Old EnglishspEnglish
KichelnA small cake or kichel
Kidney nAn organ in the body that filters the blood, producing urine. 2. this organ (of an animal) cooked as food.

3. constitution, temperament, nature, type, character, disposition. (usually used of people). 4. (obsolete, slang) a waiter.

Kidney-bean n
Kidney-less adj
Kidney-like adj
Kidney-ore n
Kidney-stone n
Kidneywort n
KilnnA furnace or oven for baking, burning or drying, esp. for calcining or burning lime to ashes (a lime kiln). 2. a furnace for baking bricks, tiles, and other industrial type products, etc. 3. a furnace for drying grains, hops, esp for making malt
Kilner n
Kilnlike adj
KinnA crack, chink, or slit, esp. a chasm or fissure in the earth. 2 a chap or crack in the skin.
KinnA group of persons descended from the common ancestors and so connected by blood-relationship; a family, stock, clan. 2. ancestral stock or race; family esp. in phrase come of good kin. 3. one kindred, kinsfolk or relatives collectively.
Kin phr"Come of Good Kin" - ancestral stock or race; family esp. in phrase come of good kin.
KinvTo chap or crack
Kin phr"Kith and Kin" - see 'Kith and Kin.
Kin phr"Of Kin" - by birth or descent.
KinbotenA wergeld or manbote, compensation, expiation paid to kin of a man killed or murdered
KinchnSee Kink
KindnBirth, origin, descent through kind. 2. right of birth or position, derived from birth, inherited right, birthright, kind-right, heritage, natural right. 3. The station, place or property belonging to one by birth. 4. one's native place or position. 5. nature; natural instinct or disposition. [Obs.] 6. race; genus; species; generic class; as, in mankind or humankind. "Come of so low a kind.". 7. very kind of beasts, and of birds. 8. sort; type; class; nature; style; character; fashion; manner; variety; description; as, there are several kinds of eloquence, of style, and of music; many kinds of government; various kinds of soil, etc. 9. a kind of, something belonging to the class of; something like to; -- said loosely or a little slightly; a category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality; "sculpture is a form of art"; "what kinds of books are there?" ; kind, sort, form, variety.. 10. in kind, in the produce or designated commodity itself, as distinguished from its value in money. 11. sort; species; type; class; genus; nature; style; character; breed; set. 12. sexual organs; semen.
Kind vbTo beget. 2. to treat kindly.
Kind adjHaving or showing a tender and considerate and helpful nature; used especially of persons and their behavior; "kind words showing understanding and sympathy'. 2. agreeable, conducive to comfort; genial. 3. tolerant and forgiving under provocation. 2. characteristic of the species; belonging to one's nature; natural; native land, speech, tongue. 2. having feelings befitting our common nature; congenial; sympathetic; as, a kind man; a kind heart. 3. showing tenderness or goodness; disposed to do good and confer happiness; averse to hurting or paining; benevolent; benignant; gracious. 4. fellow feeling makes one wondrous kind. 5. proceeding from, or characterized by, goodness, gentleness, or benevolence; as, a kind act. 5. gentle; tractable; easily governed; as, a horse kind in harness. 6. kind, forbearing; good; mild; bland; friendly. 7. begotten; sprung from.
Kind sfxA suffix used to form nouns denoting groups or classes taken collectively; such as 'ape-kind, wolf-kind, woman-kind'.
Kind phr"A Kind Of" - a sort of.
Kind phr"All Kinds Of" - all kind of things.
Kind phr"By (The Way Of, Of, Through) Kind - naturally, by nature, against, out of kind, of or in violation of nature.
Kind phr"Do (or work) One's Kind" - to act according to one's own nature; to do what is natural to one; spec. to perform the sexual function.
Kind phr"Grow Out Of Kind" - to lose the character appropriate to one's being and family; to degenerate.
Kind phr"In Kind" - in proper or good condition. 2. (translation of Latin 'in specie'; in the very kind of thing in question; usually payment. 3. in goods or natural produce, as opposed to money. 4. of repayment: in something of the same kind as that received (chiefly.).
Kind phr"Kind of" -
Kind phr"Nothing Of a Kind" - nothing at all like that.
Kind phr"Of A Kind" - of a sort, not typical or perfect specimens or class.
Kind phr"Of One's Own Kind" - by it's (own) nature, or itself, naturally.
Kind phr"Out Of Kind" - unnaturally, not in proper condition.
Kind phr"Something Of a Kind" - something like the thing in.
Kind phr"The Worst Kind" - severely, extremely, very badly.
Kind sfxA suffix used to form nouns denoting groups or classes taken collectively; such as 'ape-kind, wolf-kind, woman-kind'.
Kind-blindaBlind by nature, like the mole
Kindful adj
Kind-heartedadjHaving a kind and sympathetic nature.
Kind-heartedly adv
Kind-heartedness n
Kindle n
Kindler n
KindlessnDevoid of kindness or sympathy
Kind-like adjOf like, natural, nature or character.
Kindily advIn a kind manner, with a good nature and sympathy.
KindlinessnThe quality or habit of being kindly; an instance of this. 2. mildness of climate. 3. of climate, favorable to vegetation.
KindlyadjHaving or manifesting kindness; sympathetic. 2. having a favorable or grateful effect; beneficial. 3. proper to its kind, natural, native, akin. 4. pertaining to nature or birth. 5. natural, in that is, exists or take place according to the natural laws; consonant or congruent with nature, natural as opposed to artificial. 6. imparted by nature, innate, inherent in nature of a person or a thing. 7. naturally belonging to or connected with a person or thing, own, proper, suitable. 8. that belongs to one by birth, native, native-born, hereditary. 9. existing between kinfolk. 10. characterized by good nature.
Kindly advIn a kind manner or spirit; of a good nature.
Kindly phr"To Thank Kindly" - to thank heartedly, with appreciation of kindness.
Kindly-borne adjPersons of the same land; native, denizen.
Kindly-hearted adjHaving or showing a tender, caring, considerate and helpful 'heart' or nature.
Kindly-like adjHaving kind and compassionate nature. 2. native, natural in characteristic.
Kindly-meant adjWords spoken with kindness, as 'thanks for your kindly-meant words on my retirement'.
Kindly-sheltering adjKindly protected and cared for; as 'in a mother's kindly-sheltering bosom'.
Kind-mindedaHaving a kind thoughts and disposition.
Kindness n
Kindom nOne's land, one's family.
Kindred nA generation; group of related persons, as a clan or tribe. 3. kinfolk , person's relatives.
Kindred adjOf the same ancestry or family: kindred clans. 2. having a similar or related origin, nature, or character: kindred emotions.
Kindred-less adjHaving no kindred or relatives.
Kindredly advIn a kindred way, cognate.
Kindredness nThe quality or state of being kin or akin, kingship.
Kindred's tree nA genealogical or family tree.
Kindred-soul adjSomeone with the same feeling or attitudes as oneself, a kindred spirit.
Kindred-word nA cognate word.
Kindship nKindness.
Kind-thoughted adjOf kind, generous, mild, friendly.
Kind-witted adj"No more can a kind-witted man come to Christendom and be saved".
Kindy adj
KineadjKingly, royal; also see "king"' words.
Kine-bairn nRoyal child.
Kine-bornadjOf royal birth
Kine-burghnRoyal city
Kine-eard.nKingdom, (king's earth); kine-land.
Kine-helm nThe crown
Kine-land nKingdom.
Kine-like adjRoyal, real, real.
Kine-mark nMark indicating royal birth.
Kine-motenRoyal council
Kine worthnRoyal
KinfolknPersons of the same kin, relatives of the same blood; kinsfolk.
KingnA ruler, monarch, head of state
King vbTo act the king, rule, govern (govern as a king). 2. to make king.
King phr"King Of Birds" - the eagle; the king-bird.
King phr"King of Bliss"
King phr"King of Day" - The Sun.
King phr"King of Hearts" -
King phr"King of Heaven" - God.
King phr"King Of Kings" - Jesus Christ. 2. a king who has other kings under him; an emperor.
King phr"King of The Hill" -
King phr"The Book of Kings" - certain books of the Old Testament which contain the history of the kings of Israel and Judah.
King-bane nA murderer of a king.
King-becoming adjBehaving in the manner appropriate for a king.
Kingbird n
Kingbolt n
King-born adjOf royal birth; of royal blood.
KingcraftnThe art of ruling as a king. 2. exercise of royalty craft. 3. diplomacy
Kingcup n
King-devil nSatan, Lucifer, the devil. 2. a weed common in America, introduced from Europe; a noxious weed.
Kingdom n
Kingdom-comenHeaven, paradise, the next world; the after-life. 2. an infinitely remote time or place.
Kingdom-come phr"Send To Kingdom-come" - kill.
Kingdomed adjFurnished with or constituted as a king. 2. consisting of so many kingdoms.
Kingdomless adj
KingfishernThe alycione, the kingfisher, the kookaburra.
King-folk nRoyal folk,
King-geldnScutage or money paid instead of military service to a feudal landlord.
Kinghit n
Kinghood nKingship, the authority, rank; or office of a king. 2. a kingly spirit or character.
King-house nA basilica; a palace.
King-key nThe main keystone or support of a building. 2. fig. the chief premise of an argument, etc.
King-land nKingdom
Kingless adjWithout a king; having no king.
Kinglihood nKingly state, royalty.
Kinglike adj
Kingly adjPertaining or worthy of a king; regal; king-like. 2. of the nature of a king,or kings, royal; of royal rank. 3. of or belonging to a king. 4. held, issued or exercised by a king,. 5. suitable for as king, in a regal or kingly way, royal. 6. of a government: monarchical. 7. king-like; dignified, majestic, noble.
King-maker nOne who sets up kings; by extension, one who appoints person's to very important position.
King-making n
King-murder nThe murder of a king; regicide.
King's bench n
King's books nTaxation lists. 2. a pack of cards.
King's English nSpoken or written English considered as correct by official (or the King's authority.
King's Evil n
King's friends nA political party which supported George III and the power of the crown.
KingshipnRoyal state, or king-hood. 2. government by a king. 3. the person of a king
Kingside adj
King's men nOne who supported the British cause at the times of the American Revolution. 2. a member of the King's college, Cambridge.
King's yellow nOrpiment.
King tide n
King-upholding adj
King Willow nThe game or sport of Cricket.
King-worship nThe worship or adoration of a king.
Kingy adj
King-yoking adj'He affirmed that the law knows no king-yoking policy'.
KinkvbTo grasp convulsively for breath; lose breath. 2. to loose one's breath spasmodically, as in hooping cough or severe fit of laughter, kinking; also earlier form Kinch.
Kink nA fit of paroxysm, as an act of laughter or coughing. 2. a coughing that for the moment catches or takes away one's breath.
KinlessadjHaving no relatives; without kin or kindred.
Kinlessness adj
KinnedadjCracked, chill-blained, chafed
Kinsfolk nKinfolk, persons of the same kin; relations by blood.
Kinship n
Kinslayer n
Kinsman nA man of one's own kin. 2. a relative by blood or marriage,(now poetic).
Kinsmanhood nKinship.
Kinsmanly advAppropriate or characteristic of a kinsman.
Kinsmanship n
Kinswoman n
Kip nA basket.
KipenA basket, osier basket used for carrying fish.
Kirk n??????OE
KirtelnA man's tunic or coat.
KissnTo press or thrust with the lips as a token of affection, greetings or reverence. 2. An affectionate salutation by contact of the lips. 3. to salute, caress with the lips, to touch lightly, as in billiards, said of a ball another when both are in motion.
Kiss phr"Kiss and Make Up" -
Kiss phr"Kiss and Ride" -
Kiss phr"Kiss and Tell" -
Kiss phr"Kiss Goodbye" - to farewell with a kiss.
Kiss phr"Kiss of Death" betrayal of Jesus in the Garden Of Gethsemane by Judas. 2. a seeming kind or well intention action, look, association; etc. which brings disastrous consequences.
Kiss phr"Kiss of Life" - mouth-to-mouth method of artificial respiration.
Kiss phr"Kiss Off" - to get rid of, kill, murder; to die; death. 2. go away, don't talk foolishness. 3. to reject, spurn, ignore, esp. a lover. 4. a rejection, dismissal, termination. 5. a farewell, conclusion, of one party compelling another.
Kiss phr"Kiss the Book" - take an oath on the bible.
Kiss phr"Kiss the Dust" - to be overthrown, humiliated, ruined or slain,
Kiss phr"Kiss the Ground (Someone Walks on)" -
Kiss phr"Kiss the Hand" - of a sovereign or superior, as a ceremonial greeting or leave-taking, or on an appointment to an office to an office of state. 2. formerly, to pay respects or salute or bid farewell.
Kiss phr"Kiss the Maid" - to be executed on a primitive form of the guillotine.
Kiss phr"Kiss the Rod" - to accept correction submissively.
Kiss phr"Kiss the Stocks" - to be confined in the stocks.
Kiss phr"Kiss Up"
Kisser nOne who kisses. 2. the mouth or face (slang).
KissingnThe action of kissing
Kissing-gatenA small gate swinging in a "u" or "v"shaped structure which allows one one person to pass through at a time.
Kissing-kin nClose relatives; kinfolk.
Kissing-kindadjOn affectionate term or friendly enough to kiss.
Kissingless adjWithout a kiss; unkissed.
Kissingly advIn an affectionate, friendly, kissing manner.
Kissing-time nA time to kiss.
Kissless adj
Kiss-like adj
Kiss-off n
Kiss-to nA dear John or dear Jane letter.
Kiss n"Kiss-up" -
Kissy adj
KitchennThe room or part of the house where food is cooked. 2. utensils in which food is cooked in an oven. 3. food from the kitchen, hence any kind of food eaten with bread etc., as a relish
KitchenvbTo work, cook or prepare food in the kitchen. 2. to entertain in the kitchen. 3. to serve as a kitchen or relish; to season. 4. to furnish with fare of the kitchen.
Kitchenphr"Everything but the Kitchen Sink" - utterly, completely, totally everything.
Kitchen phr"Hell's Kitchen" - an area or place that is regarded as very disreputable or unpleasant; spec. a district of New York City once regarded as the haunt of criminals.
Kitchen phr"Thieves Kitchen" - a place frequented or inhabited by by thieves or criminals.
Kitchen phr"The Worm's Kitchen" - the grave, tomb, sepulcher.
Kitchendom nThe realm or domain of chefs in kitchendom.
KitchenernOne employed in the kitchen; esp in a monastery. 2. a cooking-range with a it's appliances.
Kitchenful adjAs much or as many a kitchen can hold.
Kitchenhood phr
Kitchen-knave nA scullion.
Kitchenless adj
Kitchen-like adj
Kitchen-maidnA girl employed in the kitchen, usu. under the supervision of the cook.
Kitchen-middennA refuse heap of a prehistoric date, consisting chiefly of the shells of edible mollusks, bones of animals and crude stone implements.
Kitchen-sink nThe sink in the kitchen.
Kitchen-table n
Kitchen-table Software n
Kitchen-time n
Kitchenware n
Kitcheny adjOf, or pertaining to the kitchen.
KitenA bird of prey of the family "Falconidae" with long wings, tail usu. forked, and no tooth in the bill. 2. fig. one preys on another; a sharper, also vaguely as a term of detestation. 3. a light frame usu. of wood, covered with paper or some light fabric as to flow in the air at the end of a long string. 4. in commerce a 'Bill of Exchange; to raise credit. 5. an aeroplane or aircraft.(sl). 6. a communication (esp, one that is illicit or contraband or surreptitiously)spec. a letter or verbal message smuggled in, out or within a prison. 7. a cheque drawn on insufficient funds; a stolen or forged cheque book.
KitevbTo fly with a gliding motion; to fly high like a kite. 2. (sl) to pass a dud cheque.
Kite phr"Go Fly a Kite" - get lost, vamoose.
Kite phr"To Fly a Kite" - to see' how the wind blows'; that is, in what direction matters are tending or heading. 2. a proposal or suggestion proffered or 'floated' tentatively in order to gauge the response of others.
Kite phr"As High as a Kite" - an inveterate drug user highly intoxicated and affected by the use of drugs.
Kite-board n
Kite-boarder n
Kite-boarding n
Kite-flyer nA passer of dud cheques.
Kiteless adj
Kite-like adj
Kitemaker n
Kitemaking n
Kiteman nA person who obtains money from forged cheques.
KithnKnowledge, information. 2. one's native land. 3. persons known, and taken collectively; one's friends, fellow-countrymen and neighbors taken collectively.
Kith phr"Kith and Kin" -- country and kinfolk, nowadays more used for fellow-countrymen, acquaintances and friends, and family.
KithevbKythe. to make known, manifest, reflect, to show oneself, appear. 2. to come to sight, to become known, to recognize, appear. 3. to manifest practically (a feeling or quality) hence to practice. 4. to do, to own.
Kithless adjWithout family or close relatives.
Kiting nThe fraudulent raising of money or credit. 2. the flying of kites as a past time and for enjoyment. +++ see slang dictionary.
KithingnKything: knowing, a telling, a showing, a manifestation.
Kithly advFamiliarly.
Kittle vbLate OE. to tickle. 2. fig. puzzle with a question; strike with feeling or emotion.

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