Old EnglishspEnglish
Ea nA river, stream, running water.
Each advEvery one considered as an individual or individually.
Each phr"Each and Every" - each without exception; used for emphasis.
Each phr"Each Other" to one another; one to the other.
Each phr"Each To His Own" - each person individually according to one's wishes and desires.
Each phr"Made for Each Other" - well matched romantically or maritally for each other.
Eachwhere advIn each part, on every side, everywhere.
Eade, Eadi adj.Rich , happy, prosperous, blessed. Also:
Eadily advIn a blessed, fortunate manner
Eadiness nHappiness, prosperity, blessedness.
Eadish adjSomewhat happy
Eadmeden Humility, gentileness, humbleness.
Eadness nHappiness.
Eafish n.A river fish, a fresh water fish.
Ealdorman nAlderman: a member of a municipal body in town or city.
Eam nAn uncle.
Ean n.Of ewes. to bring forth lambs.
Eanling nA young lamb.
Eaning-mood nTime of lambing
Ear nOrgan of hearing in men and animals.
Ear nA spike or head of corn.
Ear nThe act of ploughing. (earland; eartime)
Ear vbTo plough, till the soil, turn up or over the ground with a plough.
Ear vbOf corn: to produce ears, come into corn.
Ear phr"Be All Ears" - to be eagerly attentive.
Ear phr"Be Over Head and Ears" - up to the ears, fullof aniamtion, as a horse.
Ear phr"Be Willing To Give One's Ear" - to be ready to make any sacrifice.
Ear phr"Bow Down One's Ears" - to listen geraciously.
Ear phr"For One's Ears Only" - for one's knowledge or information.
Ear phr"Give Ear To" - to listen, take note of.
Ear phr"Go, Come, Fall Together By the Ears" - said f animals fighting; hence also of people.
Ear phr"Go In One Ear and Out the Other" - not listen or pay attention to waht othersare saying. 2. give no heed or important to the sayings of others.
Ear phr"Hang One's Ears" - to be discouraged, cowed.
Ear phr"Have By the Ears" - to keep, to obtain a secure hold on.
Ear phr"Have Itching Ears" - to be eager to hear novelties.
Ear phr"Have One's Ear to the Ground" - the practice of gathering. 2. a state or mindset of being attentive. 3. having the characteristic of carefully gathering infomation; well-informed.
Ear phr"Hear Both Ears" - to be impartial. ("Not To Be Hear Both Ears" - partisan, prejudiced.
Ear phr"Make One's Ear's Burn" - be disconcerted by what one hears about oneself.
Ear phr"Pull (or Drag) by One's Ear(s)" - to keep in abject dependence.
Ear phr"Shake One's Ears" - to make the best of a bad bargain.
Ear phr"Walls Have Ears" - there may be listener everywhere.
Ear ache nA painin the middle or inner ear.
Earbone nAny bone in the ear.
Ear-deafening adjExtremely loud, ear-splitting, ear-piercing.
Earded adjHaving ears. 2. eardness.
Ear-deep adjReaching the ears only.
Earder nA native, citizen, countryman.
Ear drop nMedicine administered to the ear.
Eared adjPloughed
Eared adjFurnished with or resembling ears.
Eared adjOf corn: that comes into ear.
Earer nA ploughman.
Earer nOne who listens intently.
Earful adjA reprimand, castigation, or telling off. 2. intimate gossip.
Earhole nThe aperture of the ear.
Earing nThe action of ploughing, tilling the soil; a ploughing.
Earing-land nEar-land; land suitable for ploughing or tilling.
Earing-time nEar-time: the time of ploughing and tilling.
Earish adjAuricular.
Earl nOE: brave man, warrior, leader, chief. 2. after 1066 becoming the equivalent of count.
Earldom nThe rank and dignity of an earl.
Earleaf nThe cotyledon
Earless adjHaving no ears, destitute of hearing or of a musical ear. 2. of places: in which nothing could be heard.
Earlessness nThe state or condition of being without an earl.
Earlet nAnything resembling a small ear. 2. an auricle of the heart.
Ear-like adjCharacteristic or resembling an ear in some aspect.
Earliness nThe condition of being early.
Earlishness nThe distinctive quality of an earl, as noble like an earl. 2. the quality of being somewhat early.
Earlock nA lock of curly hair worn by the ear, often by Jewish men for religious reasons.
Earlship nManliness, bravery, nobility, lordship.(only in OE.) 2. the dignity or office of an earl.
Early adjAt a time in advance of the usual. 2. arriving at a time before expected. 3. near the start or beginning. 4. illness: having began to occur.
Early advAt a time before expected; sooner than usual.  2. soon; in good time; seasonably.  3. prematurely
Early phr"Early On" - early in the process. 2. at an early stage.
Early phr"Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise" - said to emphasize that someone who gets enough sleep and starts work early in the day will a successful life.
Early phr"Early Bird Gets the Worm" - whoever arrives first has the best chance of success. 2. opportunity is often only available to the first competitors.
Early bird nOne who usually arrives first.
Early childhood nA stage in human development, generally from toddlerhood and some time afterward.
Early days nA time too soon to make a decision or come to a conclusion. 2. an initial period of an innovation. 3. initial stages of a project.
Early doors nEarly; near the start or beginning.
Early doors advEarly; before a time expected. 2. sooner than usual.
EarlyhoodnThe state or condition of being idle. 2. the habit of being idle.3. earliness.
Early inningsnEarly stages of any project or extended event.
Earlyish adjsomewhat or rather early.
Early riser nsomeone who rises (or gets out of bed) early.
Earman nA cultivator, tiller, farmer.
Earmark nA mark of identification on the ear of an animal to indicate ownership. 2. a distinguishing mark. 3. in politics, the designation of specific projects in appropriateness of funding for general programs.
Earmark vbTo mark a person by cutting his ear when he was in the pillory. 2. to mark an identification on the ear of an animal to indicate ownership. 3. to mark with a distinguishing mark. 4. in politics, to designate specific projects according to appropriateness for funding.
Earmould nThe part of a hearing aid that direct sound to where it is meant to go in the ear.
Earn n.An OE word found mostly in compounds, as Barn (barley earn), sleepern, hordern & saltern. 2. dwelling, place, hut.
Earn vbTo curdle milk.
Earn vbPurchased by equivalent in labour, esp. in phrase 'well-earned'; 'hardly earned'.
Earn vbTo curdle (milk), esp. for making it into cheese.
Earn vb(variant of 'yearn') - to desire strongly, to long for. 2. to be affected with poignant grief or compassion. 3. to tremble. 4. of hounds, to utter a prolonged cry
Earn phr"Earn One's Keep" - to perform physical labor or to provide other services in return for payment, lodging or other benefits. 2. to support oneself financially.
Earner nOne who or that which earns.
Earnest nArdour in battle. 2. intense passion or desire. 3. seriousness, serious intention, as opposed to jest or play.
Earnest adjUsually of a person: serious (as opposed to trifling); gravely, impassioned, conviction of action. 2. of feelings: conviction, sincerely zealous. 3. intense, ardent, intensity of feeling in words.
Earnest advIn a serious, ardent, intense manner or way.
Earnest vbTo use in earnest, to render earnest.
Earnestful adjImportant.
Earnestfully advImportantly.
Earnestly advOE: in truth, in reality; in an earnest manner, being very sincere; putting forth genuine effort.
Earnestness nState or quality of being earnest.
Earnful adj(Yearnful); anxious, full of longing, desire, sorrowful.
Earning nThe action of giving labour or an equivalent; of acquiring money by labour. 2. income produced by invested capital. 3. the fact of deserving merit, gain, profit.
Earning nA longing desire, poignant grief or compassion. 2. the prolonged crying of a hound or deer. 3. the curdling of milk for cheese.
Earnings nwages, moneys earned, income, gains, returns.
Earnout nIn business, a formula by which company management earns a share of the company share capital by achieving results above the determined level.
Ear-reach nEar-shot; within an audible distance.
Ear-ring nA piece of jewelry worn on the ears.
Ear-say nHearsay
Earsh nA ploughed field; a field of stubble.
Ear-shot nThe distance at which the voice can be heard.
Ear-shrift nAuricular condemnation.
Ear-sore adjSomething painful or disagreeable to the ear.
Earth nThe water, air and earthen planet of the solar system that we inhabit.
Earth nThe action of ploughing; a ploughing.
Earth vb.To plough, bury, commit corpse to the grave. 2. to plunge or hide in the earth; cover with earth. 3. to heap the earth over. 4. of a fox to hide in the earth. 5. to drive a fox to his earth, lair.
Earth phr"Born On the Earth" - earthly or mortal race, as opposed to angelic or divine. 2. of things produced by the earth; asrising from the earth.
Earth phr"Bring One To the Earth" - to bring a person to their place of burial.
Earth phr"Earth Up" - to cover the stalk of plants with soil in order to encourage root growth or to protect it from the cold.
Earth-apple nCucumber. 2. potato.
Earth bed nThe grave, tomb, dark inn. 2. a bed upon the ground.
Earth-bedded adjFound deep in the earth.
Earth-born adjLowly, base, human, earthly, flawed, as opposed to divine and spiritual. 2. born by emerging for the earth- applied to the Titans and their off-spring. 3. born on the earth, of the earthly, mundane or mortal race, as opposed to angelic or divine. 4. as things produce by the earth or arising from the earth.
Earth-bred adj'The earth-bred thoughts of his gross soul' - lowly, base, secular, mundane, venial as opposed to the angelic or divine.
Earth-chine nCleft, split in the surface of the earth.
Earth-creeping adjLowly, base as 'earth-creeping mind that cannot be lifted up'.
Earth Day nGlobal day of yearly observance of the need to protect the Earth; first held on April 22, 1970.
Earth-delving nBurrowing, mining, excavation.
Earthdin n.Earthquake
Earth-dog nA terrier.
Earth-drake nA mythical monster of Anglo-Saxon literature; a dragon.
Earth-eater nOne or that which eats earth.
Earth-eating nMade out of earth or baked clay, sais disparagingly of the human body, or of the world; characteristic of the earth; merely material.
Earthed adjGrounded; connected electrically to the ground.
Earthen adjMade of earth or mud. made of clay, especially pottery.
Earthen vbTo bring to earth or the ground.
Earthenware nAn opaque, semi-porous ceramic item made from clay.
Earther nOf a person from planet Earth. 2. earthling.
Earthfall nA landslide; avalanche.
Earthfast adjFixed to the ground; earth-rooted.
Earth-flax nAsbestos, thrumstone, clothstone.
Earth-floor nAn earthen floor in a building, which is simply the ground itself, rather than some other coverings such as wood or vinyl.
Earth-hearted adjMaterialistic, earthly, as opposed to spiritual.
Earth-hog nThe aadvark; earth-wolf.
Earth holders nInhabitant of the Earth.
Earthhole nA cavern in the ground or earth; a cave.
Earthhood nHaving an earthly quality: mundaneity, earthliness, earthiness..
Earthhouse nA dwelling that been built to blend in with the surrounding landscape being mostly underground with a grass-covered, contoured roof; or it can be completely underground with a topping of intensive growth.
Earthiness nQuality of being earthly, earthy matter.
Earthily advIn an earthly manner.
Earthiness nThe state of being earthy. 2. grossness, coarseness.
Earthing nState of being buried; burial, interment. 2. anchorage. 4. action of taking refuge or burrow; driving an animal to earth.
Earthing phr"Earthing Up" - the piling or heaping up of soil around the roots of a plants.
Earthish adjEarthy. 2. somewhat mundane.
Earthland nArable land.
Earthless adjUnencumbered by earth (by the body).
Earth-light nThe partial illumination of the dark portion of the moon's surface by light reflected from the earth; earth-shine.
Earthlike adjOf the planet, resembling the Earth.
Earthliness nThe quality of being earthly.
Earthling n.Farmer. 2. a human being.
Earthly n(Slang)- a slightest chance of success, or idea about something.
Earthly adjRelating to the earth or this world, as opposed to heaven; terrestrial. 2. used to emphasize a statement, as in 'no earthly hope'. 3. made of earth, earthy.
Earthly advIn an earthly manner.
Earth-mad nAn earthworm.
Earthman nA male inhabitant of the Earth.
Earthly-minded adjHaving the affections fixed on the earth; hardly-minded. 2. mundane, secular.
Earthly-mindness nWise in earthly matters.
Earth mother nThe Great Goddess of the Earth and fertility.
Earthnut nAny of the various roots, tuber or pods that grow underground. 2. peanut, goober.
Earthpig nThe aadvark.
Earthquake nThe shaking of the ground, caused by volcanic activity around faulty geology or motion. 2. such a quake specifically occurring on the the Earth.
Earth-quaking nThe occurrence of earth-quakes.
Earthric nEarthrike, earth realm, earth as a region; earthdom.
Earth-rind nEarth crust.
Earthrise nThe time of day when the earth starts to appear or rise or the horizon of another planet. 2. irregular event of the earth appearing above the horizon of the moon. Apollo 8's crew were the first to witness an Earthrise, on December 24, 1968. A photograph of the Earthrise was taken by Lunar Module Pilot William Anders.
Earthshaking nEarth tremor; earthshock.
Earth-shakingly advIn an earth-shakingly manner.
Earth-shine adjThe light of the Earth.
Earthship nA solar-heated house made of natural and recycled materials.
Earthside adjOn the planet Earth.
Earthside advWhen on the planet Earth.
Earth-spider nTaruntula.
Earth-star nEarth, considered as a star.
Earth-throe nEarth tremor
Earth-tiller nA cultivator of the soil, farmer, a sholto.
Earth-tilling nCultivation, farming, agriculture.
Earth-tilth nCultivation of the soil, farming.
Earthward(s)advTowards the earth.
Earthware nEarthdwellers, earthlings collectively.
Earth-wave nA seismic wave in the solid crust of the earth.
Earth-wide adjWorld-wide, universal, global.
Earware nA personal acoustical equipment, such as headphones. 2. earrings, earwear.
Ear wax nA waxy substance secreted by the ear; cerumen.
Ear-wear nItems, ornaments worn on the ears.
Earwig nOE. 'wig' - insect, bug, beetle, as the earwig..
Earwig vbTo pester with private importunities or admonition. 2. to influence, bias (a person by secret communication). 3. to insinuate oneself into the confidence of another.
Earwig-brainnOne having a maggot or 'craze' in his brain.
Earwise adjAfter the manner of an ear of corn. 2. by the ear of corn; auricularly.
Earwitness nA person who testifies, or is able to testify, to something on the evidence of his own hearing.
Earth-wolf nAardvark.
Earthwoman nA female inhabitant of the earth.
Earth-worker nHusbandman.
Earth-worksnAny structure made from earth, esp. an embankment or rampart used as a fortification.
Earthworm nA worm that lives in the ground.2. a worm of the lumbricidae family 3. a contemptible person. 4. death.
Earthy adjResembling dirt or soil. 2. down-to-earth, practical, realistic, worldly. 3. like or resembling the earth or of the earth. 4. covered with earth or mud.
Earwort n.Dysophilia auricularis, a plant supposed to cure deafness
Eary adjOf the nature or appearance of an ear.
Easle n.Hot ashes, cinders
Eassin nA cow on heat.
Eassin vb.To desire strongly
East nOne of the four principal parts of the compass. 2. the direction of the rising sun a t equinox.
East vbTo move towards or veer to the east. 2. to orientate; to find out one's true position.
East adjSituated or lying in or towards the east; eastwards. 2. of or pertaining to the east; eastern. 3. from the east, oriental.
East advTowards the east; eastwards.
East-by-northeast advthe compass towards the north-east and east.
East-End nThe east end of London.
East-Ender nOne who lives in the East End.
Easter nA Christian feast commemorating the resurrection of Jesus, celebrated between 22 March and 25 April. 2. easter-tide. 3. the Jewish Passover. 4. a pagan festival held in honor of the goddess, Eostre.
Easter day nEaster Sunday; Easter-tide.
Easterliness nThe state of being easterly.
Easterly nA persistent wind blowing from the east.
Easterly adjFacing the east. 2. directed from the east. 3. located towards the east. 4. coming from the east.
Easterly nIn any eastward direction or position. 2. towards the east. 3. from the east.
Easterness nRelating to or pertaining to things Easter in state or nature.
East side advThe east side of a district or the city.
Easter Sunday nA Christian religious holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
Easting nThe distance east of standard median. 2. distance traveled eastwards.
Eastward nThe direction or area lying to the east.
Eastward adjSituated or directed towards the east.
Eastward advTowards the east.
Eastwardly adjTowards the east. 2. blowing from the east.
Eastwardly advIn or from an easterly direction.
Easy adjFrom Middle English eesy, esy, partly from Middle English ese ‎(“ease”) + -y, equivalent to ease +‎ -y, and partly from Old French aisié ‎(“eased, at ease, at leisure”), See ease. Merged with Middle English ethe, eathe ‎(“not difficult, easy”), from Old English ēaþe, īeþe ‎(“easy, smooth, not difficult” 2. comfortable; at ease. 3. requiring little skill or effort. 4. causing ease; giving comfort, or freedom from care or labor. 5. free from constraint, smooth, harshness, or formality; unconstrained; smooth. 6. (pejorative, of a person) readily to sex; consenting. 7. not making resistance or showing unwillingness; tractable; yielding; compliant. 8. (finance, dated) Not straitened as to money matters; opposed to tight constraints.
Easy advIn a relaxed or casual manner. 2. in a manner without strictness or harshness. 3. not difficult, not hard.
Easy nSomething that is easy.
Eat nAn item of food.
Eat vbThat which is eaten; food, eats, a meal; the action of eating.
Eat phr"Eat Away" - lit. and fig. to remove destroy by gradual erosion or corrosion.
Eat phr"Eat Breathe and Sleep" - to devote one's time obsessively to eating.
Eat phr "Eat Crow" - to recognize that one has been shown to be mistaken or outdone, esp. by admitting that one has made a humiliating mistake.
Eat phr"Eat Earth" - a colonial expansion to possess the land of others; earth-hunger. 2. the desire to possess land, greed of territory.
Eat phr"Eat In" - to take into one's mouth; ingest.
Eat phr"Eat Into" - consume, bite away into acid
Eat phr"Eat Iron" - to be stabbed; to eat sword.
Eat phr"Eat Like a Bird" - eat in small amount
Eat phr"Eat Like Like a Horse" - eat large amounts of food.
Eat phr"Eat Like a Pig" - eat grredily and nosily.
Eat phr"Eat My Dust" - to be outrun (eat the dust of your conqueror. 2. to be on the receiving end.
Eat phr"Eat One's Fill" - eat till satiated.
Eat phr"Eat One's Hat" - express disbelief in a proposition.
Eat phr"Eat One's Head Off" - of an animal to eat more than its monetary value.
Eat phr"Eat One's Own Words" - to retract in a humilating manner.
Eat phr"Eat One's Young" - betray a constituent or charge out of self-serving interests or desperation.
Eat phr"Eat Out" - to exhaust a paddock by overgrazing. 2. to over consume.
Eat phr"Eat Out Of Someone Hands" - an allusion to the manner in which a tame animal can be fed. 2. idiomatic, to behave in a docile submissive manner; often used to describe a man's submissiveness do a woman's romantic attraction. 3. eating out of someone's hand.
Eat phr"Eat Someone Out Of House and Home" - to live at the expense of others, so as to cause hardship.
Eat phr"Eat the Good of the Land" - to eat wll; have a good appetite.
Eat phr"Eat Up" - consume completely; eat without leaving any, devour speedily. 2. devastate, consume the food supply of a country. 3. to consume a person's resources for one's own benefit. 4. of a nation: to absorb, annex rapaciously the territories of one's neigbours. 5. to absorb wastefully time, money. 6. to have a destructive effect on.
Eaten adjConsumed; eaten as food; gnawed. 2. corroded, ulcerated.
Eater nOne who eats, consumer, devourer; in combination: breadeater, flesh-eater.
Eath(e) adjOf an action easy, not difficult, requiring little effort. 2. of a passage that may be crossed with ease, not rough. 3. of an object, means, or method of an action: make light resistance, present few problems or difficulties. 3. of a person: easy to be entreated, ready, gentle, susceptible, comfortable, at ease, free of pain. 4. free from worry, concern, anxiety. 6. not hurried or forced.
Eathe vbTo lighten, alleviate, assuage; make easy.
Eath advEasily, without difficulty.
Eathbele adjEasy to amend;
Eathful adjComfortable, at ease.
Eatheget adjEasy to obtain; eathgot.
Eathkent vbEasily known.
Eathluke adjEasy to pull.
Eathly advEasy, not difficult, inconsiderable, slight, trifling, of short duration. 2. of person: low in station, mean in character. 3. of a thing: of small value.
Eathness n. Easiness.
Eathy adjEasy.
Eating adjGreedy, voracious; that consumes or eats away. 2. gnawing, corroding, fretting of chemicals; sores.
Eating-apple nAn apple that can be eaten raw; rather softened by cooking or stewing.
Eating-house nRestaurant, bistro, cafe.
Eating-irons nCutlery, esp. knives and folks
Eating-room nDining room.
Eatworthy adjWorthy of, or worth being eaten. 2. suitable for consumption; edible.
Eaubreaker nAdulterer
Eaubruche nAdultery.
Eave nThe underside of a roof that extends beyond the external wall of a building.
Eaves nOf a wood: edge, margin, border. 2. transfig, - anything that projects or hangs slightly (over), as the eaves of a house, a brows of a hill, edge of a precipice, the brim of a hat; and poetically the eyelids.
Eavesdrop n(Once simply meant 'eaves') - the dripping of water from the eaves of a house. 2. the space of ground which is liable to catch the rainwater thrown off the eaves of a building.
Eavesdrop vbTo hear a conversatio one is not intended to hear.
Eavesdropper nOne who eaves-drops.
Eavesdropping nThe act of eaves-dropping.
Eaves-droppingly advSo as to eaves-drop.
Eavesing n.Trim, edge, border. 2. the action of trimming the edges of a thing. 3. clipping, polling, shearing. 3. a clipping of hair. 4. the eaves of a house or stack; formerly used for a roof; and, hence transfig. for a dwelling.

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