
Livelihood n.Coarse of life. lifetime, kind or manner of life, conduct. 2. means of living, sustenance, maintenance. 3. corporal sustenance, food, victuals. 4. income, revenue, stipend, emoluments. 5. property yielding an income, landed or inherited property; an estate, inheritance, patrimony.
Livelily advIn a lively manner.
Liveliness adj.Vivacity, living form or original. 2. the condition of being alive. 3. activity, vigour, vividness, vivacity.
Live load nA temporary or varying load imposed on a structure by being put to use, antonym 'dead load'.
Livelock nIn computing, a livelock occurs when there are overlapping shared locks that prevent another process from acquiring the exclusive lock it needs. In everyday terms, an example of a 'livelock' occurs when two people trying to pass one another in a narrow passageway, but are both too polite to push pass. (See 'deadlock').
Live-locked adjUnable to go forward because of a livelock.
Live lode nThe course of life. 2. means of support; livelihood.
Livelong n.Sedum Telephium, orpine
Livelong adjTotal, complete, whole, throughout, as 'I've been at it all through the night'.
Livelong adj.An emotional intensive of long, used of a period of time. 2. lasting, enduring, longevity.
Lively adv.Animated, life-like, vivid, actively, briskly, vigorously, nimbly. 2. promptly, at once, belively. 3. in a lifelike manner, vividly. 4. clearly, plainly.
Lively-speaking adjSpeaking with vigor and animation.
Liven vbTo put life into, inspire, enliven, brighten up. 2. to grow lively.
Liven phr"Liven Up" - become or make more cheerful or lively, as a party, lecture, a task.
Livener nSomething that enlivens, a pick-me-up.
Liveness nQuality or condition of being alive.
Livening adjThat enlivens or cheers. 2. that grows lively or bright.
Live one nSomeone who easily fooled, victimized, or ridiculed; a chump, dupe, sucker. 2. someone who is eccentric, non-conformist, or somewhat peculiar, a nut, odd-ball, weirdo. 3. a person, thing, situation which is particularly interesting, noteworthy or urgent.
Liver n.The largest glandular organ of vetrebrates, situated near to diaphragm on the right side of the body, secreting bile and purifies the blood.
Liver n.One who lives or exists; a dweller. 2. one who lives of life of pleasure.
Liver adj
Liver phr"Line of the Liver" - the line which stretches from the wrist (near the line of life) to the base of the little finger.
Liver-brown nDark-brown.
Livered adjCoagulated, clotted. 2. heavy (of eating).
Liver-hearted adjCowardly, white-livered person.
Liver-hearted adjCowardly, meek, fearful.
Liverish adjResenbling or characteristic of a liver in some aspect.
Liverishness nSymptoms attributed to a disordered condition of the liver.
Liverleaf nThe liverwort.
Liverless adjThat has no liver. 2. deprived of a liver.
Liver-like adjResembling or characteristic of a liver and its meat.
Livery adj.Of the constituency or color of liver (of oil): heavy, tenacious.
Liver-shape n
Liverspot nThe dark brown spot, blemish or mark on the skin, usu, caused by by exposure to the sun.
Liverweight adjThe weight and size of a human or animal liver.
Liverwort nA type of bryophtye named from the belief that some species of the plant look like liver and were thought useful in treating liver conditions.
Live-shape nThe Living form
Live-steam nSteam supplied direct from a boiler, before or doing its work in a cylinder; distinguished from exhaust steam.
Livestock n.Domestic animals generally, esp cows, horses pigs. 2. animals of any kind kept for farm use or profit. 3. (sl) body vermin, such as fleas or lice.
Lives-wet nBlood; life's-wet.
Liveware n.As opposed to hardware; people, personel, as distinct from inanimate or abstract things they work with; spec. computer personnel.
Live-wight n.A living thing.
Live-wire n.A wire through which an electric current is passing. 2. person full of energy and enthusiasm.
Living adjHaving life. 2. in use or existing; life, alive. 3. of everyday life. 4. true to life. 5. used as an intensifier, as 'living hell'.
Living nThe state of being alive. 2. financial means; a means of maintaining life; livelihood. 3. style of life, as 'plain living' 5.(canon law) a position in a church (usually the Church of England) that has attached to it a source of income; an ecclesiastical benefice
Living phrIn the Land of the Living" - among those who are alive.
Living phr"Living End" - a person or thing, etc. that is about as much as one can stand. 2. the utmost in any situation, something that extraordinary.
Living phrLiving Hell" - a person or thing, etc. that is about as much as one can stand.
Living phr"Make a Living" - to earn enough money to support oneself, and, if applicable, one's family.
Living phr"The Living" - those who are alive.
Living-days n.Life itself, the days of one's life; the living years.
Living-dead nThe undead, a zombie. 2. one whose life that is so full of suffering that he/she would be better of dead.
Living death n.State of misery not deseving the name of life. 2. a life that is so full of suffering that it would be better of dead.
Living-in n.The practice of living an employer's residence
Livingless adjWithout a living.
Livingly advIn a living state, really vitality. 2. in a living state or manner, by course or way of life.
Livingness n.Quality, condition or fact of being alive or living; vigour, vivacity.
Living room nA room in a house for general and informal everyday use.
Living thing nAn organism that display the key characteristics of life. The characteristics include the ability to grow, reproduce, take in and use energy, excrete waste, respond to the environment and possess an organized structure more complex than that of non-living things.
Living will nA written statement of dealing a person desires future medical 6treatment in circumstances in which they likely are no longer able to express informed conset, especially an advance directive.
Living years nThe period of one's life.
Livish adjSomewhat live or alive, or lively.
Livishly advIn somewhat of a livish manner

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