This is a list of gleecraftish words in English with their Anglish matchings.

English Anglish
adagio slow
allegro quick, brisk
allegro moderato somewhat quick
andante walking-speed
aria loftsong
augmented raised, ahaven
chamber music roomsway
chord togetherswaying, midswaying
clef keyhue
cornet little horn
crescendo louden
decrescendo soften
diminished lowered
dominant groundfifth
fantasy/fantasia dream
frequency quivering
fugue flight
interval fack (<OE fæc), span
jig/gigue fiddletum
harmony samelid
musical linwise (c.f. Ic hljómvís)
(musical instrument) lidthing
key signature keymark
largo broad
lento wary slow
major greater
melody (tune, theme) lin
minuet small-step


music linlist, tunecraft, tonecraft, songcraft, swincraft, earsport (for pop or entertainment music)
musicology linlistlore
notation (sway)spelling
note (on the leaf) swayrune
note (in the ear) tone
overture opening
passacaglia roadwalk tum
perfect fifth throughmade fifth
presto fast
rhythm beating
semitone half-step
solo/duet/etc. onesome, twosome, aso
time signature


tonic groundpitch, home tone
trumpet horn
tuba low-horn
tune lin
viola middle fiddle (Percy Grainger), midfiddle
viola da gamba leg-fiddle
violin fiddle
(violon)cello knee-fiddle
vivace lively

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