Land Bloom
Bedfordshire Bee Ballockwort
Berkshire Summer Snowflake
Birmingham Foxglove
Bristol Nonesuch
Buckinghamshire Field Hirler
Cambridgeshire Easter bloom
Cheshire Cuckoobloom
Cornwall Cornish Heath
Cumberland Spring Hirler
Derbyshire Frig's Ladder
Devon Trimrose
Dorset Dorset Heath
Essex Poppy
Glosfordshire Wild Bleakyell
Greater Manstow Treewool Grass
Hampshire Dog-rose
Herefordshire Mistletoe
Hertfordshire Self Heal
Isle of Wight Threenook Ballockwort
Isles of Scilly Thrift
Kent Hop
Lancashire Redrose
Leeds Bilberry
Lestowshire Foxglove
Lincolnshire Wood Tether
London Rosebay Willowreed
Merseyside Sea Holly
Middlesex Thimbleweed
Norfolk Yellow-horned poppy
Northamptonshire Pignut
Northumberland Bloody Crane's bill
Nottingham Nottingham Catch-fly
Nottinghamshire Fall croc
Oxfordshire Snake's bell
Rutland Clustered Bellbloom
Sheffield Wood Crane's bill
Shropshire umb-leaved Sundew
Somerset Cheddar Pink
Staffordshire Heather
Suffolk Oxlip
Surrey Cowslip
Sussex Umb-headed Ramplon
Tyne and Wear Tailape
Warwickshire Honeysuckle
Wiltshire Burnt Ballockwort
Worstowshire Deptford Pink
Yorkshire Harebell

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