Lores are what are know as studies in the English tongue. There are a great many of them with names, but almost all of these names come from either the Latin or Greek tongue.

Below is a list of lores given first in English, and then in Anglish. Anyone is free to put a new lore into the list, with or without its Anglish match. Also, feel free to put in your own words in the Anglish list, if you like not the word already given.

The honewordy hue of the nounword lore (OE lár) is lorely (OE lárlic), that of frod (OE frōd 'wise') is frodly, while that of craft (OE cræft) is crafty (OE cræftig).

The listEdit

English Anglish
Acarology Mitelore, ticklore
Agathology Goodnessfrod
Agmatology Cracklore of bones
Aerology Skylore
Aerobiology Lifefrod of the sky
Agrostology Grasslore
Alethiology Truthlore
Anatomy Bodylore
Anemology Windlore
Aphnology Weathlore
Anthropology Kithlore
Apiology Beelore
Auxology Growthlore
Archaeology Kithlore of yore
Astrology Starcraft
Argyrothecology Till-lore
Astacology Crayfishlore
Astronomy Starlore
Atmology Steamlore
Balneology Bathlore
Biology Lifelore
Botany Wortlore
Bromatology Foodlore
Caricology Sedgelore
Carpology Seedlore
Cephalology Headlore
Cetology Whalelore
Conchology Shell-lore
Cosmology Heavenlore
Caliology Nestlore
Campanology Bell-lore
Cardiology Heartlore
Chemistry Minglinglore
Chessology Gamelore of draughts
Climatology Welkinlore
Craniology Skull-lore
Dermatology Skinlore
Demonology Fiendlore
Dendrology Treelore
Dendrochronology Ringlore of trees
Dialectology Byleidlore
Ecclesiology Churchlore
Economics Wealthlore
Embryology Wightbloomlore
Emetology Pukelore
Encephalology Brainlore
Endocrinology Sunder Withinlore
Epidemiology Outbreaklore
Eschatology Endtimelore
Ethnologie Folklore
Etymology Kinlore of words
Exobiology Outer-lifelore
Felinology Catlore
Fluviology Flowlore
Gastrology Gutlore
Garbology Trashlore
Genealogy Kinlore
Geography Earthlore, Worldlore
Geology Earthfrod, Stonelore
Geometry Shapelore
Geomorphology Landscapelore
Gerontology Eldinglore
Gynaecology Womanlore
Haematology Bloodlore
Hamartiology Sinlore
Heliology Sunlore
Herpetology Wurmlore
Hippology Horsecraft
Histology Fleshlore
History Yorelore
Horology Timelore
Hydrobiology Lifelore of water
Hydrology Waterlore
Hydrometry Flowlore
Hyetology Rainlore
Hygrology Damplore
Hypnology Sleeplore
Iatrology Heallore
Ichnology Spoorlore
Icthyology Fishlore
Kalology Fairfrod
Lexicology Wordlore of lists
Limnology Merelore
Linguistics Leidlore, Speechlore
Logology Wordcraft


Lore of lores
Macrometeorology Greater welkinlore
Mammalogy Milchwightlore
Mathematics Reckoninglore
Meteorology Weatherlore
Microseismology Lesser quakelore
Mixology Drinklore, Blendlore of drinks
Molinology Mill-lore
Musicology Gleelore, Galelore, Songlore
Muscology Mosslore
Myrmecology Antlore
Nanotechnology Motecraft, Motework
Nephology Cloudlore
Nephrology Kidneylore
Neossology Birdlore of nests
Neurology Brainlore
Oceanography Sealore
Oecogeomorphology Lifemesh-Landscapelore
Oecology Lifemeshlore
Oecohydrology Lifemesh waterlore
Oenology Winelore
Oncology Cankerlore, Illgrowthlore
Ophiology Snakelore
Ophthalmology Eyelore
Optics Sightlore
Ornithology Birdlore
Orology Berglore, Fell-lore,
Osteology Bonelore
Otology Earlore
Ovology Egglore
Paedology Childlore
Palaeozoology Wightlore of yore
Palaeogeology Stonelore of yore
Pathology Sicklore
Pharmacology Druglore
Philology Lovlearninglore
Photology Lightlore
Phrenology Mindlore
Phycology Seaweedlore
Ponerology Evillore
Potamology Streamlore
Proctology Arselore
Psychology Mindfrod
Psychopharmacology Druglore of the mind
Pteridology Fernlore
Pyrology Firelore
Respirology Breathlore
Rhinology Noselore
Scatology Shitlore
Seismology Quakelore
Selenology Moonlore
Sexology Chivesdomlore, Fucklore, Swivelore
Sitology Foodlore
Sociology Kithdomlore
Sophology Wisdomlore
Storiology Folklore
Tartarology Hell-lore
Tecnology Childlore, Bairnlore
Toxicology Banelore
Trichology Hairlore
Thanatology Deathlore
Theology Godlore
Vexillology Fanelore
Zoology Wightlore

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