Old EnglishspEnglish
Ad nFire, blazing pile, funeral pyre
Adamant nApplied in antiquity to white sapphire, magnet (perhaps via confusion with Latin adamare "to love passionately"), steel, emery stone, and especially diamond (see diamond ). The word was in Old English as aðamans "a very hard stone."
Adark nDarkness, obscurity.
Adaw vbTo waken or awake. 2. to wake up, rouse from dream, sleep or swoon.
Adawe vbPut to death, put out of existence, put out of life, kill, execute
Adawe phr"To Bring Adawe" - to kill.
Adawe phr"To Do Adawe" - to kill.
Adawn advDawning.
Aday advBy day, daily.
Adays advA-days. 2. by days.
Adays phr"Now a days" - at present.
Adblast vbTo blow upon, to inflate, inspire.
Adder n A serpent; the old serpent, the devil, viper, adder. 2. a small often venomous snake, esp. the common viper, Vipera berus, the only poisonous snake in Britain. 3. a dragon; a supposed serpent with wings
Adder's bolt nDragon-fly; Adder's fly
Adder-bred adjEngendered of the serpent (The Devil); adder-bred.
Adder-deaf adjDeaf as an adder or stone deaf; adder-death.
Adder-hate adjVirulent, deadly hate; adder-hate.
Adder-like adjResembling or like an adder.
Adder-tongue nAny of several plants, esp. a fern of the genus Ophioglossum.
Adderwort nAdderweed, snakeweed, persicaria or polgunium bistorta. 2. bistort; adderwort.
Addle nStinking liquid, mire, filth, mire, putridness. 2. urine. 3. disease, as in 'fall-addle' 4. the dry lees of wine.
Addle vbTo make addle, confuse. 2. to make abortive. 3. to grow addle(lit. & fig.)
Addle adjStinking, fetid, miry, putrid, stagnant.
Addle-bearing adjInfectious, as in a disease.
Addle-brain nOne whose brain or intellect is muddled, stupid fool. 2. addle-head.
Addled adjConfused, fig. empty, idle, muddled, unsound.
Addle-egg nRotten or putrid; producing no chicken.
Addle-headed adjStupid, foolish, stulty. 2. fatuity.
Addle-headness nThe state or condition of being stupid, foolish, addlebrained etc
Addleness nPutrefaction. 2. the quality of addled as an egg.
Addle-water nStagnant water.
Addling nDecomposition of an egg. 2. muddling of the wits.
Adeem vbTo judge; award; adeem lore: "the court"; deemship or hood: "The Institution of the Court"
Adeaden vb Kill, mortify,
Adeaf nDeafness.
Adeave vbDeafen, strike deaf.
A-deep advDeeply.
Adew vbTo bedew.
Adight vbTo put in order, prepare, equip.
Adighting nPreparation, preparing
Adoom vbTo adjudge.
Adown nFig. life's latter days.
Adown advTo a lower place. 2. downwards, in a lower place, esp on earth.
Adown prpDownards upon or along
Adownright advDownright.
Adownward nLife's latter days
Adraw vbTo withdraw oneself.
Adread adjFrightened, adrad.
Adree vbCarry-on, pass life, pass, endure, bear, last, suffer (life, time etc.)
Adrench vbTo give to drink. 2. to submerge, drown, to perish in water. 3. to drown oneself. 4. to go down, as a ship.
Adrigh advAt length, extent, distance. 2. at or to a distance, away from.
Adrip advDripping, in a dripping state.
Adrive vbTo drive away, chase, pursue, follow up.
Adroff vbTo drive forth, off or away
Adrop nIn alchemy: lead; the philosopher's stone.
Adrough vbDry-up, dry, become dry, wither.
Adry advIn a dry condition, thirsty.
Adumb vbTo stay silent.
Adusk advAt dusk, in dusk, during dusk. 2. in gloom, gloomy, dark.
Adust advIn dusty condition. 2. affected by dust.
Adusted adjHaving a dusty or dry condition.
Adustness nThe state of having dust. 2. scorching heat.
Adwale nDecline, decay, decline.
Adwesch vbExtinguish, put out, quench
Adwite vbAccuse, reproach.
Adwole advIn error, erroneously, mistakenly.
Adze nA tool, like an axe with a blade set at right angles at the handle and carving inwards towards it; used for chipping and slicing away the surface of wood.
Adze vbTo prepare with an adze; adzing.
Adzebill nEither of two bird species of the extinct family aptornithidae, once endemic to New Zealand.

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