Old EnglishsbEnglish
Eteliche adj.Grevious, etelike
Etenish adj.Gigantic, ettenish
Eth nThe name of an Old English letter, = th.
Eth sfx -Eth
Ethe vb.To breathe. 2. to ask with an oath, swear, adjure, take oath before Witan
Ethel nAncestral land or estate. 2. patrimony; native land.
Ethem n.Breath, vapour
Ethel n.Ancestral land or estate, native land; a form of athel - nobly born
Ethelborn adjNoblely born.
Ette vb.To seek to bring out, to purpose; to direct, eg a missile at s.t. 2. arrange, set in order, prepare, 3. To guess, conjecture, divine
Ettercop nAttercop, spider, ill-tempred person.
Ettin nA giant
Ettin adjGigantic, huge, enormous, very big.
Ettinish adjSomewhat big, huge or
Ettle n.Aim, intent, purpose, chance, opportunity
Ettle vbTo purpose, plan, to make it one's object, to endeavour. 2. to destine, ordain, assign. 3. to direct speech, action, to an object (esp. to aim a blow, missile ) at a person or a mark; fig. to take aim. 4. to direct one course towards. 5. to arrange, set in order, to prepare. 6. to prepare oneself. 7. to guess, conjecture, divine.
Ettle phr"Ettle thereto" - to seek to bring about a result.
Ettler nAn aspirant.
Ettling n.Intention, purpose, endeavour, estimation, without guessing, ascertainment
Ettling n"Without Any Ettling" - without any guessing, unquestionably.

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