Old EnglishspEnglish
Fickle vbTo puzzle, confuse.
Fickle adj(Of people, things, their attributes, personification, fortune, chance. 2. false, dreadful, treacherous, dangerous. 3. changeable, changeful, inconstant, uncertain, unreliable.
Fickledom nThe realm of fickleness or falsehood.
Fickle-minded adjOf a person: prone to casual change; inconstant.
Fickle-mindedly advComplicated variably, inconstantly, unreliably of manner. 2. in a treacherous manner.
Fickleness nQuality or state of being fickle, changeable, inconstant, variable.
Fickle-tongued adjGiven to falsehood, lies.
Fickle-wise advIn a fickle manner or way.
Fickly advIn a fickle manner. 2. variably, inconstantly, deceitfully.
Fiddle nOld English fithele, from Latin vītulārī to celebrate; compare Old High German fidula fiddle; see viola 2. any instrument of the viol or violin family, esp the violin (informal) 3. a violin played as a folk instrument. 3. time-wasting or trifling behaviour; nonsense; triviality. 4. nautical a small railing around the top of a table to prevent objects from falling off it in bad weather.
Fiddle nAn illegal or fraudulent transaction or arrangement. 2. a manually delicate or tricky operation 3. at the fiddle , on the fiddle engaged in an illegal or
Fiddlevb To play (a tune) on the fiddle 2. to make restless or aimless movements with the hands 3. to spend (time) or act in a careless or inconsequential manner; waste (time). 4. Often foll by with ) to tamper or interfere (with) 5. to contrive to do (something) by illicit means or deception: he fiddled his way into a position of trust. 6. to falsify (accounts, etc); swindle
Fiddle phr"At the Fiddle" - on the fiddle engaged in an illegal or deceptive undertakings. 2. do something dishonest for gain ('be on the fiddle')
Fiddle phr"Fit as a Fiddle" - in very good health.
Fiddle phr"Fiddle Away" - fritter away, waste foolishly. 2. take liberties with another.
Fiddle phr"Fiddle About" - spend time on trifles, mess about.
Fiddle phr"Fiddle While Rome Burns" - be inactive during an emergency or while something significant is happening. 2. behave frivolously in a situation that calls for concern or corrective action. (as Nero did..)
Fiddle phr"Hang Up One's Fiddle" - to retire from business; give up an undertaking.
Fiddle phr"Hang Up One's Fiddle When One Comes Home" - said of a person entertaining abroad, but not at home.
Fiddle-brained adjFoolish, frivolous.
Fiddle-come adjNonsensical, silly, trumpery.
Fiddle-fish nThe Monk fish or Angel fish.
Fiddle-head nA head empty as a fiddle, a fool, dolt, stult.
Fiddler nOne who plays the fiddle, esp. who does for hire and reward.
Fiddler phr"Up and Down Like a Fiddler's Elbow" - move repeatedly (often ineffectively)
Fiddler's Green nA sailor's Elysium, in which wine, women and song figure prominently. 2. swindler, cheat. 3. trifler. 4. sixpence. 5. meddlesome or interfering person.
Fiddlesticks nFoolishness, stupidity,
Fiddlesticks phr"The Devil Rides on Fiddlesticks" - here's a fine commotion.
Fiddlesticks phr"Not to Come on Fiddlesticks" - to come not at all.
Fiddle-wood nCitharexylon.
Fiddliness nIn a ineffective or awkward action or state.
Fiddling nPlaying the fiddle. 2. fuss, trifle, petty adjustment and alteration. 3. cheating, swindling.
Fiddling adjThat plays the fiddle. 2. of persons: busy about trifles; addicted to trifles and petty activity. 3. of things: petty, trifling, unimportant, contemptible, futile.
Field nLand area free of woodland, cities, and towns; open country. 2. wide, open space used to grow crops or to hold farm animals 3. place where a battle is fought. 4. physics: region affected by a particular force. 5. course of study or domain of knowledge or practice

in mathematics. 6. sports: area reserved for playing a game. 7. geology: region containing a particular mineral. 8. heraldry: background of the shield. 9. computing: area of memory or storage reserved for a particular value. 10. in surgery: that area of a patient's body that is actually being operated on. 11. the 'real world' of want, poverty, violence, deprivation, social inequality, greed and similar variable which define everyday life for the majority and onto which a government or bureaucracy attempts to impose its solutions or plans.

Field vbIntercept or catch. 2. to be the team catching and throwing the ball. 3. place a team. 4. to answer; to address.
Field adjDescribing a study is carried out in a real environment rather than done theoretically; (a field worker)
Field phr"Back the Field" - take advantage of every available opportunity distribute.
Field phr"Be Ahead of the Field" - be better than one' s competitors.
Field phr"Faraway fields Look Greener" - activities of which one has no experience seem much easier than is really the case.
Field phr"Have a Field Day" - derive great pleasure from doing something.
Field phr"Hold the Field" - to hold ground, not to be displaced or superseded.
Field phr"In the Field" - in an area in which operations are in progress. 2. actively or closely involved in the working on something.
Field phr"Lead the Field" - someone who is superior, better or more successful than everyone else in a particular activity.
Field phr"Leave Another the Field" -to give up the argument or contest.
Field phr"Leave the Field Open" - to abstain from interfering.
Field phr"Play the Field" - take advantage of every available opportunity distribute one's attention among several people or things.
Field phr"Take the Field" - enter a competition or contest.
Field-bed nA portable, folding bed.
Field-book nA book in which a land-surveyor notes down the measurements taken in the field. 2. a botanist or naturalist book for preserving collected specimens while in the field.
Fieldcraft nThe technology involved in living, traveling or making military or scientific observations in the field, esp. while remaining undetected.
Field-day nA military parade day. 2. a school day for athletic events, a sports day. 3. a day of class taken away from school for a field trip. 4. a great time or a great deal to do at somebody else expense.
Field-devil nSatyr: used by Coverdale in his Bible, on the German calque: feldteuful.
Field-dew nDew gathering on a field, including sports field.
Field-dwellernA person or animal who lives in a field. 2. the bird Turdus pularis, also known as 'the fieldfare.'
Fielded adjEngaged in a field of battle. 2. fighting in the open field, as opposed to protected by a fort.
Fielden adjLevel and open. 2. consisting of fields. 3. pertaining to or characteristic of a field.
Field-faring nThe toiling of workers in the field.
Field-fight nA fight or battle in the open, a pitched.
Field-free adjAn area free of fields.
Fieldful adjAs much as a field could grow.
Fielding nThe action of taking the field for fighting.
Fieldish adjLevel and open. 2. inhabiting the field. 3. resembling a field or open spaces.
Field-kirk nLate OE: a chapel or church in a field.
Field-land nLevel and unenclosed land suitable for cultivation.
Fieldless adjWithout open space; enclosed.
Field-meeter nOne who attends or frequents field meetings.
Field-meeting nA hostile meeting or encounter in the open air; a duel. 2. a religious meeting held in a field or in the open.
Fieldmouse nA small mice or vole.
Field-roomth nOpen or unobstructed space, vast open spaces.
Fieldsman nOne who lives or works in the fields.
Field-stone(s) nStone or stones found in the field, used esp. for building purposes.
Fieldwards advTowards the field(s) or in the direction of the fields.
Fieldware nProducts of the field; crops, harvest.
Field-whore nCommon prostitute.
Field-word nBattle cry; watchword, buzzword.
Fieldwork nWork done or observations made out in the real world rather than in control conditions. 2. a temporary fortification built by troops.
Field-worker nA person who does fieldwork.
Fieldy adjlevel and open, exposed. 2. that grows in or inhabits the field. 3. forming a field or fields.
Fiend nAn enemy, foe. 2. the arch-enemy of mankind: the devil, satan, old sooty. 3. an evil spirit, generally; a demon, devil, a diabolical being. 4. a person of superhuman wickedness (now only in reference to cruelty and malignity). 5. a grisly monster(eg. a dragon). 6. also baleful influence on agencies personified.
Fiend phr"The Fiend of Hell" - the Devil, Satan,
Fiendful adjProceeding from a fiendish agency.
Fiendfully advFull of fiendish spirit or
Fiendish adjExtremely bad, cruel or unpleasant. 2. extremely complicated, diabolical or evilly complex. 3. abstruse, baleful, complicated evil.
Fiendishly advOf, relating to, or suggestive of a fiend; diabolical. 3. extremely bad, disagreeable, or difficult.
Fiendishness nDisposition to wilfully inflict pain and suffering on others.
Fiendlike adjResembling or characteristic of a fiend.
Fiendliness nThe state of being extremely unfriendly, hostile, angrily, diabolical, bad.
Fiendly advHostile, unfriendly, in a friendly manner. 2. resembling or befitting a fiend, fiendlike, devilish, diabolical. 3. like an enemy, angrily.
Fiend-rese nFierce, hostile onset.
Fiend-scathe nA monster.
Fiendship nThe personification of a fiend.
Fiend-slaught nThe slaughter of foes and enemies.
Fiend-thews nEvil-conduct, behavior.
Fifteen nThe cardinal number occurring after fourteen(14)and before sixteen (16).
Fifth nThe ordinal form of the number five.
Fifth-pathway nMeans for an individual who has obtained all or most of his/her training outside a country US. etc) to ener post graduate training in the US by fulfilling certain set criteria.
Fifthly advIn the fifth, fifth in a row.
Fifty nThe cardinal number immediately following forty (49) and preceding fifty-one (51)
Fifth-fifty noThe cardinal number immediately following fifty-four (54) and preceding fifty-six (56).
Fig nA fruit-bearing tree or shrub of the genus Ficus that is native mainly to the tropics. 2. the fruit of the fig tree, pear-shaped and containing many small seeds. 3. small piece of tobacco. 4. the value of a fig, practically nothing; a fico; a whit.  
Fig vbTo insult with a fico, or contemptuous motion. 2. (obsolete) o put into the head of, as something useless or contemptible.
Fig phr"Would not Give a Fig For" - regard something as worthless.
Fight nA combat, esp. unpremeditated, between two or more persons, animals, or parties. 2. a conflict or struggle, a vigorous effort in the face of difficulty.. 3. the power or inclination to fight. 4. a battle. 5. a boxing match.
Fight vbTo contend in physical conflict. 2. to strive for to conduct or engage 3. to engage in combat. 4. to counteract
Fight phr"Fight Back" - counter attack. 2. suppress one's feelings.
Fight phr"Fight (One's Way) Back" - return, by struggling hard (to a position previously held)
Fight phr"Fight Down" - suppress, control, hold in check.
Fight phr"Fight Fire with Fire" - to encounter a danger situation by making an equally dangerous move.
Fight phr"Fight For" - fight on behalf of.
Fight phr"Fight Off" - repel, drive back, not allow to approach.
Fight phr"Fight It Out" - continue (not necessary physical) a contest until there's a winner. 2. fight until a conclusion is reached.
Fight phr"Fight Like Cat and Dog" - quarrel repeatedly and vigorously.
Fight phr"Fight Shy Of" - avoid, be relunctant to.
Fight phr"Fight the Good Fight" - act with strong commitment to something. 2. put up a good fight.
Fight phr"Fight to a Standstill" - take part in a combat until one is totally exhausted.
Fight phr"Fight Tooth and Nail" - to strive very hard to win.
Fight phr"Fight to the Death" - fight till one can not fight anymore.
Fight phr"Have A Fight On One's Hand" - to encounter resistance or opposition to one's proposal.
Fight phr"Knock the Fight Out of" - reduce somebody's aggressiveness or will to survive.
Fight phr"Look for A Fight" - actively seek an argument or challenge.
Fight phr"Make A Fight of It" - offer resistance.
Fight phr"Put Up a Good Fight" - react well to a challenge.
Fight phr"Put Up a Fight" - offer resistance.
Fight phr"Running Fight" - contest that continues for a long time.
Fight phr"Show Fight" - react aggressively to a challenge.
Fight-back nAn act of retaliation; a rally or recovery.
Fight-down vb.Overcome in battle, settle dispute, drive off, fight back.
Fighter nA person or animal that fights. 2. a fast military aircraft designed for attacking other aircrafts.
Fighting nA fight or battle; an occasion on which people fight.
Fighting adjEngaged in war or other conflict. 2. apt to provide a fight.
Fighting phr"Hand-to-Hand Fighting" - combat not involving weapons.
Fighting-field n.Battlefield; fighting-stead.
Fighting-fish nA freshwater fish ;\'Bettens splendeds' a native to Thailand, the males which fit vigorously.
Fighting-fit adjFit to fight or take part in a fight; fit for battle
Fightingly advPugnaciously.
Fighting-stead nBattlefield, fighting-field.
Fighting-wise nThe arming of a military force or army; battle array or preparation.
Fighting-words nDefiant statement or challenge; a declaration which will involve one in having to defend, or substantiate,it.
Fightless adjWithout a fight or fighting.
Fight-lock nFighting, battle, conflict.
Fight-or-Flight nFight or flight All the coordinated physiological responses that the sympathetic nervous system initiates in response to stress or other emergency situations.
Fight-out vb.To fight it out, settle dispute.
Fight-racked adj.Overthrown in battle.
Fight-shy adj.Lose confidence in battle.
Fight-wite n.Fine for taking part in a fight
Fighty adj.Warlike, pugnacious, aggressive.
Fig-leaf nA covering consisting of anything intended to conceal something regarded as shameful. 2. fig leaf a leaf from a fig tree. 3. the leaf tree; hence, in allusion to the first clothing of Adam and Eve, a covering for a thing that ought to be concealed; esp., an inadequate covering; a symbol for affected modesty.
Figless adjWithout figs.
Fig-tree nA tree of the genus Ficus, esp. Ficus carica.
Fike n.Fig
Fike n.Flirtation, dalliance.
Fike vbTo vex, trouble. 2. flatter, fawn, act or speak with deceit. 3. to deceive, flatter, fawn or act or speak deceitfully.
Fike adjRestless, fidgetty, movey.
Fikey adjVexatious, troublesome
Fiking nThe moving about in a quick way; being constantly in motion. 2. the vexing, perplexing, and giving of trouble. 2. trifling annoyance caused by restlessness and agitation.
Fikiness nThe state or condition of moving about in a quick way; and being constantly in motion. 2. the quality of vexing, perplexing, and giving of trouble.
File nA hard steel abrading or smoothing instrument with ridged cutting surfaces. 2. fig. anything used to abrade, smooth or polish. 3. slang: a shrewd or artful person.
File vbTo cut, smooth, or sharpen with a file. to remove with a file, as 'file away'.
Filing nThe act or process of using a file. 2. a particle removed by a file.
Fill nOccupy fully, take up all of. 2. add contents to, so it is full. 3. enter, making it full. 4. become full of contents. 5. become pervaded with something. 6. satisfy, obey. 7. install someone or be installed in. 8. treat (a tooth)
Fill vbA sufficient or more than sufficient amount (food, money, etc.) 2. an amount that fills a container. 3. the filling of a container or area. 4. inexpensive material used to occupy empty spaces, especially in construction. 5. the ruins of earlier buildings were used as fill for more recent construction. 6. (archaeology) soil and/or human-created debris discovered within a cavity and exposed by excavation; fill soil. 7. an embankment, as in railroad construction, to fill a hollow or ravine; also, the place which is to be filled
Fill phr"Fill In" - a person or thing included to fill a gap or omission. 2. to insert something into a blank space. 3. to fill up, as of an excavation. 4. colloq. a summary of facts given to compete one's understanding of a situation.
Fill phr"Fill One's Hand" - to draw a firearm into one's hand, as in a preparation for a gun fight. 2. (in a biblical sense)to be consecrated or initiated as a person.
Fill phr"Fill Out" - to become fuller or rounder.
Fill phr"Fill Someone's Shoes" - to be good successor. 2. adequately take the place over the function of somebody.
Fill phr"Fill Up" - to make something full; to be full. 2. to annoy, displease, by taunting, or by excessive nagging.
Filler nFiller is a substance used for filling cracks or holes, especially in walls, car bodies, or wood. 2. something being used or done because there is a need for something and nothing better is available. 3. something is, for example, a stadium filler or a floor filler, where it is likely to attract crowds to a stadium or onto a dance floor.
Fill-in n"Fill In" - a person or thing included to fill a gap or omission. 2. colloq. a summary of facts given to compete one's understanding of a situation.
Filling nThe act of making or becoming full. 2. something used to fill a cavity or vacant space: tooth filling. 3. in weaving, the weft or woof , which crosses the warp.
Fillingness nThe state or quality of becoming full.
Fills nExtra material inserted in a story or in a page of news. 2. extra material inserted in a story or in a page of news.
Film nA membrane, animal or vegetable, as the tongue. 2. a coating or layer. 3. a movie. 4. haze, slight vale.
Film-broke adjRuptured
Filmdom nThe film (movie) industry, the person works in that industry. 2. filmland.
Filmer nOne who films; that is, one who copies media to microfilm.
Film-free adjFree from a filmy covering; not obscured, clear.
Film-goer nOne who attends the cinema on a regular basis.
Film-going nThe act or habit of attending cinemas on a regular basis.
Filmily advIn a filmy manner.
Filminess nThe State or quality of being filmy or obscure.
Filmland nThe industry of films and film-making. 2. the fictitious world where films are set.
Film-less adjWithout film.
Film-like adjResembling a film.
Film-maker nA producer or director of movies.
Film-worthy adjDeserving of being filmed.
Filmy adjOf a membranous structure: like a film : cloudy, obscure; thin.
Filst nAssistance, support, furterance, aid, help
Filst vbTo assist, support, aid, help. 2. to give one's aid to
Filth nAn offensive or indecent word or phrase. 2. a state characterized by foul or disgusting dirt and refuse. 3. the state of being covered with unclean things. 4. any substance considered disgustingly foul or unpleasant
Filth vbTo make foul, defile.
Filth-hood nUncleanliness, filthiness, squalor (lit & fig.)
Filth-hood phr"To Do One's Filthhood" - to void excrement.
Filthily advIn a filthy manner or way.
Filthless adjWithout filth, undefiled
Filthness nThe state or condition of being filthy. 2. in a physical sense: foulness, uncleanliness. 3. pus, filthy matter. 4. moral corruption or pollution; obscenity, vileness, wickedness.
Filthy adjCovered with filth; very dirty. 2. obscene or offensive. 3. very unpleasant or disagreeable.
Filth-sodden adjFilthy and sodden.
Fin nAny of the firm appendages that are the organs of locomotion and balance in fishes and some other aquatic animals. Most fishes have paired and unpaired fins, the former corresponding to the limbs of higher vertebrates. 2. a part or appendage that resembles a fin 3. a. British a vertical surface to which the rudder is attached, usually placed at the rear of an aeroplane to give stability about the vertical axis. US name: vertical stabilizer; a tail surface fixed to a rocket or missile to give stability 4. nautical a fixed or adjustable blade projecting under water from the hull of a vessel to give it stability or control. 5. a projecting rib to dissipate heat from the surface of an engine cylinder, motor casing, or radiator
Finch nAny of numerous small songbirds with short stout bills adapted for crushing seeds
Find nThe act of finding. 2. something that is found, especially an unexpectedly valuable discovery.
Find vbTo come upon, often by accident; meet with. 2. to come upon or discover by searching or making an effort. 3. to discover or ascertain through observation, experience, or study: found a solution; find the product of two numbers; found that it didn't really matter. 4. to perceive to be, after experience or consideration. 5. to recover (something lost). 6. to recover the use of; regain. 7. to succeed in reaching; arrive at. 8. to obtain or acquire by effort. 9. to decide on and make a declaration about. 10. to furnish; supply. 11. to bring (oneself) to an awareness of what one truly wishes to be and do in life.12. to perceive (oneself) to be in a specific place or condition. 13. to come to a legal decision or verdict.
Find phr"Find a Better Hole" - find a better job, home, situation, etc. which is an improvement on the one you hahave now, or one you held before.
Find phr"Find Guilty" - convict.
Find phr"Find it in One's Heart" - to be inclined or desirous to be kind or understanding of others.
Find phr"Find One's Bearings" - locate, orientate oneself. 2. get to know where one is, what to do, in a new location, social situation, job, etc.
Find phr"Find One's Feet" - gain experience and knowledge of what is best to do in new surrounding, a new job.
Find phr"Find Oneself" - be in a particular place. 2. be in a positive or optimistic frame of mind after a prolonged bout of self doubt.
Find phr"Find One's Tongue" - begin talking (after beings shy).
Find phr"Find One's Way - reach a destination, objective, bu search, inquiry, or experiment.
Find phr"Find Out" - make a conscious effort to discover something. 2. to ascertain (something), as through examination or inquiry. 3. to detect the true nature or character of; expose. 4. to detect and apprehend; catch.
Find phr"Find Out the Hard way" - learn something without help.
Find phr"Find Something Heavy Going" - have difficulty doing something.
Find phr"Find Something Wanting" - feel that something has not met the required standard of behaviour, efficiency, suitability.
Findal nOE: fyndele - that which is found; an invention. 2. a treasure trove.
Finder nOne who or that which finds. 2. a small telescope by the side of a large telescope, used to locate a particular object for astronomical observation.
Finder phr"Finder's Keepers, Losers Weepers" - whoever finds something is entitled to it.
Finder-out nOne who detects and discovers information, persons or things in various situations.
Finding nFinal issue, latter part, closing, end of life, close, death, 2. boundary, extremity. 3. outcome, result.
Finding phr"Finding is Keeping" -see 'find'
Findings nOutcome, result
Findy adjOE: fynd: strength, substance: firm, solid, weighty; 2. (of a harvest): plentiful.
Findy nFinal issue, latter part, closing, end of life, close, death, 2. boundary, extremity. 3. outcome, result.
Finew adjMouldy, musty. Also finewing, finewed, finewness
Finger nThe extremity of the hand. 2. a piece of food. 3. anything that does work of a finger. 4. finger pier. 5. small amount of beverage in a glass 6. the breadth of a finger. 7. skill in the use of the fingers, as in playing upon a musical instrument
Finger vbTo identify or point out. 2. to poke. 3. to penetrate and sexually stimulate with one's finger. 4. to use specified finger positions to produce notes on a musical instrument. 5. to provide instructions about the use of fingers in music.
Finger's-breadth nThe width of a finger used as a measure.
Finger-cold adjCold enough to numb the fingers (end of fingers, extremities)
Fingered adjHaving or provided with fingers. 2. of a leaf or plant: digitated, shaped like a finger.
Fingered phr"To Have Light Fingers"- an inclination to pilfer or steal.
Fingerer nOne who "fingers" other people's property; a pilferer, thief, pickpocket.
Finger-end nThe end or tip of the finger.
Finger end phr"At One Finger's End" - ready at hand.
Finger endphr"One One's Finger's End" - to have a thorough familirisation with a subject or branch of knowledge.
Finger end phr"to Get Upon the Finger's End" - to incur a sharp reprimand.
Finger end phr"To One's Finger's End" - completely, entirely, totally.
Finger-fed adjDelicately brought up or reared; pampered, cosset.
Finger food nFood that can be eaten with the finger (for convenience); as opposed to requiring utensils; often appetizers and snacks.
Fingerful adjAs much as can be held by a finger or between two fingers; hence, a small quantity.
Fingering nWork done with the fingers. 2. action of using the fingers when playing an instrument. 3. petty manipulation.
Fingerish adjOf or pertaining to the fingers.
Fingerless adjWithout fingers.
Finger-lessness nAn absence of fingers of fingers.
Finger-licking adjDelicious, tasty, so much so that one licks their fingers to make sure none is lost or wasted.
Finger-licking phr"Finger-lickin(g)' Good" - extremely tasty.
Finger-like nResembling a finger, especially in shape.
Fingerling nA finger stall. 2. a very small person.
Fingerly adjOf or pertaining to the fingers.
Finger nail nThe hard, flat translucent covering near the top of a finger, usually for scratching and fine manipulation.
Finger out vbTo read carefully or with effort, passing the finger along the line of words. 2. to point out with the finger.
Finger play nA rhyme for young children consisting of a set of hand movements coordinated with a song or chant.
Finger-post nPost set up at parting roads, with one or more arms, often terminating in the shape of a finger, to indicate the directions of the several roads or towns, cities, etc. 2. a guide post, sign post.
Finger-post vbTo indicate by means of a finger post.
Finger-ring nA ring (often ornamental and sometimes precious)designed to be worn on the finger.
Finger-shade nThe action of concealing the mouth with the finger.
Finger-shield nA silver appliance made to fit the first finger on the left hand.
Finger-smith nA midwife. 2. a gynecologist.
Finger-spelling nThe practice of representing the letters of the alphabet using just the hands to spell out words. 2. any system for representing the letters of the alphabet using just the hands. 3. a representation of the spelling of a word just using the hands.
Finger-stall nA protective cover for the fingers to protect them from injury.
Finger stick nThe pricking of a finger to obtain a small sample of blood.
Finger-stone nA stone sufficiently small to be held by the hand. 2. belemnite.
Finger-talk nDeaf language: sign language for the deaf.
Finger-tight adjAs tightly screwed as can be made by the strength of one's fingers, without the use of any tools, tat is, without any special equipment.
Fingerwise advThe manner of fingers from a hand, spreading out in several narrow parts.
Finger work nThe movement or play of the fingers in executing something, esp. in playing a musical instrument.
Fingery adjResembling finger in shape.
Finless adjWithout or lacking a fin.
Fir nAn evergreen tree of the pine family genus (Abies), cone-bearing and resinous, especially the balsam fir.
Fire vbBake in a kiln so as to harden. 2. destroy by fire. 3. cause to go off. 4. go off or discharge. 4. start firing a weapon. 5. call forth emotions, feelings, and responses) 6. drive out or away by or as if by fire. 7. provide with fuel

8. terminate the employment of; discharge from an office or position.

Fire nThe act of firing weapons or artillery at an enemy. 2. a fireplace in which a relatively small fire is burning. 3. intense adverse criticism. 4. the event of something burning (often destructive) 5. a severe trial. 6. feelings of great warmth and intensity. 7. the process of combustion of inflammable materials producing heat and light and (often) smoke. 8. fuel that is burning and is used as a means for cooking
Fire phr"A Burnt Child Dreads the Fire" - anyone who has a bad experience will be scared and stay away from things connected to the experience.
Fire phr"A Soft Fire Makes Sweet Malt" - a request or recommendation of gentleness or deliberation is more likely succeed in getting a positive outcome.
Fire phr"Be (or Come) Under Fire" - to be in the range of enemy fire. 2. to be in close or imminent danger.
Fire phr"Don't Play With Fire" - to do something that can cause great trouble later.
Fire phr"Fire At Will" - the command given to riflemen or to gun crews to fire independently of each other and of their commanding officer,
Fire phr"Fire Away" - to begin, start.
Fire phr"Fire the Opening Shot" - make the first move in a contest, quarrel, fight or confrontation.
Fire phr"Fire Up" - to start a fire, as in a furnace. 2. to become enraged.
Fire phr"Go Through Fire and Water" - often one must go through the greatest dangers or hardest situations to survive and succeed. 2. a brand from out of the fire (fig)
Fire phr"Have Fire in One's Belly - to be ambitious, driving force (towards success), initiative.
Fire phr"Keep One's Fire Burning" - to stay at home.
Fire phr"Keep the Home Fires Burning" - fig. to keep things going at one's home or other central locations. 2. the name of a World War 1 song supporting the military in war zones.
Fire phr"On Fire" - burning, ablaze; hence, ardent, zealous.
Fire phr"Open Fire" - to start firing one's weapons at the enemy or foe. 2. (fig.)- to attack another verbally.
Fire phr"The Fat is in the Fire" - the matter have come to a crisis; trouble is about to begin.
Fire phr"There's No Fire Without Smoke" - that is, everything has some advantages.
Fire phr"Under Fire" - exposed to gunshot or artillery; hence, under attack of any kind.
Fire-back nThe rear wall of a furnace or fireplace.
Fire-bare nA beacon or a lighthouse.
Fire-blight nA serious bacterial disease of various pome fruit caused by Erwina amylovora and attacking blossoms, leaves , twigs, and fruit.
Firebote nThe repair or mending of a fire(place). 2. wood used for the repair of a fire-place. 3. fuel granted by the landlord to the tenant. 4. the right of a tenant to take fire-wood from the landlord estate.
Firebrand nOne ( a firebrand of Hell) who is doomed (or deserves) to die in the fires of Hell. 2. kindler of strife; one who or a thing which kindles strife or mischief. 3. an inflamer of passion. 4. a box with materials for producing fire (a tinder-box). 5. a kind of fire-work. 6. a brand mark. 7. the redstart (a bird).
Fire-break nAn obstacle or clearing to contain the spread of a grass or forest fire.
Fire-breathing adjA fabled animal, such a dragon taht breathes fire or smoke from its nostrils.
Fired adjDismissed, sacked from a job. 2. of ceramics, potery fired in a kiln,
Fire-drake nA fiery dragon, a mythical creature belonging to Germanic superstition. 3. a fiery meteor. 4. a will-of-the-wisp. 5. a kind of fire-work.
Fire-eater nA juggler who pretends to eat fire. 2. a violent southern partisan in the US civil War.
Fire-eyed adjFiery
Fire-eyes nHaving eyes glowing in fire
Fire-fang nThe state of being fire-fanged or overheated,
Fire-fang vbTo lay hold of with fire. 2. to singe, scorch. 3. to burn heretics (jocosely)
Fire-fanged adjCaught or overtaken by fire. 2. scorched, burnt. 3. burnt as a heretic (jocose).
Fire-fanging nThe action of fire-fanging.
Fire-fiend nFire personified as an evil spirit of destruction.
Fire-fighting nThe extinguishing of a fire. 2. the profession of being a fighter of fire. 3. (by extension) solving an urgent problem.
Fire-flaught nLightning; a flash of lightning. 2. a storm of thunder and lightning. 3. the northern lights: Aurora borealis. 4. a fiery glance.
Fire-flaw nLightning, a flash of lightning, a storm of thunder and lightning, fire-slaught, fulmination; also: fire-flaught.
Fire-hearth nA pavement of bricks or stones on which a fine is made. 2. the hearth in front of the fire place. 3. a kind of cooking store, esp for ships.
Fire-hot adjOf material things: hot as fire, red hot. 2. inflamed with zeal, passion or lust.
Fire-hunt nUse of fire to drive out game from a forest, etc.
Fire-iland nVolcano.
Fire-iron nOne of a set of metal tools kept beside the fireplace, used to keep the fire burning as required. the set usually consist of fire tongs, as a poker, a spade, and a brush for the ashes.
Fireless adjDevoid of fire, without a fire. 2. unlit, not flaming. 2. of a tribe having no knowledge of fire or means of procuring fire.
Fire-light nLightning.
Fire-like adjResembling a fire; fiery.
Firelock nAn old form of the gun lock, as the flintlock, which ignites by priming by a spark.
Firely advArdent, furious, ardently, with fierce eagerness.
Fireman nA man who fights fires, usually a public employee or trained volunteer. Gender-neutral form: firefighter. 2. (on steam locomotives) the man who stokes the fire and controls the injectors feeding water to the boiler; (on diesel and electric locomotives) the driver's assistant. 3. a man who tends furnaces; stoker. 4. a mine official responsible for safety precautions. In US: fire boss5. 6. US navy a junior rating who works on marine engineering equipment6. informal any employee who is dispatched to deal with trouble at short notice
Fire-manship nThe skill of fire safer, fire prevention, etc.
Firen AdjConsisting of or containing fire; flaming in fire.
Fire of Heaven nLightning, lightning flash, thunderbolt, see Heaven's Fire.
Fire-pan nA pan for heating food, liquors over fire. 2. a kind of fireworks.
Firer nOne who sets anything on fire. 2. incendiary devices, in general.
Fire-red adjRed hot, fire-hot, red like fire; reddened by fire.
Fire-ship nA vessel loaded with combustibles and explosives and sent among enemy ships in order to destroy them.
Fire-side nThe side of a fire-place. 2. space about a fire, the hearth. 3. (transfig.) - a symbol of home and life or one's household . 4. those who sit around one fire or hearth. 5. informal talks by the leaders broadcast to the nations.
Firesideship nThe personality of one who sits by the fireside: homely, staunch, steadfast.
Firestone nA flint, a stone capable of being used in striking fire. 2. a hearth stone.
Fire-swart adjBlackened by fire
Fire-stick nFirebrand, a piece of wood kindled at the fire.
Fire-tongs nTongs used for handling ignited combustibles.
Firewatch nIn time of war or danger, the task of looking out for signs of fire caused by the dropping of incendiary devices etc. The act of watching for the occurrence of fires. This is usually done with the intent of detecting fires early so that they can be extinguished quickly and damage to land and/or property can be prevented or make minimal. Fire watches are often employed in forested areas where the risk of fires is high (dry conditions, hot weather, etc) or in industrial settings where hot work (welding, metal grinding, etc) is occurring
Fire-walker nOne who walks over hot coal.
Fireward nA fire chief. 2. a fireman.
Fireward adjWhich faces a fire. 2. which lies in the direction of a fire,etc.
Fireward advTowards.
Fire-water nAny strong liquor.
Fireweed nA perennial herbaceous plant (Epilobium angustifolium) in the family Ongraceae.
Firewire nA high speed digital link standard. 2. a system of wires or tubes designed to detect fire and triggers an automatic fire extinguishers.
Fire-wit n"Fyr-wit" - curiosity (witfire)
Fire-wood nWood, fuel used for burning.
Fireworks nA display or an event where fireworks are set off. 2. a boisterous or violent situations or event.
Fire-worker nA person who works to help prevent destructive wild fires.
Fire-worship nThe worship or adoration of fire.
Fire-worshipper nOne who worships fire. 2. a follower of Zoraster.
Firing nThe action of setting something on fire or alight. 2. action of catching fire or becoming ignited. 3. ignition of fuel in a cylinder.
Firk nSharp or sudden blow or stroke, esp. with a whip. 2. flip, flick, cut or thrust with a sword. 2. a trick, dodge, subterfuge. 3. a freak, prank, caprice.
Firk vbTo bring, carry, conduct. 2. help forward in some way, urge, press, drive away, move briskly
Firk phr"To Firk Up" - stir up, rouse up. 2. to move briskly, dance, jig. 3. to be lively, frisky. 4. to beat, whip, lash.
Firk phr"To Firk to Death" - put to death.
Firless adjWithout fir trees.
Fire-like adjResembling fire; fiery.
First nThe ordinal number matching the number one in a series. 2. the one coming, occurring, or ranking before or above all others. 3. the beginning; the outset: from the first; at first. 4. music the voice or instrument highest in pitch or carrying the principal part. 5. the transmission gear or corresponding gear ratio used to produce the range of lowest drive speeds in a motor vehicle. 6. the winning position in a contest: finished the season in first.
First adjCorresponding in order to the number one. 2. coming before all others in order or location: the first house on your left. 3. occurring or acting before all others in time; earliest: the first day of spring.4. ranking above all others, as in importance or quality; foremost: was first in the class. 5. (in music) being highest in pitch or carrying the principal part: first trumpet. 6. of, relating to, or being the transmission gear or corresponding gear ratio used to produce the range of lowest drive speeds in a motor vehicle. 7. of, related to, or being a member of the US president's household: first daughter; first lady.
First advBefore or above all others in time, order, rank, or importance: arrived first. 2. for the first time. 3. rather; preferably: would die first.

4. in the first place; to begin with; firstly

First phr"At First Hand" - directly from the source. 2. personally.
First phr"At First Sight" - as seen initially.
First phr"Draw First Blood" - to get an advantage.
First phr"First and Foremost" - before any other consideration.
First phr"First and Last" - altogether, when everything has been taken into account. 2. in all respects and circumstances. 3. all the time; in all, with what thing and another.
First phr"First Blood" - first success, win.
First phr"First in First Out" - an asset-management and valuation method in which the assets produced or acquired first are sold, used or disposed of first.
First phr"First Light" - dawn.
First phr"First of All" - the one who takes the iniative will do better than those who act slower.
First phr"First One Has Heard of This" - the first time one learns about something
First phr"First Man Through the Door" - the leading villain in a film.
First phr"First Off" - before something else.
First phr"First Off the Mark" - start ahead of all others.
First phr"First Saw The Light Of Day" - when born. 2. of a thing: moment of creation.
First phr"First Thing" - as early as possible in the day.
First phr"First Thing In the Morning" - early in the morning; soon after one wakes up or rises.
First phr"First Thing One Knows" - then; next; after that.
First phr"First Things First" - put things in the correct order of priority.
First phr"first Thing That Comes Into Ones Head" -
First phr"From First to Last" - completely.
First phr"Get a First" - win first prize, or be awarded a first class degree at a university.
First phr"Head First" - precipitately.
First phr"The First Step (Towards)" - the first stage in a process or progress;
Firstborn adjEldest
Firstcomer nOne who comes first. 2. a person or entity being the first to arrive, or the first in sequence.
First day nThe calends.
First day adjIn philately, a letter or card with a new stamp posted on the day that the stamp was first issued.
First-fiddle phr"Play the First Fiddle" - play the lead or primary role in an orchestra or ensemble.
First-floor nThe floor of a building at the level of the street or surrounding ground; the ground floor. 2. the floor of a building one above the ground floor.
First-foot nIn Scottish and Northern English folklore, the first-foot, also known in Manx Gaelic as quaaltagh or qualtagh, is the first person to enter the home of a household on New Year's Day and a bringer of good fortune for the coming year
First footing nThe "First Footing" is a tradition celebrated on Hogmanay, a Scottish New Year's celebration. It is supposed to bring luck and prosperity to the household for the new year. It is a ritual involving the first person to step into a household from the outside in a new year. Similar traditions exist in Greece and Georgia. If you are of Scottish heritage or would simply like to expand your own celebration and add new experiences, here's how you can go about it.
First half nFirst half of two halves of play
First-hand adjFrom the first source of origin, original
First-handness nThe quality or condition of being first, original, authentic in character.
Firsthood nThe position of one who is first, primary,firstship
First Lady nThe wife of the President of the US or other head of state. 2. the leading woman in a particular activity or profession.
Firstling nThe first of its kind to be produced, come into being, appear. 2. first product or result of anything. 2. the first off-spring of an animal. 4. the first turn of spring.
First love nOne's first feeling of romantic love 2. object of one's first romantic affection. 3. one's most fundamental interest or attachment.
Firstly advIn the beginning, originally.
First-most adjThe first in time, most notable, best, chief, prominent, foremost
First Mother n"Our First Mother" - Eve, the first female ancestor, African mother.
Firstness nEquality of state. 2. the quality or state of being first.
Firstship nFirsthood: the position of being first.
First string nA regular member as distinguished from a substitute (as on a team)
First string adjFirst-rate.
First time nThe first instance of sexual intercourse
Fish nA name loosely applied in popular usage to many animals of diverse characteristics, living in the water. 2. an oviparous, vertebrate animal usually having fins and a covering scales or plates. It breathes by means of gills, and lives almost entirely in the water. 3. the flesh of fish, used as food. 4. the twelfth sign of the zodiac. 5. piece of timber, somewhat in the form of a fish, used to strengthen a mast or yard.
Fish vbTo attempt to catch fish; to be employed in taking fish, by any means, as by angling or drawing a net. 2. to catch; to draw out or up; as, to fish up an anchor. 3. to search by raking or sweeping. 4. to seek to obtain by artifice, or indirectly to seek to draw forth; as, to fish for compliments. 5. to strengthen (a beam, mast, etc.), or unite end to end (two timbers, railroad rails, etc.) by bolting a plank, timber, or plate to the beam, mast, or timbers, lengthwise on one or both sides. 6. to try with a fishing rod; to catch fish in; as, to fish a stream.
Fish phr"Feed the Fishes" - to drown.
Fish phr"Have Other Fish To Fry" - have alternative/ more important matters to attend to.
Fish phr"Like a Cold Fish" - someone who is unemotional/ unsympathetic.
Fish phr"Like a Fish Out of Water" - someone in a situation that they are unfamiliar with or unsuited for.
Fish phr"Neither Fowl nor Fish" - neither one thing nor the other.
Fish phr"Small Fish" - somebody who is relatively unimportant.
Fish phr"Smell Something Fishy" - be suspicious.
Fish phr"There Are Many Fish in the Sea" - there are many more people to meet.
Fisher nA fisherman.
Fisherfolk nA person who fishes for a living. 2. a culture that is th e domain of fishermen.
Fisherman nA fisher; a person who works in the fishing industry. 2. a person who attempts to catch fish. 3. a boat used for commercial fishing.
Fish-berry nCocculus indicus, the fruit of the plant anamirta cooculus.
Fish eye nAn un-friendly or suspicious glance. 2. an undesirable effect in paint; particularly automotive finishes, normally caused by oil or other contaminantson the painted surface.
Fish-eye-stone nApophyllite.
Fishfinder nAn electronic device that uses sonar to measure water depth and shows outlines of fish and bottom features on a LCD or CRT screen
Fish finger nA stick of processed fish covered by bread crumbs that is cooked by grilling or frying.
Fishful adjAboounding in fish.
Fishiness nAn absence of fish.
Fishing nThe act of someone who fishes as a diversion. 2. the occupation of catching fish for a living
Fishish adjResembling a fish; fishy.
Fishless adjWithout fish, devoid of fish.
Fishlessness nThe state of being without fish.
Fishlife nThe fish, (of an area) collectively.
Fishlike adjResembling or characteristic of fish, in some aspect.
Fishmonger nOne deals or sells fish.
Fishwife nA woman who sells or works in a fishmonger. 2. a vulgar, abusive or nagging woman with a loud, unpleasant voice. 3. a term of abuse directed at women, implying a lack of hygeine.
Fishy adjOf, from or similar to fish. 2. suspicious; inspiring doubt.
Fishy-wishy adjPeurile.
Fisk vbOE: fysan: to move briskly, scamper about, to hurry.
Fist nA breaking wind; flatulence, a foul smell. 2. a fungus know as puff-ball (lycoperdon bovista)
Fist vbTo break wind, to have flatulence.
Fist phr"Make a Good Fist Of" - do something well or successfully.
Fister nOne who breaks wind, farts.
Fistfighter nA boxer; pugilist.
Fistful nAs much as the fist can hold; a handful.
Fist-like adjReembling a fist (a clenched fist).
Fistmeal nThe breadth of the fist.
Fit nA song, ballad, poem or story. 2. a division or part of a poem, song, canto, ballad or story. 3. a strain of music, stave.
Fit nA conflict, struggle, strife. 2. a position of hardship. 3. a deeper or intense excitement. 4. a painful, terrible or exciting experience. 5. a mortal crisis; a bodily state (whether painful) that betokens death. 6. paroxysm. 7. a contest.
Fit phr"A Fit of Laughter" - unrestrained or helpless laughter. 2. bein, dissolve in, or collapse in.
Fitful adjIntermittently, stopping and starting.
Fitfully advIn a fitful manner.
Fitfulness nThe quality of being spasmodic and irregular.
Five nThe cardinal number following four and preceding six, or any of the symbols used to represent it. 2. anything made up of five units or members, as a basketball team, or representing five, as a playing card having five spots, or a five dollar note.
Five n"The Five Wits" - the five senses, usually the five bodily senses; often vaguely, the perceptions or mental faculties generally.
Five phr"To Know How Many Beans Make Five" - to have common sense,
Five-by-five nA radio communication meaning 'loud and clear'
Fivefold adjFive times as great or numerous.
Five-fold advBy five times; to five times the number or amount
Five-foldness nThe property of being five-fold.
Fiveish adjAny time around five o'clock. 2. approximately five in number.
Five-leaf nThe plant Cinquefoil - "potenilla replans"
Fivesome adjFive in all, five together.
Five-star adjHaving five stars in a grading system in which it denoted having five stars. 2. having or denoting the highest rank, distinguished in US Armed Forces by five stars on their uniform.
Five-stones nThe game of jacks.
Five W's nWho, what, when, where, and why.

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