Old EnglishspEnglish
Auger nCarpenter's boring tool.
AughtnPossession, property; that which one possesses as his own. 2. livestock, cattle. 3. anything owned. 4. anything whatever, anything.
Aught advTo any extent, in any degree, in any respect, anything at all, somewhatever.
Aught adjAnything worth worth, something worth, worth, doughty.
Aught prpAnything whatever
Aught-greedy adjGreedy for possessions and wealth.
Aughtless adjWithout, or having no possessions.
Aughtly advWorthy, estimable.
Aughtly advEstimably, worthily, nobely.
Aughtways advIn a way, any way.
Auld adjOld.
Auld Smokey nA sobriquet for Edinburgh.

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