Old EnglishspEnglish
Iland nSee "Island"
IlenA hedgehog; in OE. also the porcupine: The il, ile, i-spile, ispile.
I-limpvbTo happen, befall
IlknOnly of that ilk., of that kind, sort, name , common(place); ordinary.
Ilk phr"Ilk One" - everyone.
Ilk phr"Ilk Other" - each other; ilk one.
Ilk phr"Of That Ilk" -of that family, same person or persons, type, kind, sort of, name (derogatory). 2. of the same place, designation, chiefly, in the names of the landed gentry, as "Guthrie of that ilk".
Ilk phr"On Ilk Half" - on every side, all round.
Ilka adjEach.
Ilk-day nEvery day, ordinary, usual.
Ilk deal advEvery while, completely.
Ilk week advEvery week.

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