Old EnglishsbEnglish
Es n.Carrion, bait, carrion as bait
Es sfxPlural form of some nouns.
E's sfxSuffix forming the possessive singular case of Modern English nouns.
Esne n.Designation of class of domestic slaves: the underclass, the exploited, the exploited worker.
Ess sfxSuffix appended to nouns to make some female nouns; as, 'goddess'.
Essex nA county of England.
Essexed adjConservative.
Essex Man nA stereotype of a working class conservative voter in the south-east of England, cahracterized by brash and right wing views and few cultural or intellectual but an interest in wealth and material goods.
Este n. Good pleasure, grace, favour, delight, luxury, enjoyment or fine taste of food, dainty food 2. OE: bounty, munificience. 3. Of persons: kind, gracious, pleasant; of persons: pleasant, gracious, savoury. 4. dainty food.
Estdeed n.Act or deed of kindness
Estful adj.Dainty, fastidious, luxurious.
Estfulness adjDaintness, fastidiousness.
Estlike adjDainty, kuxurious.
Estmete nEstmeat; dainty food.
Estriche nEastern kingdom, eastrike

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