Below is a board for the likening (comparison) of onfastenings (affixes) by tung (language).

Likening Board (Comparison Table)Edit

Pressing the icon next to the heading of each column will alphabetize the lists according to the contents of that column.

English/Anglish Frish Netherlandish (Dutch) Highdutch (German) Latin French Greek
a-/or-/ur- oar-/oer- er-/oor-/oer- er-/ur-
after- efter- nach- post-
again- her- wieder- re- re- ανα- (ana-)

επανα- (epana-)

ξανα- (xana-)

and-/an-/on-/un- ont- ant-/ent-/emp- dis- dé-/dés-/dis-
al(l)- al(l)- al(l)- all- omni- πᾶν- (pan-)
at- ad-
be- be- be- be- -ew (-eo)
-bere -ber -baar -bar -fer
by- by- bij- bei- παρά- (para-)
-craft -kraft -kracht -kraft -ry/-ery
-dom -dom -tum -antia/-entia, -ia, -ies,        -itas/-tas, -itia,       -tudo/-do   -ance/-ence,    -esse, -ité/-té, -tude
for- fer- ver- ver- pre-/pro-
fore- foar- voor- vor- pre-/pro- anté-, pré-
forth- foar- voort- fort- πρός- (pros-)
ful(l)- vol(l)- voll-
gain- tegen- gegen- contra- contra-/contre-

αντι- (anti-)

αντί- (antí-)

αντ- (ant-)

ανθ- (anth-)

hind- achter- hinter-
-hood -heid -heit/-keit -antia/-entia, -ia, -ies,        -itas/-tas, -itia,       -tudo/-do   -ance/-ence,    -esse, -ité/-té, -tude
in- ein- en-/em- in-

εἰς- (eis-)

ἐν- (en-)

-ing (nominal suffix) -ing -ung   -aticum, -atio/-io/-tio,   -tura    -age, -ation/      -tion, -ure/      -ature
-ing (adjectival suffix) -end(-) -end(-)       -ans (-ant-)/-ens      (-ent-)/-iens (-ient-)   -ant(-)/-ent(-)/    -ient(-)
-ly/-ally (adverbial suffix) - -lijk -lich -e, -iter/-ter -ment -ά (-á)

   -ώς     (-ós)

mid-, mith- met- mit- con-/com-/col-/cor-/co- μετά- (meta-)
mis- mis- mis- mal-
-ness -nis -nis -antia/-entia, -ia, -ies,        -itas/-tas, -itia,       -tudo/-do   -ance/-ence,    -esse, -ité/-té, -tude
nigh- na- nach- κατά- (kata- or cata-)
off- of- af- ab- ab-
on- oan- aan- an- in-

ἐπί- (epi-)

out- ut- uit- aus- ex-/e- é-

ἐκ- (ek-)

ἐξ- (ex-)

over- over- over- über- super-/supra- sur- ὑπέρ- (hyper-)
-ship -skip -schap -schaft -antia/-entia, -ia, -ies,        -itas/-tas, -itia,       -tudo/-do   -ance/-ence,    -esse, -ité/-té, -tude
through- troch- door- durch- trans- διά- (dia-)
to- toe- zu-
to- toe- zer- dis- dé-/dés-/dis-
mid-, together-, with- met- mit- con-/com-/col-/cor-/co-

σύν- (syn-)

σύμ- (sym-)

umb(e)-/emb- om- um- ambi-

περί- (peri-)

ἀμφι- (amphi-)

under- onder- unter- infra-, sub/subter- sous- ὑπό- (hypo)
un- on- un- in-/im-/ir-/il-/ig-/i- in-/im-/ir-/il-, mal-

α- (a-)

ά- (á-)

αν- (an-)

up- op- op- auf- ἀνά- (ana-)
with-/wither- weer- wider-/wieder-
y-/a-/e-/i- ge- ge- con-/com-/col-/cor-/co-

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